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The sound of our son's beating heart fills the room as I grip tightly to my beautiful wife's hand. Emotion wells up inside me as I stare at the surprisingly clear image of him sleeping soundly, warm and safe inside the woman I love.

It's fucking incredible.

Bella's hand reaches up to caress the side of my face but I still can't seem to look away from the screen.

From my son.

Our son.

I'm a goddamned father.

Love like no other blossoms inside of me, filling me with insane protectiveness, hope and peace. Music has always been my purpose, my life, but not anymore. Not in this moment, and not ever again.


My family.

My family is now my life.

I blink twice and bite the inside of my cheek to keep from crying like a fucking pussy and only when Bella squeezes my hand am I able to pull it together.

"Looks like dad is happy about the news," the technician smiles warmly as she wipes the goop off of my wife's ever growing belly. I nod eagerly in response and Bella merely laughs. God, she is so fucking beautiful.

These last three and a half months have been rough on everyone, but thankfully the trial is well underway, our testimonies have been given and it should be smooth sailing from here on out. In no time, bat shit crazy Gianna will be out of our lives for good.

Good fucking riddance.

"We need to pick up a smaller exercise ball for Jake on the way home."

Bella's voice snaps me out of my thoughts and I look over to where she's standing, adjusting her form fitting blue sweater around the bulge. It honestly looks like she's swallowed a basketball or something but I'd never say that shit out loud. I love the way she looks all round and swollen with my spawn and if it were up to me I'd keep her this way indefinitely. Pregnancy has done insane things to her body, let me tell you. If you thought I was bad about having my hands all over her ass before, it's twice as bad now.

Ungh, damn.

"Okay, loverboy, let's go."

I can't help but smile at her snark, because I know she's full of shit. She may be pushing my hands away, but she's enjoying every second of it and the little smirk on her deep red lips is all the confirmation I need. I still manage to plant a wet, sloppy kiss to her neck before she maneuvers out of my grasp.

I let my eyes rake down her gorgeous body as she walks away and wonder how the hell she's still wearing those sky high stilettos. You won't ever hear me complain about it though because they make her already incredible ass look fucking stellar. I am one lucky bastard that's for sure.


Yes, that's me right now. I'm fucking brooding because I can't even keep the fucking nosy ass reporters away from my wife without Paul having to step in. It's like trying to walk through a goddamned circus with all the paps and crowds. They are insane right now and it sucks. It's sucks that we can't just go to the fucking store and pick up a fucking exercise ball in peace.

Fucking Christ.

"Calm down, ciccino. Everything will go back to normal soon. We just have to have some patience. Some patience and some faith."

Even as she says those reassuring words, I can see the doubt in those beautiful brown eyes as she tenderly rests her delicate hand on her ever growing belly. She's miserable and it's all my fault.

I squeeze her hand in acknowledgement then let my head flop back onto the headrest closing my eyes and letting out an exasperated sigh. I just want this shit to be over with. Thankfully, it shouldn't be too much longer.

The house is quiet when we get back, which is nice because all I really want right now is to enjoy a quiet evening with my wife. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate our security team and all of the effort and time they've been putting in to keep my girl and the baby safe, but damn a man needs some goddamn privacy every now and then.

Determined not to let my sour mood ruin our evening, I grab a beer and a bottle of water from the fridge then head upstairs to find my wife.


That's all i see as I step into our bedroom. Bella is bending over rubbing lotion all over her long silky legs which puts her perfectly round, robust behind right in my line of sight. I fucking love her ass. I love that my very large hands don't even begin to cover the expanse of it. It's incredible, and all fucking mine.

And there it is, barely a scrap of black lace covering a small portion of the creamy fleshy mounds, begging to be touched. Caressed. Squeezed. Spanked.

I strut up behind her, pressing my rock hard cock into her soft flesh and let my hands roam over every inch of exposed skin that I can reach. Her sharp intake of breath encourages me before she can even begin to start grinding back into me. She flips her head back sending her long, dark hair tumbling down her pale back in inky waves.

Without a second thought, I wrap my hand around the silky softness and pull her head back so that I can easily lean forward and capture her mouth. She's all teeth and tongue and eagerness and it doesn't take long before her pretty lace panties are discarded and I'm buried balls deep inside her tight, wet warmth.

But as good as it feels, I soon have a cramp in my thigh. Downfalls of being a foot taller than my woman. I pull out abruptly, causing a whimper of protest from my love, and then a squeal of delight as pick her up and toss her softly onto our massive bed. She scoots to the top of the bed, eyes shining with joy, and I make a show of stalking her like my prey as I crawl up her body, licking, nipping and sucking on her legs as I go. When I reach her thighs, I can't help but allow myself to get sidetracked by her scent and suddenly all I want is to burry my face between her legs and eat her raw.

Like an animal, I devour her sweet pussy. Three orgasms and a stiff neck later I finally allow myself to push inside of her. With all of my pent up aggression released, I'm finally able to love her soft and sweet. Too bad my dirty girl is having none of that. She flips me over and makes a show of sinking back down onto me, squeezing and grinding all the way down. The way she moves her hips is fucking incredible, and I screw my eyes shut tightly in order to regain some semblance of control. She starts moving again and I realize that my thoughts are futile, so I grab onto that gorgeous ass, open my eyes and watch her ride me like a wild bull.

She's bouncing, and swiveling and grinding and grunting and goddamn if it isn't the most fucking amazing sight. With one hand reached behind her on my thigh, she lets her head fall back exposing her long, graceful neck and moves. Ugh, her moves. I allow my eyes to rake down her body, all pale creamy skin and brightly colored ink, and the sight of it is just too much. I pull her down tight against me as I come hard with a growl.

"Fucking fuuuuuuck."

My Bella collapses against my chest, sweaty and spent and completely happy and it's at this precise moment that I realize that I have everything I've ever wanted and needed right here in my arms. It's with this thought that finally let everything go.

All of the pain and all of the drama of the last year are no longer significant. I no longer allow them to affect our lives. We are fucking happy.

So you can imagine the day, six weeks later, when we get the phone call from Jenks to tell us that Gianna has been found guilty on all counts and has been sentenced to three hundred twenty five years in maximum security at the state penitentiary with no chance for parole, that we are completely indifferent. She got what she deserved, yes, but she was no longer our concern and therefore no longer given a second thought.

Good motherfucking riddance.

And eleven weeks after that when I finally held my screaming son in my arms for the first time, there was no lingering fear, no worry, no extra security, and no crazy bitches.

There was only me, my beautiful wife and little Evan Axl Cullen.

My family.

My life.

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