They say the devil hides behind the face of an angel, and after meeting you, I believe it more than ever.

You're so beautiful. That flaxen hair, those lovely green eyes, that delicate face. Anyone who didn't know you could easily mistake you for an angel.

I certainly did. Even after bearing witness to your sinful activities...I just couldn't believe you would willingly participate in such things! I promised myself I'd get to know you more; surely you were a good person.

Then you asked me to kiss your neck in front of all those people, people you tricked and seduced. No wonder they all hated you.

Carl told me you weren't evil, just difficult. But your angelic face can't disguise your sins.

You're a demon, Gilbert Cocteau. Flaunting your sexuality, using people, sleeping around...I shouldn't care that they hate you so much. I should hate you.

I shouldn't have stopped them when they tried to burn your hands that day, but I did. And you belittled me for it.

You always belittle me whenever I try to help you, and when you're not belittling me, you ignore me. Anytime you want to be near me at all, you're trying to seduce me. When I try to avoid you, try not to think about you, there you are contaminating my every thought!

But that isn't the worst of it.

Remember that kiss, Gilbert? The one you forced me into, and I gave in because you were supposedly too strong?

I could have stopped you if I really wanted to.

That's the worst part.

Kurt taunted me for possibly falling in love with you. But this isn't isn't supposed to make you feel this way. Lust? No, I wouldn't go that far...

I suppose it's one of those things you can't assign a name.

All I know is, I've been ensnared by a demon with the face of an angel and can't escape his clutches.

And I don't want to escape.