Dissonant Lyrics

Chapter 1: Step in to the battlefield

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Outskirt of Circumference colony, Non-administrated world 303.

Several mages manages to survive a storm of bombarding spell, to note how deep and long trenches and craters created by the attacks. Included among them are a man with tan battle jacket, his blonde hair was dirty out of dust but still neatly tied with blue ribbon, of all things, his glasses also severely fractured, if not outright broken. He carries a fairly large shield on his arms.

"Honestly Professor, managed through such intense onslaught….Now I know how Captain Takamachi managed to break your shield without making any injuries beyond scratches….and you broke Lieutenant Vita's wrist just by block her hammer"

"Is that a compliment? Actually I lost my left arm's function right now…DARNIT!" the man cries as fourteen orb lights formed around his body, his shield shining and said in monotone robotic male voice "Variable Missile", and seconds later these orbs dashing, zigzagging like drugged meteorites towards a floating temple several hundred feet from there, cue multiple explosion.

"And they said you're suck at offense?!"

"Yeah, that's just A-class Bombarding spell, just slightly inferior to Variable Shoot…and that's my strongest normal attack….nothing much compared to other mages of my generation" Yuuno chuckles.


And these mages constantly bombarding the temple with high and low ranked attacks.

FLASHBACK, Seven days before, TSAB training regiment.

"Remember noobs, defense is just as important as offense…" Vita pointed her Graf Eisen at the nearly KO-ed recruits.

"But Ma'am, you sure there are mages that really able to hold you?"

"Well, just one…and it's not like he'll have time to show you how" she grumbles.

"Maybe I can show it just once"

"The move your butts and…Hey, Nutshell is that you?!" Vita surprised as Yuuno enter the simulation chamber. "Yeah, I'm here!" he cheerfully smiles.

"Good grief, now just sit there and watch rookie!" Vita's eyes glow as her device increased in size to the point the head actually surpassing her body.

"HE'S GOING TO DIE!" Vita dashed then jumps, attacking from above. Even if she's holding back, he's going to heck maybe an understatement. Yuuno put a wide stance on his legs and put both his palm forward, creating a massive round shield, almost twice in diameter than normal shield.

The blast effect from the attack was shocking enough for the recruits, as they amazed how everything can be described as: Vita hanging midair as her hammer struck on his shield.

"Oi, this is a new trick, isn't this?" she got a big sweat drop above her head, then her hammer shrink and she jumped down.


"HOHO, see?" Vita smirk to the amazed recruits, their face is priceless to the point Vita pointing her device and "Take some good scene, Graf Eisen" she commanded.

"Zustimmend" her device responded, and several clicking noises can be heard.

"Ok, enough for today…since my mood is good…take some laps, cool down and rest"

"Thank you, ma'am"

"So, what brings you here, Professor?" Vita ask seriously.

"Straightforward as always eh?" He chuckles, and he unzip his leather coat and fold it, revealing TSAB uniform behind the coat.

"Oi…seriously?" she got a MASSIVE sweat drop on her…hat.



"At the least you come, Professor"

"Eh? Shari?" Vita's jaw dropped, never thought that Device-freak engineer went out from her lab so far as TRAINING FIELD with several important project blueprints thrown on her desk, which means a lot of work, A LOT. And Shari NEVER misses any kind of Device-related works.

"Did you have a lot of stuff to do…I mean…new instruments for Air Force and all…how could you put it aside?? Usually you work like tomorrow is doomsday" Vita went pale as she ask, "Well, since he's special I want to saw the performance, MYSELF" Shari replied mildly as she comes closer.

Vita knows something is going on, a Big thing emphasis on BIG.

"Eh, you mean it has been completed, Miss Shari?!" Yuuno's eyes went larger ash she approaches him and gave him some kind of pager-shaped device. "Really a man with simple profile is you? Why don't make it much cooler even on its standby phase?" she laughs, "Come-on! Don't make wait!"

Wait, isn't that a freaking magic device? Vita swears to herself, Yuuno with his FREAKING shield? Nice target! Yuuno with his FREAKING shield AND device? TOO MUCH! And since Vita always going over the top, she's on fire right now. "Hey, I volunteered myself as first people blown up with it!" Vita pointed herself, she really want a good spar right now.

"Hey, Vita…I mean, I'm inexperienced and all…against you? I need nine lives out of ten just to survive" Yuuno got himself trapped on really dangerous situation.

"I WON'T HARM THE LAST ONE!" Vita's eyes glow, unlike before, it was RED.


Outside the base, Nanoha and Fate are on their way to the simulation room, talking about how they're slacking off a bit these days, although not at the point of sleeping in their desk all day. They need some good spar, all out if it was needed.

"Huh, the training already finished?" Nanoha mumbles as she saw the recruits walked out of training field, they gave a simple salute then, and both of them replied it.

"I thought it's finished in some 30 minutes more, knowing Vita. Did she have a reason?" Fate asks.

"Well, there's a young man comes, show us his magnificently durable shield against Gigantform, and then Lieutenant said the training is over"

"Don't tell me" Fate chuckled; "She's picking on Yuuno-kun, AGAIN" Nanoha can't help but said it anyway and pout. Besides, who else has the strength and confidence about their shield that much? Yuuno put a simple shield when entire party; which the member is composed of overpowered young mages, has to run from Cosmic Horror attack eleven years ago. Yeah, he's that confident.

The two has to run toward training grounds, only to found considerable destruction over the field. Shari is watching from the edge, seeing as Vita and Yuuno jousting mid-air like hell, especially Vita, which is considerably fast for a mage of her class, not the level of Fate or even Signum however. And Yuuno, most of things he do is deflect, deflect, and deflect using his large 'buckler' then counter with four binding anchor launched from his Shield that ACT more like missiles, Vita has a field day with this as she barely miss and had to knock them, they're ACCURATE.

"These damn instrument was good, Shari" Vita cried, she looked like a crazed soldier, but actually she's over excited. "Ferret boy no longer a punching bag!"

"Oh good, or not…" Yuuno added, not even loosening his guard.

"I can't believe he synchronized that much in fifteen minutes! I thought it'll take four hours of light spar or so…Vita's effort should be praised well!" Shari happily writes on a report note about Yuuno's advancement.

"That's Device specifically designed for Yuuno?" Nanoha mumbles.

"Call it AEGIS, it was specifically designed to increase Professor Scrya's specialties in binds and barriers" Shari smirk with her glasses blink.

"Time to blown up Vita!" Yuuno held his shield with both arm like a bazooka, as its pointy end open, revealing several vents like these found on missile box.


A mid-childan sigil formed on front of him as his device shout "Axel Shooter", and half seconds later a salvo of curving beams/ missiles rushing for Vita; she's caught off guard and barely dodges.

"HELL! ISN'T THAT..." she twisted as noticeable explosions happens on another side of training fields.

"AXEL SHOOTER?!" Nanoha's eyes sharpened, it exactly different than what she have, but the power and trajectories were the same.

"So...that is..." Fate gulped, she never thought that Yuuno would copy Nanoha's spell, although Teana already did it.

"Oops…Shari…you sure I should handle a Device THIS powerful?" Yuuno amazed himself.

"Readings on computers told me you already reached minimum required potential, congrats! Some weeks of intense training and we got high class battle mage here" Shari clapped her hands.

"Wait, Yuuno is resumed active duty?"

"No! But…well…let's seek some proper place after I meet Hayate first"

Hayate's office.

"Non-administrated world 303….that's way out of our boundaries of influence…and if I recalled again, isn't that planet no longer inhabitable?" Hayate ask.

"Yeah, I've chosen to be the chief staff for the expedition"

"So…You had to do a big dig on a colony planet, out of our influence. In order to protect yourself, you had to have your own Device. And by means of Device, a military grade, and you're promoted just for getting the license. Good, now I've had a headache" Hayate confused.

"I'm sorry for that matter, Chrono is the one who suggest me to enroll an exam instead of simple contract"

"I understand…the Higher ups sometimes can be a bunch of morons. Even thought a handful of B+ ranked mages was good enough, having self defense weapon is much better" Hayate smirk.

"Speaking of self defense weapon, isn't this device way too powerful?" Yuuno sweatdropped.

"Maybe? But it was much better than cheap guns for rookies" Chrono entered her office, Hayate and Yuuno not even blink, "Sorry for not knock the door, I'm in rush!" he said in deadpan tone. "At least that would gave Nanoha some ease, I can't imagine her face for sending you unarmed to deep space mission"


"Looks like you got the best escort as well…33rd Squadron 'Maverick' is the best active combat squadron out there. The captain, Jade Allison, is one of the few mages who managed to reach AA level" Hayate chuckle.

"AA level? How nice" Yuuno laughs.

Later, Cafeteria, with Fate and Nanoha.

"Eh? Deep Space Excavation?" Nanoha surprised, Fate as well, but nowhere near Nanoha's.

"Yeah, that's why, everything can be happen right?" Yuuno lightly said, "However….everything was, in fact, just in case…we have entire squadron of mages from Air Force as escort"

"Well the fact that they're going to escort you is relieving enough I guess!" Nanoha smirk.

Current time, still in the battlefield.

Honestly, Yuuno never know a full-scale battle would be this HARD.

Well, he has been facing Precia's monster minions, and able to fought them on his own, WITHOUT ANY DECENT OFFENSIVE SPELL. He also have a taste of Vita's hammer, broke her wrist without trying. And massive attack not leaving a scratch on him mostly, Nanoha responsible for two out of three times his shield truly breaks.

But front lines position just not suited for him at all, and now he's trapped in one. His fellow bodyguards, all the Air Force mages were put on their own limits for protecting him, and his right arm are bleeding.

He knows he can do it, no matter what, everyone is waiting for him. They don't expect a pale blonde man in a body bag; they expect him to come back as living human.

"Professor Scrya, wanna gamble?" Captain Jade Allison, leader of 33rd Squadron who happens to escort Yuuno said.

"What gamble?" Yuuno mumbles, "Both of us should lure that temple's attack, other should attack on a single point…..we may expose it's weak point…the wall just way too thick and the AMF may too powerful for us alone"

"If Nanoha, she may easily breakthrough its walls alone….but for us…yeah…." Yuuno thought, "Okay! Let's do it!" the blonde lieutenant nodded.

Scramble and maneuvering, both of them evading the attack from the flying temple. Yuuno noticed how swift the captain moves, every pitch, yaw and roll was efficient enough for her to evade thirty something magic missiles chasing her and hundreds of compressed magic bullets barrage not to touch her barrier. He swears that everyone except Nanoha or Fate would have a hell time with this member of Air Forces; after all, each of them is B rank at the least.

Yuuno himself, while not as hasty as her, managed to survive thanks to his overpowered barriers. If anything, weak attacks like these wont even scratch his shield except with enough number of hits.

A couple of beam attack managed to pierce the temple's barrier and broke trough it's heavy wall, Yuuno can see a shining object beneath the hole resulted from attack.


And he put all his might on his attack, he spends twelve cartridges in this attack, hoping that the strain he received from overcharging his Device worth of it, and he aims. The targeting screen on his weapon has locked the target, two thin wings spread from his shield as if it's a bow.

"I gamble with this one....SEAL!" Yuuno said.

"Sealing mode, Phalanx Missile"

The captain as well, aimed her staff, charge her device fully.

"NOW!!" he cries.

Everything went gold as Yuuno released his strongest attack, an S-class bombardier attack, originally just below Nanoha's Starlight Breaker (SS-class) and requires 3 cartridges. Unlike Nanoha's, Yuuno's attack isn't barrier piercing, thus unable to pierce stronger AMF, of all things Yuuno's attack considered analogous to High Explosive shell, PURE EXPLOSION.

And that one was overloaded with cartridges.....


"GUH!" Yuuno cringed heavily and hold his right arm, as he stated before, his Variable Missile attack is his most powerful NORMAL attack (A rank). He had to inject a full dozen of cartridges for the last bombarding attack, and it put him in a pretty strain.

The giant temple crumbles and collapses section by section, until it completely destroyed into piles of bricks, leaving the shiny object alone. He glad his pain paid worth, but then again, he is an Archaeologist…

"HECK! We're destroying a historical site?" Yuuno got a good facepalm, laughs.

"I'm sure there's some remnants left there…" Captain Allison hit his shoulder softly, trying to ease him, "Let's rest a bit then investigate what the hell happened here"

And she noticed how his right arm is bleeding like hell right now, "and that injuries need to be treated"

"Yeah thanks!"

After conducting some observation, and treat their wounds, both of them sat down, for a lunch. The captain put down her beret and unties her indigo hair; she seems not much older than him, maybe in her early twenties. And pretty one.

Unlike Nanoha and others, her Barrier Jacket profile is not 'astounding' and pretty much composed with sleeveless long coat, military pants, and metal boots without considerable accessories.

"You know professor….yesterday I still not believe the rumor that you're the one who brought Nanoha Takamachi into Battlefield…but now, what I'm not believe is how stupid TSAB to put you in a desk work…"

"No, It's not their fault…I'm not a born-fighter and lacks instinct…you know, bloodline isn't everything…but it also one of the determining factor for your personality"

"Yeah, but you're an excellent warrior for an Archaeologist comes from a peace-loving Nomad Family….I not meant any insult, just that…well…Your work, 90 percent of them involving desk and chairs…and you're still that athletic?"

"Hmm, if you ask me why…It's because Lieutenant Vita always pick me as her punching bag in those 10 percent chance"



They laugh, and she blush a bit. This man was not only handsome, he also gentle and clever.

"Lieutenant…I mean Professor Scrya, could you see this one please!" one of the fellow archaeologist called him, he stand and put his lunch box on the safe place.

"Time is up, let's back to work, Captain!" he sheepishly smiles and follow the archaeologist.

She grumbles, but then she stands up, tying her hair neatly, and put up her beret again.

"Whoa, he's attractive doesn't he?" one of her fellow female mages whisper.

"So what? I'm a woman too you know?" she pouted, "No…I meant….I never knows you're straight Captain! Sorry!"

"PROFESSOR!!" everyone is panicking as Yuuno drop.


Yuuno stumbled, his body is twitching, his breath practically uncontrollable.

"Shoot....and I thought not only Nanoha could spent more than ten cartridges without faint!" he smirk, before out cold.

Two weeks later, Mid childa.

Yuuno already back from his journey, the group has scattered, each holding the result of research. Vice Granscenic, inactive sniper who happens to escort him can see a satisfaction aura radiating bright from him.

"Looking good as always professor!" he exclaimed, they tossed hand.

"Yeah, as if you don't" Yuuno replied, "Hey, does everyone so excited that they sent helicopter instead of a simple car?"

"Actually that artifact you brought here caught so many eyes we should examine it within 3 days people from HQ took it"

"OH GOOD! Since I already examined it on draft level, we just need to conduct more detailed exam"

"You sure you won't come with me?"

"No, thank you! I have a proper schedule"

Soon after some big cargo put in, the blades started to spin and the chopper is taking off, leaving for the city.

However, something bothered Vice, as several objects appeared in radar, no, the number is still increasing beyond that.

"Holy crap, and I thought today's job put no action on it!" Vice swears he has been tired of robbery attempts put on his cargo, but knowing what he carried now he was, in fact, really expect it will be a BIG raid.

"Let's see how you can match my new gun!" He smirks.

No, Vice didn't put his trusty Storm Raider sniper device.

He unfolds a bigger gun that was 3 meter in length and caliber comparable to his arms; he put his Storm Raider as control unit.

"Not much an overkill, Storm Raider?!" he cries and pulled the trigger, as burst of beam taking out three gadget drones in a row.

There are dozens of them; Vice placed a bet on his chopper's autopilot.

Better checking my Life Insurance! He thought of himself.


"Roger that, Night Crow. Having a problem? over"

"Roger…look at the radar, over!"

"Roger that! We'll send some assistance! Hold still! Over"

He snipe another four in two shot, the large cannon wasn't put much strain on him as it drains energy from Chopper's power system, which also sustaining the shield protecting it. He really needs to be careful right now.

He glad that he's still single or else…wait, never mind.


And seconds after that, he saw a pink dressed knight went straight and jumped to weapon compartment. "I don't see any hostiles" Signum frowned.

WTF?! Vice thought and sighed.

"Well, more like you late" he smiles charmingly, she didn't catch it.

Vice back to his seat and Signum went to copilot seat.

"Actually, I seen everything when I'm rushing here" Signum said "Those are…gadget drones aren't they?"

"Yeah, it's been 2 years since last time we fought them…" Vice nodded, yeah. Gadget drones mashing 2 years ago during JS incident, Vice can't believe how TSAB so overwhelmed they sent inactive mages like him.

At least he shouldn't mash 200+ drones now.

"I should consider about one or two escort now" He chuckles.

"Or not, considering you taking 14 drones in 30 second…10 KILOMETERS AWAY?" Signum winced as she saw the combat log, the timing wasn't that impressive, the range? HOLY SHIT.

"Yeah, but sometimes I just wanna sat here while watching some soldiers beat the crap out of enemies"

"You…..don't like to fight?" Signum thought to herself, then again, she knows why, so she didn't ask.

Of all things, he unleashed his trusty rifle, Signum unsheathed her sword and a fraction second later a gigantic claw breach trough the window, Vice gave a good shots at the thing, and Signum dashed and pierce the sneaky giant drones to heck with her Laevatine.

"Drat, I not even realized HOW IT MISSED MY RADAR" Vice went panic as the chopper went down.

"Yeah….I didn't sense it's presence before it comes so close!" Signum hold her breath, she almost got heart attack on that moment.

Vice had to change with his barrier jacket, it absorb fair amount of damage, mainly magical, trough it absorb physical damage better than 3 inch titanium plate. And the Chopper went to heck, well, straight to the ground and explodes like heck.

"Oh man, she would need quite a repair!" Vice put his hands on his pockets and smiling, while walked out of inferno. If anything, that's how Nanoha earned her White Devil title (walked out of inferno part).

Signum tried not to laughs, Vice is a natural charmer, and it ONLY works when he NOT consciously trying.

And of course it works on her sometimes…wait, never mind.

Everyone went silent, two hours later, they gather at Briefing room. Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Yuuno, Chrono, Vita, Signum, Shamal, and the last; Vice.

Vice was new for participating, although the situation was much more tense than usual.

"New type Gadget drones?" Hayate mumbles.

"Yeah, my chopper's radar didn't catch it coming…" Vice replied.

"I didn't feel its presence as well…until it size interrupts airflow and the helicopter started to shake" Signum added.

"Hell….Yuuno, I'd never ask…but what artifact is this?" Chrono feels he should know.

Yuuno sighed, pull his breath to normalize it, then turned on the big screen, it was showing a shiny, large ring shaped white instruments.

"IS that…a magical device?" Hayate frowned.

"Ancient intelligent Device, known as 'Ouroboros'…" Yuuno said.

"A snake that eats its own tail…I've heard it on earth too… symbol of eternity and perpetuity" Shamal mumbles. "And you found it during your Deep Space Digging?" Vita added, much to everyone's curiosity.

"Actually, we're robbed it forcefully" Yuuno lightly replied, as the display changes to footage of his and Squadron 33's in action.


"We have no choice but to destroy the entire site, supposedly, Ouroboros awaken and started to attack us as part of the self defense mechanism. And we managed to turned it off it using standard technique for sealing jewel seed……and decent firepower" Yuuno sighed.

"Seeing this footage, I believe this Ouroboros is really, really powerful artifact" Hayate's eyes softened. "No wonder someone want to rob it out of our hands huh?" Chrono nodded.

"Wait…supposedly, only Military know about this Ouro-thing right?! Then, why? Didn't all of us have a fair share for studying this damned artifact?" Vita confused.

"More so than just studying it, I bet many people want to USE it outright" Nanoha mumbles.

"Info leakage I bet…Nanoha is right, I think even our top brass want to try something new too" Fate agreed, of all things.

"Good, the least I want is having an ancient device went rampaging in the city again" Hayate chuckled.

"Hayate" her knights murmured, they know, even now, Hayate still feel uneasy talking about her past.

"Regardless, we should tighten our guards…having illegal bots of war slipped under our surveillance scorn me down" Chrono gritted his teeth.


The discussion ended, everyone split away.

"We're going to be busy" Fate murmured, and Nanoha replied by a nod.

"Oh yeah, what will you do, Yuuno-kun?" Nanoha ask, Yuuno chuckles and replied "I think I'll back to the Library, I hope I'll find something useful about that artifact"

"Right now?! Don't you feel about…rushing?" Nanoha twitched, Yuuno nodded.

"Well, as Fate-san said, we're going to be busy! If I work extra hard, plenty times for rest when it finished" He sheepishly laugh.

"Good luck then!"

They parted away, however Fate catch a glance on their expression.

Both of them look so sad.

The thought of Yuuno back to field somewhat bring childhood memories for Nanoha. Her childhoods are far from platonic, full of physical and psychological conflict.

Her childhood is bad enough, her teen hood, SCARRED. Holding idealism in a world full of cynical people is hard, even if she has power to put them on their feet. Even now, Nanoha is as idealistic as if she's still nine, but learned to be cynical if it's really necessary.

She glad she met a lot of friends and matured during the process.

And about Yuuno…


"Oi, Nanoha!" Nanoha snapped out of her thoughts as Fate shakes her.

"Oh, Fate-chan, what?" she ask.

Fate sighed and smiling sadly.

"If you worried that much you should say it outright" Fate murmured "The thought about he going to the frontlines bother you huh?"

"No, it's just that…"

"It's brings childhood memories" Nanoha smiles weakly "I wonder, if three of us will work together again"

Fate can't hold not to laugh. "Fate-chan…I'm serious" Nanoha pouted

"Off course, we will!" Fates smiled with serious expression "I heard from Brother it took 2 years for him to pull his offensive potential to current level, and he often injured in process…gladly unlike two of us, he know his limit…at least in training, trough he may go all out in real fight"

"Even now, he can't really pull any offensive spell asides of guided magic projectiles. And Shari had to make his device specifically increased his specialty such as Binds and shield for making up with it"

"Maybe, up until now three of us always separated…however, if the time is right, he'll jump between you and your enemies…just like when he saves you from Vita…believe it!"

Nanoha raise her head and smiles.

"Of course, Fate-chan!"

And the brunette pull the blonde woman closer and they shared a tender kiss.

"Wow, what's that for?!" Fate blushes and turned her face away. "Nothing!" Nanoha smirk.

"Nanoha..." Fate groaned, it was no longer secret that a heavy romantic vibes exist between them, EVERYONE practically knows it. They live together, having an adopted daughter they took care, and everyone christen them as Takamachi family.

One of them should said it outright for the latter to be true, but no...

Not Fate, because she had a good reason for doing so...

Early in the morning training session, training field...

Dozens of explosion happened as Yuuno put on his strongest shield, receive and deflect entire high-powered beams aimed at him.

"WHAT THE HELL" Vita could feel her jaw are no longer in the proper place.

"I see, none of them actually had Barrier Piercing ability" Yuuno sighed seriously.

The dust cloud disappear, leaving injured bodies scattered on the field.

"Oh my god, Lieutenant Vita really NOT holding back that times then" one of the cadets tried to stand up quicker than his comrades. "I told ya" his friend, still twitching on the ground grumbles.

Vita got a good face fault, then stand up.

"What? So you damn noobies thought I'm holding back???"


"Then you should review the mission record about Jewel Seed and Book of Darkness case, full sheet, handwritten, 2 hours" Vita sighed.

"DO IT RIGHT NOW AND BROWSE SOME INFORMATION DAMMIT!" She cried and pointing her Graf Eisen in Gigantform, much to their horror "The one that the Review not approved by me, 500 LAP NEXT WEEK!!"

"YES MA'AM!!!!"

"Meh, Vita…don't you thing that…too much for them?" Yuuno went pale.

"If you have energy left for complaint, SPAR!" Vita jumps, and Yuuno have no choice but unleash his shield and blocks.

"This is Blasphemy!" one of the last recruits went shout.

"This is MADNESS!!" Yuuno christen it.

"Madness huh?! THIS! IS! SPARTAAAAA!!!" Vita exclaimed it.

a man with green hair rushed in, much to Vita's dismay and stop attacking.

"Both of you, The case has been solved! Let's go! Mission room!"

"Verrosa?" Yuuno thought, what the hell happened he's that rushing he forget this town has communication screen practically everywhere!

Phew, that Verossa coming too late eh? For his Fangirls, I am truly sorry! He'll get much attention as with other characters.

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