He'd stayed up the whole night, having decided a month or so ago it was better to take in all of these experiences as best he could. He found it strange that they'd gone from conflicting motives to she being protected by him, and them living together. The love that she professed for him, which he shared with every bone in his body, breath in his lungs, and feathers on his wings. Which had him returning to this moment; sharing the same bed space as her with the blankets bunched at their waists and torsos bare. The rising sun caressing her bare breasts with a gentler touch than he had the night before. Her skin tone turned to a more bronze-like and shimmering quality than the smoldering depths that firelight painted her with. While laying on his side with his head pillowed by his right arm the mounds of flesh appeared to be majestic mountains, painted in colors by the sun and her skins natural makeup, decorating the otherwise flat plain of her chest. From his angle, the peaks of her nipples allowed for a radiant halo effect that threw vague shadows at the base. He idly dipped his fingers into these shadows and felt the warm flesh hiding beneath. She didn't stir as he widened his explorations from her collarbones to where the blankets lay on her lower stomach. Deciding that he would prefer her awake, he cupped her right breast fully in his large hand with his thumb almost naturally toyed with her turgid nipple. The other breast was a warm weight against his forearm. And as she woke she stretched her arms out and the one that had lay passive between them reached his chest. Her hand stroked at Gabriel's smooth skin as she arched into his own ministrations.

You are my sweetest downfall

I loved you first, I loved you first

Audrey opened her eyes, sleepily smiled at him, and slid into the warmth of his body. Caught up in the flurry of strong emotions that she would engender in him, he pulled her skin to skin and rolled to his back, freeing his wings to cradle her close. They'd come a long way from that run-down diner in the desert, the asphalt road and the wrecked cop car. In the here and now she molded to his muscles and lay her head over his chest where a heart would be, curling into his heat and sighing in contentment. His body stirred with the knowledge that they could recreate the events of last night in the glory of the morning but he repressed that urge in order to enjoy the simplicity of this closeness. Left hand spanning her lower back to keep her body stable, he toyed with the brunette strands splayed across his chest. The silk fineness ran through his fingers like water, except for the snarls that were constructed in their passion which he set about untangling. She murmured a sound of thanks and kissed the patch of skin closest to her mouth. After the completion of that small task they basked in the others presence, the blankets tangled about their legs, and the sun warming the feathers of his wings.

"You didn't have to do this, y'know." she whispered. The breath wafted across his skin and it reacted with goosebumps.

"I did. I would have been lying to myself if I had not." His lips brushed across her crown in the ghost of a kiss. "I set my path months ago, however unknowingly it was laid. I will walk it and go wherever it takes me, with you by my side.

And history books forgot about us and the Bible didn't mention us

And the Bible didn't mention us, not even once

She straightened and crossed her forearms over his chest, planting her chin on them and staring at a face that looked back at her even in her dreams. She never read the Bible and could count the number of times she'd been to church on one hand with fingers to spare; yet she knew that was happening between them shouldn't be happening and had the potential for disaster. Too good to be true danced through her brain, but she firmly pushed it aside. If Gabriel was willing then she would be too. She was Audrey Motherfucking Anderson, not afraid to kick some ass and take some names, especially for Gabriel. They would handle this together.

"I love you Gabe." she told him, looking straight into those blue eyes that told her the mysteries of the universe. The corners of his mouth broke into a small smile, about the only kind of smile he was capable of it seemed like, and he kissed her softly on the mouth.

Moving her arms and lying flat on his body, she maneuvered so that his head could lay on the ground while she elongated the kiss and ran her fingers through his short black hair. They'd gone through so much together already, she loved him so much, putting every other time she'd claimed to feel it to shame. She felt that even if the world hadn't gone crazy and he hadn't tried to kill her they would have met in some other way and she would have loved him just as much.

Breaking the kiss, Audrey settled back onto his chest and traced the definition of one pectoral.

You are my sweetest downfall

I loved you first, I loved you first

Beneath the stars came fallin' on our heads

"Sometimes I think about how we would have met if God hadn't decided to destroy humankind." He made an encouraging sound in the back of his throat and let one hand stroke down her hip, gently pass over the roundness of her ass, and stroke at the back of her thigh from knee to the beginning swell of her buttocks. "I'd meet a nun in distress, like she'd just gotten mugged or something and I'd help her out. We'd end up talking about God and the next thing you know I start going to church, cleaning up my act. My parents decide not to move since I'm doing better in school and not breaking curfew all the time, and I get into some program. What do they call it? Sunday school, youth group, something like that? And then one day I'd be all alone in the church, cleaning up after everyone else because I decided to be helpful and wham!" She flicked his nipple for emphasis and he lightly pinched her thigh in retaliation. "There you'd be, only you wouldn't be in armor. You'd be in those robes that artists like to put angels in, all decked out in white and singing hallelujah's or whatever." Audrey caressed the abused nipple in apology which began the thrumming in Gabriel's body again.

"And why would I come to see you? Just because you would have turned from sin and helped a disciple of God does not merit a Visitation." His wings twitched at the sensations she evoked in his body and he began to drum his fingers along her spine in an effort to distract. Distract who, he wasn't exactly sure.

"Because even then you would have known I was good for ya." She flipped her hair over her should and sat up, Gabriel's wings giving way behind her.

As they unfolded, the full light of the perfect half-circled sun graced her body and she shone. Audrey had been a bright spot in his eyes for a long time, but on this morning it was as if the rest of the world acknowledged her importance to him and decided to give her a little extra radiance in the mundane world.

But they're just old light, they're just old light

Your hair was long when we first met

Completely unashamed before his gaze she stretched for the second time that morning and looked around, oblivious to the magnificence of her body in that moment. His hands, battle scarred things that they were beyond mortal sight, spanned her waist in utmost reverence like a safety belt as she went about untangling the blankets, having to twist around and adjust legs as she did so. Their rooster broke out in his morning crowing, a little late this morning Gabriel absently noted, and he tore his gaze away from the woman in his lap to their surroundings.

The chickens were lazily wandering out of the crooked house Audrey and he built for them. The cow would start lowing for them to milk her soon, and the pigs were still lazing about in the pen and snuffling in their sleep. The fire they'd built last night had a couple coals determinedly burning in the heart of the ashes and the clothes they'd peeled off one another still lay in a pile safely away from the pit.

Abruptly, he startled away from his visual checks. With a smug smile on her face, Audrey stroked his maleness, hidden behind her body and quickly rising to the occasion having been only waiting for such an invitation.

Samson came to my bed

Told me that my hair was red

Told me I was beautiful and came into my bed

He growled and turned the tables, flipping over and cradling her under him in one smooth motion. He kissed her neck and deeply inhaled, enjoying the scent and flavor and sound of her as she groaned in pleasure. Her arms went around his broad shoulders as best they could as she pleaded with him to kiss her. Unwilling to tease he acquiesced and gave her such kisses that made her feel as if Heaven really was on Earth with this archangel and nothing could touch them.

And so they turned their love for one another into a burning passion and hunger; Audrey touched Gabriel in ways no mortal was allowed to and Gabriel touched her in ways no mortal ever had or could begin to.

Oh I cut his hair myself one night

A pair of dull scissors in the yellow light

And he told me that I'd done alright

And kissed me 'til the mornin' light, the mornin' light

And he kissed me 'til the mornin' light

Their rather clamorous climaxes temporarily destroyed the peace of the morning. The chickens clucked in annoyance as they continued pecking the ground in search of breakfast, ruffling their feathers at the sound. Quite a few of the pigs startled from a sound sleep and squealed at the unexpected noise, while the rest simply jerked in unconscious reaction. The cow, however, shook her head as if knowing what had just happened and heaved a sigh of the put upon.

Sweating and flushed from their exertions, Gabriel enclosed her again in his feathery embrace and turned to the side. Still intimately connected, he stroked the hair off her sweaty forehead and across her shoulders, down the small river of sweat that had collected along her spine, and kissed the apple red of her checks. Her heavy breaths gusted across his collar, heating the already-warm metal as she pressed her temple to his check and reveled in the joy that he brought to her life in so many different ways; the physical was simply a new page in the huge book she had already written about him. Despite her tightly closed lids, a tear slipped down Audrey's cheek.

"Happiness?" Gabriel rumbled in question, tasting the tang of a tear amongst the sweat cooling on her skin.

"Oh yes. Inexplicable happiness."

Oh, we couldn't bring the columns down

Yeah we couldn't destroy a single one

And history books forgot about us

And the Bible didn't mention us, not even once

Soon enough his organ softened and slipped out of Audrey's welcoming body and they both mourned the loss of that extra bit of closeness. And as always, she couldn't help but have that one second thought, what if...?

"The chores will not do themselves, my love."

She smiled and shook her head, settling back far enough so as to look at his face. "What have I told you about killing the mood?"

"Many things, many times. I'm more worried about the cow breaking another door than moods."

She laughed as he levered them both into a sitting position, giving her breasts one last goodbye caress as he handed her a shirt.

"As interesting as it would be to watch you feed chickens in nothing but your skin, I would prefer you to be clothed while doing so." He sighed as her torso disappeared behind the cotton shirt and she stood to put her underwear and jeans on.

"Maybe if you do something especially nice I'll feed chickens naked for you." Audrey teased, ungracefully dancing into the worn jeans that had originated from a Wal-Mart raid weeks ago.

"Maybe I would reciprocate such action." Gabriel teased right back with a straight face, pulling his own pants on sans underwear. The linens he'd worn with his armor were safely tucked in a closet next to said gear. The mace rested by the door, carefully hidden yet close by. Just in case.

"Well..." she headed towards the barn, sandals dangling from the fingers of her left hand, the right adjusting her clothes to settle more comfortably on her body. Stopping and looking over her shoulder she winked and tempted him with a parting shot. "There's always the bath I'll need to take after all this work."

You are my sweetest downfall

I loved you first

Ears burning at the thought of her suggestions, Gabriel stomped off to the small house they'd moved to after their first abode was burned down by scared folk that had finally decided to be rid of the angel that lived near them. He had been very merciful that night, mostly at Audrey's bequest. He still got a funny lurch in his chest when he thought of how, if he hadn't been there that starless night, she might not have survived, or at the very least been injured; and how it might not have even happened if it weren't for him.

Just to be sure that she hadn't fallen victim to her own clumsiness, he turned in the doorway to watch her finish her trek to the barn to get the chicken feed. He watched as she idly touched the pig pen fence, letting the wood run under her fingers. The animals grunted at her, hungry after their rude awakening, but she simply shook her head at them. He was certain that she must also have been talking to them, something along the lines of just wait you greedy porkers! She liked to talk to all the animals; it was one of the things he loved about her.

After she disappeared into the shade of the barn he went inside, mind darting to the hour after they had made love the evening before. Gabriel remembered tucking her close, her head resting on his bicep, his free hand curling over the flatness of her belly. He remembered thinking to himself what if...? before his natural inclinations towards obeying turned his thoughts to other matters.


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