Grim Reaper

By Shinigami Seiten Taisei

Harry Potter opens his eyes to see green smoke curling around him, for miles around there is nothing but darkness. Harry stands up and walks forward only to stumble a little. Harry closes his eyes sitting down within the curling green smoke listening to the silence. He doesn't know where he is or what is going on. He's scared.

Harry opens his eyes as he hears the sound of footsteps. Blinking into the darkness, he can barely see the outline of a figure. Walking towards Harry is a tall person wearing a black robe and hood. Harry can't see underneath the hood. The person stops a few feet from Harry and just watches him for a few minutes. This person pulls his hood down to show a skeleton face. Harry jumps backwards in fright, wanting to get away from the thing in front of him. The skeleton smiles sadly down at him.

"Poor child," speaks the voice decidedly male. "Do not be afraid. I am not going to hurt you."

"How do I know that?" asks Harry scared but concerned. He cringes back because he has spoken when he should not have.

"Because I have never harmed a child before in my existence," replies the skeleton man.

"Where am I?" asks Harry looking up at the skeleton man. Curiosity getting the better of him.

"You are in the world between Heaven, Hell, and Earth, my child," speaks the skeleton man. "My name is Death, and you my child have died."

"I'm dead," says Harry shocked. "How did I die?"

"What is the last thing you remember?" asks Death.

"I stopped feeling pain in my stomach area and I was happy for it," answers Harry rubbing his stomach.

"You're Aunt and Uncle starved you to death, my child," states Death.

"Starved?" questions Harry not knowing what he meant.

"You didn't eat for many days and because of that you died," explains Death. "For you see, in order to live, one must eat at least three meals a day of healthy food."

"Oh, I see," sighs Harry. "What is going to happen to me?"

"You died before your time, my child," speaks Death. "You had a destiny before you. I shall train you to become a Grim Reaper and you will fulfill your destiny in a slightly different way."

"Will I be able to live my life as if I was alive and will I be able to see my parents?" asks Harry.

"Child, you shall be with your parents when you are not being trained to be a Grim Reaper. No one on Earth will know you are dead. You will not be allowed to tell anyone you are dead either, unless they can help you without giving away your secret. I shall explain more once you are ready," answers Death. "For now, come child."

"Ok," smiles Harry taking Death's hand and being lead through the green smoke towards a bright white door.

Wufei: Justice

Heero: Let's go.

Duo: Well that's the end of this one

Shinigami: I do hope you enjoy.

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