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I need this job. I really fucking need this job. If I don't get it I can't get my own place. I looked up at the store with the 'need help' sign. Here goes fucking nothing. One more puff from my cig, and I tossed it to the sidewalk, stomping it out from under my boot.

I ran my fingers threw my hair then proceeded into the store. There was a old lady at the counter who looked like she'd never seen a mirror in her whole fucking life. She gave me a once over and I knew what she was thinking. Who the hell was I, and what the fuck did I want if I wasn't planning on stealing some stupid ass shit from the store?

"Can I help you?" her voice was so sickly sweet I wanted to take her name tag and ram it down her throat.

Keep your cool, Bells, you need this fucking job. I inwardly glared at the bitch in my head.

"Yes, I saw your sign for help and wanted to know if I could apply?"

The look on her face was priceless, I swear I think her eyes fell out her ass. I knew what she was thinking its the same damn thing everyone thinks about me. You've got some sort of skill other then rippin folks off? Yeah right.

"Yeah, hold on," she looked real flustered as she pushed a button on the phone next to her.

I stood by the door and waited while she continued to ring people up. I glanced around the store to see what all they had, and was surprise to see someone high up on a ladder putting tile in the ceiling.

It was a boy from the looks of things and he was talking to someone by his feet. Seconds later and he glanced up at me, pausing as he looked me over before nodding at whoever he had been talking too.

The longer I stood there the more I began to get itchy for a fix. I needed my shit. But I needed this freakin job. Just 10 minutes Bells, I told myself as the bitch in my head started to howl.

I felt the headache come on. I needed my shit.

"Hello, I'm the store manager here, my name is Tanya. How can I help you?" she had a smile on her face and her hand out. I blinked trying to re focus.

"My name is Bella," with that I shook her hand. "I saw your sign and wanted to apply. I don't know what you're hiring for, but I'm a good worker."

"That's great. Right now I just need some extra help, you'd be running register and helping Jasper with the stocking, mostly night shifts for when we need a 4th person. Jasper would be your main teacher, with the night shift. You up to lifting and stocking heavy boxes?"


"Jumpy hours?"


"OK, lets get you an app."

I followed her threw the store, past the boy that I stared at, to the back and threw a set of doors. Her office was all the way in the back, where there were two other sets of doors. One were the worker's bathroom, and the other was the worker's break room.

I was surprise by how nice the place was, especially the back room. This was classier then I thought, it was gonna be harder to get buzzed working here, but I had to get my own place no matter what.

Within minutes I had the app filled out and she was typing stuff into a computer.

"It should only take about 5 minutes to come back to me Bella, how about I let you meet Jasper, and you two can talk?"

I nodded and followed her back out onto the floor. I was staring at the boy on the ladder, so into checking out his cute ass that I didn't realize she was walking towards him. Until we stopped and I looked up at his face. He had seen me checking him out.

And he liked it. He had a smirk on his face and for once I blushed. I hadn't done that in years and it felt odd to me. Surprisingly my bitch calmed down and the headache went away. She liked it too.

Total bitch for you.

"Jasper, I'd like you to meet Bella, she's applying for the extra job."

"Nice to meet, Miss Bella." he gave me a full on southern smile with the sexiest drawl I'd ever heard as he put his hand out to me.

My hands were shaking and I felt the sweat bead onto my forehead as I shook his hand. He held on a few seconds longer then need be making me get hot all over.

Tanya was stupider then she looker as she watched us completely clueless. The thought gave me hope that it might be easier then I thought to carry on my shit with this job.

"You too Jasper." I murmured and the smile on his face turned into a smirk.

This boy might be fun after all. Not such a bad set up. If the look on his face said anything then he might be able to hook me up like the last little fucker had.

"Great. You two seem to like each other already that's great," if she only knew. "Jasper, show Bella around please, while I wait for her papers to come back."

"Yes, ma'am." Jasper tipped his head at her and we both stood like fools watching her walk away. As soon as the back doors closed, we turned back towards each other.

"So, tell me, why'd you want this job?"

"I need to move out."

"You really think you'll be able to move out by yourself?"

"If I save up."

He smirked again, "Something tells me that you spend you money on something other then saving up on an apartment."

"Do you now?" it was my turn to smirk.

He played hard to get as he walked me around the store, down each isle, giving me the run down of what they carried and how the shifts went.

By the time that Tanya should have come back out to tell me if I had the job or not, Jasper was done with the main floor and had me in the backroom.

Jasper had the body and the walk. Hell, even the damn talk. He loved to flirt and knew he was good at it. I wondered what else he was good at.

When he asked if I wanted a look in the bathroom, the naughtier part of me came out and I happily nodded.

I was on fire and for once it wasn't for my normal buzz.

Once inside, I leaned back against the door as he walked over against the walk next to the toilet. He leaned back as well, duplicating my pose.

We stared each down, waiting to see who'd give in. I knew if we got caught, I wouldn't get the job and he'd lose his but I really didn't care. Locking the door, I went over to him and stopped.

He stood there watching me like some sex statue waiting to be served.

One lick of my lips and he had me throw against the wall, pressing up against me, as he attacked my mouth. His fingers gripped my head as he ground his hard heat into my hip.

I moaned, yanking on his belt buckle.

Once his pants were undone, I slid my hand into his boxers, gripping him tightly.

He hissed and I moaned when I felt his size. The boy was well made which made my core drip down my legs.

We hadn't known each more then 20 minutes but I knew for sure that I wasn't leaving that store without tasting him. I felt his seed seeping out of the tip. Running my thumb over the bead of cum I used it to help me start sliding my hand up and down.

Jasper released me as I fell to the floor on my knees. He pressed his hands against the wall to keep standing as I took him into my mouth. I ran my tongue up the length then back down, making sure to suck each trip to the top. His hips jerked and he push back in time.

What I couldn't fit into my mouth I kept my hand around, stroking soft then hard just to tease him. My free hand grabbed hold of his balls, squeezing and yanking on them to torment.

I loved to torment during oral, just because I could. No guy had ever pulled away and told me no. As if they'd give up free head.

Once I heard him moan I laughed around him, causing a massive jerk into my mouth, and grunt from above.

Within seconds he was tighting up on me ready to explode when someone knocked on the door.

I felt Jasper growl in his chest when he gripped the back of my head and shove his whole length into my mouth. I relaxed my throat and sucked hard as I felt him let go. His hips keep pounding away as I continued to massage his balls.

"Who's in there?"

"A CUSTOMER!" Jasper yelled, his voice so horse that you couldn't recognize it. I smiled around him, as he pulled out of my mouth. One last kiss to his tip and I got up.

Jasper with clothes was hot, Jasper with his pants around his feet and his beautiful wet cock laying against his thighs was like looking at the Prince of Persia.

We looked at each other, and I licked my lips tasting him on them.

"You know I'm gonna get fired right?"

"Do you care?" I smirked at him as he pulled up his pants.

The southern drawl was back in his voice and the smile on his lips.

"Not a chance in hell, darlin."