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*The Carpenter Who Stole My Heart*

*Chapter 1: Getting Started*

It wasn't suppose to be like this. We were all entitled to have a fairytale ending. You were suppose to be at this farm and I was to be in college. You never listened to me, but why did you listen this time? Now I can't stop feeling guilty. Like this whole thing is my fault.

Seeing our car crashed against another, not seeing you breathing. That's not how I imagined my last time with you to be. But it's alright now brother. I erased all my dreams of being a hair stylist out of my mind and decided to take care of your farm. It's the least I could do for ending your life early.

So It's ok. As long as you appreciate what I'm doing, I'll be fine. I love you Jack, I love you.

I staggered out of the boat, shielding my eyes from the bright sun. I didn't want to be here right now, but there's no turning back now. And I didn't cancel an interview with one of the best colleges for nothing. Maybe I'll end up liking it here...Or not.

On the boat, Pascal, the boat captain, told me to meet the Mayor at a huge building on top of a set of stairs. It wasn't hard to find, there's only one huge set of stairs in the town. I walked up the stairs with my luggage and looked around the place. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. There were flowers everywhere, planted neatly in fertilized soil. Colorful butterflies seemed to wander about in their own little worlds.

Bees were flying from flower to flower, trying to collect pollen and nectar. I never realized spring could be so beautiful. Focusing on why I really came up here, I walked towards the two large wooden doors. Inside was a very pretty young woman with brown eyes and brown hair cut in a bob.

She wore a long, elegant ocean blue dress mostly covered by a white apron. I looked to see if anyone was around but there wasn't. Without an option, I went up to the woman.

'Hi! Welcome to the Town Hall. How can help you?' she cheerfully said with a smile plastered on her face.

'Hey. I'm Angela and I'm looking for the Mayor,' I said with a smile.

'Angela...Angela...,' she started to tap her chin. 'Oh, you're the new girl! Forgive me, I forget stuff alot. I'm Elli. Nice to meet you!'

She extended her arm towards me. I formally shook it and gave her a warm smile.

'Nice to meet you too Elli.'

Elli smiled and got up from her chair. 'I'll go get the Mayor for you!'

When Elli walked near the stairs, I saw that she was taller than me. Only two or three inches, but that's very tall to me. I began to rock back and forth on my heels while waiting for Elli to come back.

After a while I heard someone walking down the stairs. I turned to my left and saw a little chubby man walking towards me. He had greyish hair in a weird hairdo and wore a sky blue suit.

'Good morning Angela! I'm glad to see you're doing well. I'm really sorry for your loss,' he clapsed his hands together and looked at the ground.

'It's ok. I just have to cope with it and think about positive things.'

'That's great to hear. I'm Hamilton, the Mayor of Waffle Town! Nice to meet you.' Hamilton did a little bow, or at least tried to. I covered my mouth to prevent a giggle from escaping.

'It's a pleasure Hamilton,' I bowed back at him. We stood silent for a while and Hamilton cleared his throat.

'I guess I should show you your house now. Follow me please.'

As we walked, I looked at my surroundings. There seemed to be a lot of stray animals like dogs and the occasional cats. We made it to my house in a matter of minutes.

The house was rather small, nothing big. It had a pink roof and the outside was an even lighter color pink. Even though pink isn't my favorite color, it made the house stand out more. There was a lumber and material stone shed attached to the house. That way I won't have to carry them in my rucksack.

I inspected the rest of the house while Hamilton explained a few things about it.

'Oh, I almost forgot, would you like a tour of the town?' he gave me a sheepish smile.

What is it with you people and forgetting? I nodded my head. 'No thank you. I'd rather do it myself so I can get to know the island better.'

'Very well,' he took out a folded piece of paper, 'Let me give you a map of this island. Try not to get lost.'

I let out a small chuckle. 'I won't. Thanks for everything Hamilton.' We bowed and said our goodbyes before Hamilton turned to leave the farm.

Now that that was over with, I decided to start greeting the villagers. I started to walk down the path when I remembered that I was still holdiing my suitcases. Because nobody offered to carry them for me!

I headed back home and slowly opened the door. The inside of the house was bigger than I thought. The walls were a peachy cream color with tiny tile patterns. And there was already furniture inside.

There was a bed, a miniature desk, and a tall bookshelf. On the other side, there was a toolbox, a table, and a kitchen with no refridgerator or utensils. Just great...

I threw my suitcases on my bed so I can remember to unpack them later. I took a look at my clock and left my house, Digging into my pocket, I took out the map Hamilton gave me earlier. I scanned the map and decided to go to the place closest to my farm. That would be the Ganache Mine.

Looking at the map, I pasted Maple Lake District. A few houses were scattered here and there. I continued up the path until I reached the mine. As I was walking down one of the paths, something hit me and knocked me to the ground.

I slowly got up and dusted myself off.

'Oh my goddess, I'm so sorry! Are you ok?' I saw little girl run up to me. She had ginger colored hair, rosey cheeks, and very colorful clothing.

'Yeah. Just a few minor scratches.'

She looked at me with a worried face. 'I need to take you to grandpa Ramsey, just in case!'

The little girl grabbed my wrist and led me to a building. There was an old man inside the building, messing around with tools. He must be Ramsey.

'What kind of trouble did you get into now Chloe?' It sounded like his throat was dry.

'I accidently hit this girl with my ball and she fell,' the girl cried out.

Ramsey came to me and checked my arms. 'She's fine, but you have to be more careful Chloe.'

'Sorry grandpa...' Chloe turned to me. 'Are you sure you're ok?'

'I'm fine Chloe. You don't need to worry,' I flashed her a friendly smile.

'Great! So are you the new girl?'

'Yes I am. I'm Angela, the new farmer.'

'Cool! You're neat! When I grow up I want to be a pirate. ARRGH!'

I let out a small laugh. I can tell I'll be best friends with Chloe.

'So, is this the Blacksmiths?' I asked.

'Yup! Gramps and Owen uprade tools! But you won't meet Owen yet. He's probably at the bar.'

'Well, it's ok. I have to get going anyways,' I started to get up.

Chloe pouted at me. 'Aw, so soon? Will you be back?'

I crouched down so I was her level. 'I'll be back real soon.'

'Yay! See you later Angela!' she jumped up and down while waving at me.

Laughing, I looked at my map so I could find my way home. A few seconds later I bumped into something hard, making me fall again. Real clumsy Angela...

'Shit. Sorry about that.'

'No worries, I should've been paying attention,' I said. I looked up only to meet with golden cat-like eyes. Once I backed up I got to see him better. He had messy silvery-blue hair tucked in a bandana with flame patterns on it. His bangs slightly covering his right eye.

'Are you ok? He asked frowning.

'Yep. No need to worry.' His frown turned into a smile.

'Good! I haven't seen you around here before.'

'I know. My name's Angela, I'm the new farmer,' I bowed to him.

'No need to bow! It hurts your back after awhile. I'm Luke! I'm an apprentice at Dale's Carpentry and the best one at that!'

'Is that so?' I laughed at his outburst.

'Yup! I have rad skills! Come to the shop tomorrow. I'll show you a thing or two!'

'Alright. See you tomorrow Luke!' I waved at him.

'Bye Angela!'

During the trip home, I had this happy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think I'm starting to like this island.

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