Castles in the Sky

A Vexen/Marluxia Fanfic

Chapter 00: Prologue

This isn't a love story. Love stories are about people and feelings and romance, candlelit dinners, evening walks, and happily ever afters. Love stories involve sappy, mushy confessions under starlit skies, weddings and symphonies and promises of forever. But, most of all, love stories are about, well... love and falling in love - something that wouldn't, couldn't be possible if one didn't have a heart... right?

So yes, this is not a love story. If anything else, this is a story of two stubborn individuals who hated each other at first sight reaching a common ground, learning to trust, seeing things through to the end and finding each other again when all was said and done. But it was never about love or falling in love so this still isn't, couldn't be a love story, no matter how much one wants to believe otherwise.

But though this isn't a love story, it still is a story and where best to start a story (of love or otherwise) but at the very beginning...