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Introducing Ourselves

"Sora, where did you put the hydrospanner," a voice called from inside what could be described as the strangest ship ever. It looked more like a lump of dirt, its edges rounded, cut off at sharp angles. How such an atrocity could even fly was a mystery that no one would ever know.

"Hang on, I'll get it," a boy called back. He was wearing yellow sneakers, a jacket that had six blue straps on the arms, three each, two chains connecting to gray shorts, and a white gloves, his brown hair spiked up. Sora went into the ship, dodging past a boy in and orange and black ensemble, wearing a headband, spiked yellow hair waving. "Naruto, watch where you're going."

"Yeah, yeah," Naruto yelled back, running out of the ship.

"That guy is such an idiot." Sora walked into a cabin, stopping behind a young man wearing an all black ensemble. His right hand was covered in a black leather glove with black snaps running down one side. "I coulda sworn I left it by the seat, Anakin."

Anakin turned around, his face with an expression of exasperation. "Well, it isn't here now," he said.


Sora: Explain to me why we can't just introduce ourselves.

Me: Well, I don't normally write like this.

Sora: Well, still. I mean, we can think for ourselves.

Anakin: Yeah.

Me: What the fuck?! Get back in the story, all of you.

Naruto: *thinking in head* This bastard can't order us around.

Me: You wanna bet?

Naruto: Shit. You can read our minds?

Me: As far as you're concerned, I control your minds. Now get back in the story.

Sora: Can we at least properly introduce ourselves.

Me: *thinking it over* Fine. But make it quick.

Sora: Thanks. Ok, I'm Sora, as I'm sure you've noticed by now. Can't really explain how we got here or, for that matter, why.

Anakin: I'm Anakin Skywalker. Jedi Knight of the Republic and currently pissed off that I have to fix the ship. Why can't you just fix it for us?

Me: That would be too easy.

Anakin: *Mumbles under breath*



Naruto: Sorry. Anyways, I'm going to be the next Hokage of my village. I love to eat ramen, work on…

Me: Ok, we don't need an autobiography. Now. *pulls out the big guns* Get back in the story or else. *Fires the guns, knocking the other three back into the scene*


"Hey, Anakin, is this what you were looking for," Naruto said, coming into the room. He handed an item to Anakin.

"This would be it," Anakin said. He crouched down and rolled over onto the hoversled, pulling himself back under the panel. "It should be ready in about an hour."

"Remind me how that alien talked us into buying this…screaming death trap," Sora said, leaning against one of the consoles.

"Not quite sure myself. All I remember is Padme in my arms one minute and then falling on you two the next." Anakin pushed himself from under the panel just long enough for one statement. "And if you tell anyone about Padme, I'm going to kill you."

"Hey, no need to worry about that," Naruto said. "Your secret's safe with us." He picks up a cylinder lying on top of the panel that Anakin was working under. "So, this lightsaber thingy. Anyway I can get my hands on one?"

"Unless you know where to get a crystal, no."

Naruto hit a button on the cylinder, a blue blade of light springing to life. "Damn. I bet Kakashi-sensei would get a kick outta this thing."

"That's…the guy with the bandana covering one eye you told us about, right," Sora asked.


Sora continued to stare at the floor. "You guys think we'll figure out how to get back," he suddenly asked, breaking the silence in the room, other than the gentle humming of the lightsaber.

"Of course," Anakin said. "Soon as we get this piece of crap flying." He smacked the underside of the panel, eliciting a few sparks from exposed wires and the sound of the ship's engine running. He pushed himself from under the panel. "Ok, maybe an hour was just a bit too long of an estimate."

"So, kicking this thing makes it work?"

"Guess so. Never thought that would ever work, though. Much less save my life." He took the lightsaber from Naruto's hands, shutting it down. "Well, I guess we should see what else is on this thing after we get it into hyperspace. Either of you up for learning something useful?"

"I'll try," Naruto said. An hour later, Anakin finished his lesson, Naruto's eyes spinning.

"Maybe I was a bit too detailed in that."

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