Dissonant Lyrics

Epilogue: After Action Report

When I said this chapter will be Yuuno centric, I'm not fooling anyone, but Rein and Vivio will be the main cast, since they're the narrator (what?).

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Reinforce Zwei's Service Log

Log Number : 3099

Log Title : Operation Ouroboros


21 September 0079, 20:30 Mid Childan Hours, Infinity Library Expeditionary Fleet arrived from the long journey and retrieved the Lost Logia Ouroboros.

21 September 0079, 20:45 Mid Childan Hours, Sergeant Major Vice Granscenic was attacked during the Ouroboros Shipment

22 September 0079, 09:30 Mid Childan Hours, A short meeting conducted, Salazar Forces suspected as people behind the hijacking attempt.

25 September 0079, 22:50 Mid Childan Hours, Carnaaji has been attacked, Patrol guard assemble a resistance force.

26 September 0079, 08:30 Mid Childan Hours, Rescue team assembled as quickly as we can. As of 11:05, Rescue team has been arrived and Alphine Family took on Protective custody.

27 September 0079, 16:30 Mid Childan Hours, All the evidence leaning towards Salazar forces, as their forces attacked hundreds of TSAB mages and stole their linker cores.

29 September 0079, 14:00 Mid Childan Hours, Wave Rider has been tested in actual live fire and the test prototypes will be participated in the upcoming battle.

30 September 0079, 20:00 Mid Childan Hours, Admiral Chrono Harlown sent an unmanned XV-class battleship toward world 303 in case of emergency, the XV class buried within the asteroid belt for the time being.

2 October 0079, 09:30 Mid Childan Hours, an extensive Mock Battle has been held at Carnaji, to test Professor Yuuno Scrya's fully extended ability, he promoted to Captain.

2 October 0079, 19:00 Mid Childan Hours, Ouroboros cargo fleet attacked.

4 October 0079, 08:00 Mid Childan Hours, core team of Operation Ouroboros formed. The Main objective is to retrieve the Lost Logia, and capture Salazar Leader.


5 October 0079, 08:30 Mid Childan Hours, Testarossa unit 2 departure. As the core team, StarS, Lightning, and temporary squadron Beowulf will be the main infiltration force. Harlown Brigade formed, with 24 members consisted of Unit 33's Mages and Death Fang Knights and lead by Admiral Chrono Harlown himself.

9 October 0079, 04:05 Mid Childan Hours, Testarossa unit 2 arrived and ambushed. XV-class Agni activated, and the crews are supplied by Aurora Battlecruiser's crew that had been defeated before. Operation finished as of 06:25, Ouroboros has been retrieved, but the enemy leader is killed in action.

9 October 0079, 06:30 Mid Childan Hours, massive battle sparks between the infiltration armada and massed army of Belkan Drones, the battle took seventeen hours.

13 October 0079, 09:55 Mid Childan Hours, Operation Ouroboros succeeded as the fleet arrived on the Mid Childa.


18 October 0079, a massive reformation held on the Salazar empire remains, all the member of the council was captured. And King Inness VIII regains his authority, with his loyal troops and royal followers; they took back Salazar territory via Peace Conference with the Visceral alliance.

28 October 0079, Salazar becomes a true member of Visceral Alliance, which means entire Emporium has been united in one flag. Afterwards, Emporium has been registered as a member of the Bureau.

"NYA, I've finished, let's proceed to the more personal one!" Rein laughs happily.

After the operation, Admiral Chrono, Lieutenant Colonel Griffith, and Ensign Lucino went to Emporium in order to establish new TSAB base there. Enforcer Fate, Teana, and Shario act as supervisor for the process. Prince Inness act as the mediator between TSAB and Visceral Union, his position is a great help.

Looks like Nanoha-san and Vivio-chan are saddened by that, since Fate-san went for straight three months. Before they leave, Admiral Chrono and her went to earth for a family visit. Seeing the expression of him after he got back from Earth was priceless.

Dr. Douglas followed Admiral as the chief technician for World 303 terraforming process, before leave, he visit Dr. Scaglietti again and making him angry. I wonder if Dr. Douglas knows how to make him berserk instead? Since both of Dr. Douglas and Shari-chan leaving, Mary-san received the task as the head of Device Development Section again.

Prince Kaira apparently accused for the crime, but his punishment had been reduced to only small fraction thanks to his helpful action before. He will be sent to TSAB rescue team after six months of rehabilitation, Corporal Subaru was looking forward to teach her new underlings, albeit she'll have to wait six months.

Speaking of Subaru, she's resumed her duty as SAR team, but occasionally helped Cyborgs Battalion resolving their case. Just like other, she's saddened by Teana's departure, albeit not as bad as Nanoha.

Erio and Caro also return to their old residence and work, they missed the wild nature so much they could cry. Before their returns thought, they took a detour to Carnaji and visit Lutecia. Apparently, Caro and Lutecia still had the problem regarding of Erio's 'marital status', their rivalries was frightening but cute the same time.

Prince Renault's Death Fang and Prince Kaira's Silver Unicorn has been absorbed to Unit 33, which itself will be transferred to Emporium as soon as the new government established. Captain Jade Allison took the lead mantle for the new Battalion. As the number increased to about 48, it was no longer called Squadron. Regarding her marriage with Prince Renault, she had to postpone it about a year or so.

Rein cracked her joints.

"Hmm, where do I start it again?" she mumbles.

Vice-kun and Alto-chan has been transferred to Mobile Division 13, regarding the development of Wave Rider unit. Despite the good result of live mission, apparently Wave Rider still facing too much problem to be mass produced, or for that matter, too few mages actually capable to handle it properly.

As the result, Division 13 was formed to train new pilots for the further development. TSAB Air Force didn't agree with its very own existence, since it may overtake mages' task. But what I know actually the pilot has to be a mage, since Wave Riders act as 'shell with muscle' and the mage act as the 'brain', so nothing really changed.

Vice-kun was freaked out to found that the chief assistant of the engineer team was his niece, Laguna. Alto too, freaked out by this.

Aside from the Mechanized Infantry Units, Division 13 also handles the education of two types of trainee cadets. First is Armored Knights, specialized in handling power-type Modern Belkan Mage, which is rare since most of Modern Belkan Mage actually speed type like Erio. Signum and Vita-chan handle the unit with direct order from Hayate, and Vita's having the field day for teaching them her way of fight, so does Signum.

Yeah, Signum. By the way, all members of Granscenic Harem Brigade have gathered in this division then. Of all things, only Signum denied it outright –with suspicious reaction-, and Laguna-chan seems didn't care -about the harem aspect anyway, she did had a crush on him-, maybe only Alto-chan put too much seriousness in it. I myself rather confused, but glad that all of us can fight fairly for his attention, and Agito still have to wait…I swear I cannot choose one of them for now, need time.

And the member has been expanded since most of the Division member is –apparently- STRAIGHT female, oh good! Now we had to call it Granscenic Harem Armada instead!

"Ummm, next is…yeah! Yuuno!"

Rein started to wrote again.

Second is Anti-Aerial Mage, which is specialized in taking down aerial units. Flight capable units are high-level threat for Ground Force's mages; a hard lesson learned from JS incident. Basically, they'll be served alongside artillery mages, except their targets are aerial ones. Yuuno handles the unit perfectly thanks to his abilities and brains.

Apparently, Yuuno was rejected the position of Aerial Combat Instructor, seeing himself not decent enough, and took the mantle of Anti-Aerial combat Instructor instead, what a funny thing, since it was opposed to what had been planned earlier; Filling Nanoha's place.

Vita has a tendency to arrange the schedule, so that these two units can train together, and as expected, she always aims for Yuuno's shield. Although it was more like her unstoppable hobby than reestablish her old grudge.

Hayate also taking part in the Division as the holder of highest authority, lately, we seen something different; she's much more cheerful like turned back to a teenager again thanks to her and Cap 'n Yuuno's opposite attitude. Too much wackiness happened even to be written…but she enjoy it.

Regardless, despite nothing much, there are some changes that I'm happy at. Just like Vita's happiness and Hayate's youthful spirit are contributed to Yuuno Scrya.

Sacred Heart Voice record

A.k.a. Vivio's voice diary

13 October 0079, 09:30, Sunshine

"This is Vivio reporting, today everyone will come back! I can't wait! Nanoha-mama is so worried she cries when she heard TSAB attack Fleet was defeated. Actually, that's part of Uncle Chrono's plan. I don't really know how that happens, but it's not simply a miracle, or it is?"

13 October 0079, 09:55, Sunshine

"They arrived! Oh good! I missed Fate-mama very much! I missed Professor as well! Oh, they're out~! Wait, its Auntie Vita, bragging about gadget kills or something to Auntie Hayate. OH! THAT'S FATE-MAMA! AND PROFESSOR! Looks like Nanoha-mama cannot hold it longer and jumps toward her! I wonder if I should jumps to Fate-mama or not? Wait, Professor is unoccupied! WAIT ME!"

13 October 0079, 13:00, Sunshine

"Seriously, Professor didn't even wasting some time. Maybe he didn't want to disturb my Mamas' private time? Okay, they're always like that anyway! So, I may understand. I follow him to the Library and meet Arf and Mr. Zafira there, Arf was capable of handling things in the library even by her own, but Zafira's help making everything easier. Mr. Zafira tries to test Professor's fighting capability, and overwhelmed the guardian beast thanks to his speed teleport. When Arf challenges Professor however, even with his confidence and teleporting skill, Arf still win since she knew all his flaws! Four of us then go together for lunch before going to train again"

13 October 0079, 15:30, Sunshine

"Auntie Hayate and Rein-chan comes to pick us, I don't know what Auntie and Professor were talking about, and it took so long. Oh, thanks for Rein-chan, she told us everything happened during the operation, it took almost an hour or so, so I'm not really bored for waiting"

18 October 0079, 10:00, Cloudy

"Oh, what a proper weather!!! GAH, Fate-mama is going for months, AGAIN! But looks like everything will be alright, even Nanoha-mama didn't cry, but smiles as she departs. Before then however, Fate-mama and Nanoha-mama told me:"

"Call him…Yuuno-Papa"

Dissonant Lyrics


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