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A Beautiful Disaster

Chapter 14: Karma Is A Dirty Whore

Bella's (POV)

I woke up feeling more rested than I have in a while. I suppose if I was being honest it really wasn't that long ago, only a week and a half, since I was in this exact too-fucking-comfortable bed next to this too-fucking-fine-for-words man. It really is sad that I can't get a proper night's sleep without being this close to him. I think I'm becoming way too dependant on Edward, but I'm not going to waste my time and trip out on shit like that. Isn't this how it's supposed to be when you're in love with someone? I'm just guessing, because I sure as fuck wouldn't know.

Edward is spooning me from behind while keeping a protective grip around my waist. I look over my shoulder to see that he's still passed out, looking magnificent as usual with his sexy bed head and serene face. It makes me love him even more when I see him so content, and just knowing that it's probably due to me, makes my day. No, fuck that, more like makes my month.

I start to feel generous and want to do something for him, most likely due to my good mood. As carefully as possible, I turn around in his death grip of an embrace. I try my hardest not to wake him since I want this to be a surprise; I can't wait to see the look on his face when he wakes up to this-it's going to be fucking epic.

Fuck. I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but I have actually missed this asshole snoring in my ear all night long. I make a mental note never to let Edward find out about that, he would have a fucking field day. I'd never be able to live that down, especially with how many times I've complained about that shit in the past.

I quickly reel myself back in when I realize that for the millionth time I've let my thoughts get away from me; it's not my fault that everything about this motherfucker is so damn distracting. Now that I have managed to get back on track, I nudge Edward gently to get him to turn onto his back. I succeed in my task to not wake him because he's still snoring and out cold. Surprisingly enough, luck must be with me today.

I climb under the covers and shift onto my knees while hovering over him, taking extra care to not jostle the bed. I listen for a moment and make sure he's still snoring. I mentally give myself a pat on the back for being so smooth, for once. It's dark as fuck under here, but I know exactly where I'm going without having to feel around. I go straight to the waistband of his boxers, slowly pulling them down far enough to get the access that I'm going to need. Jesus fuck. What the hell is wrong with me? Why did I even allow him to put these god damn things on before we went to bed?

I take Edward's semi-hard cock into my hands while thinking to myself that I've never seen his dick completely flaccid, causing an involuntary giggle to slip out. Shit. I internally chastise myself for not being more focused on the task at hand. Seriously though, that's just so fucking Edward. As if he isn't already every woman's wet dream, but add to his already way-too-long list of traits that the fucker never goes limp is just unreal; the craziest part of it all is he's mine, all-fucking-mine.

Thankfully, my small giggle fit went unnoticed and I didn't wake him up. I know it may sound kind of stupid, but the first thing I want him to feel when he wakes up is my mouth wrapped around his cock, showing him how much I love him. I've never woke him up like this before and I know how much he's always wanted me to, but I don't exactly like sucking dick.

To be completely honest, what I really didn't like was knowing that he put his dick inside a fuck-ton of dirty, loose vaginas and then to have that same dick in my mouth, was really fucking disgusting. It is sort of hypocritical of me, however, considering I never turned down a chance to have him buried balls-deep inside of my pussy on many occasions. There was just something so wrong with the notion in my head that by blowing him, I had one of Edward's skanky bitch's pussy in my mouth.

So, now that it's just Edward and I, I fully intend to wake him up with the best blow job that he has ever had in his life. I know it's probably a big stretch considering how many he has most likely had, but I'm determined to at least try my best.

The anticipation I have for his reaction peaks and not being able to wait any longer, I eagerly dive in, covering his length with my warm mouth. Edward reacts immediately and I'm not disappointed in the least as his hands quickly but gently tangle into my hair, his cock growing impossibly hard inside the depths of my mouth.

"Fuck, Baby. That feels so damn good. God, I love you so much, Bella..." Edward croaks out, his voice thick with sleep and emotion.

My heart swells at his declaration, I'm still not really used to Edward verbalizing his love for me. It sends me into overdrive and I put everything I have into working his shaft, showing him how much I appreciate the love he has for me.

I start to really get into it, spurred on by Edward's continuous moans, grunts and growls of approval. I glide up and down his magnificent cock with ease as I integrate my hands into the mix, one working the fuck out of his nuts while the other is running up and down the length of his long shaft in sync with the motions of my mouth.

When I swirl the tip of his dick with my tongue, some pre-come releases into my mouth. It tastes fucking nasty, but I suck it up-literally and metaphorically. I can do this for him, I hope. I've never had vast amounts of jizz in mouth before, let alone having to swallow the vile shit, but I'll be strong and give him this without complaining or stopping. This will be the first real blow job I will have ever given him or anyone for that matter. I've given him head before, but once I get my first little taste of that salty and disgusting shit, I abort mission as if my life depended on it and finish him off by other means. It's selfish of me I know, considering how often he gets me off with my legs locked around his neck while his face is buried deep into my pussy.

I put those thoughts out of my mind, concentrating only on the pleasure I'm bringing him. I work his shit harder and faster than I have ever done before. Every few passes I make along his dick I lightly run my teeth up the length of him and that seems to really set him off, causing Edward grip and pull at my hair almost painfully. The sting of it turns me on and I feel my pussy juices start to drip down the inside of my thigh as it throbs painfully from being neglected.

"Oh my fuck! Shit. Ungh. Work that dick, Baby. That's right, just like that. You need to know this shit is yours, all yours-forever and always. Nobody can ever have this big dick but you, Love." Edward growls with authority through his moans while thrusting his hips into my face.

The way he says that shit does things to me and I almost come without any contact being made to my now soaking wet center. I can't fucking take it anymore and I remove the hand I have been using to work his cock and run it down my midsection before slipping it beneath the waistband of the pair of Edward's boxers that I'm wearing. Again, why the fuck did I allow us to put any kind of clothing on before we went to sleep, I'm a fucking idiot-I promise myself it will never happen again.

When I reach my intended destination, I run my middle finger up my slit, and stop when I get to my wet and swollen clit. I rub hard circles around it, causing me to release a whorish moan around Edward's dick. He reacts like any man would by gripping my hair even tighter and shouting a constant string of obscenities while thrusting his hard cock down my throat. The unexpected intrusion makes me gag a little. I'm able to control my reaction and thankfully Edward doesn't seem to notice. I do my best to take him in as far as I can without gagging again.

"Holy shit! Are you fucking touching yourself? Fuck me, that's sexiest fucking thing I've ever seen, Bella!" Edward exclaims loudly, sounding breathless and almost in awe of what I'm doing to myself.

I let out another moan loose around his hardness, only this time it's in response to his correct assumptions. My admission sets Edward into a predatory frenzy unlike anything I have ever seen before.

"God damn, Bella! I never knew that you were such a freaky-ass bitch, your mouth feels so fucking good on me. I need you to feel what I'm feeling, this may sound crazy, but my mouth is really fucking jealous of your fingers right now." I don't even get to make another pass down his length before he releases his long pussy-fuckable-fingers out of my hair and literally rips his boxers from my body. I'm momentarily stunned as he grips my hips and swiftly pulls me from my kneeling position beside him and places me on top of his face. He goes straight to work on my center the moment he makes contact with my pussy.

I almost lose my shit immediately when his skilled tongue starts flicking against my clit while two of his fingers work me from the inside. My brain completely shuts down from his sudden actions.

The fact that I'm not prepared for the onslaught of his tongue and the magical things it is now doing to my pussy, almost causes me to bite down on his cock without thinking of the damage it would surely cause. Thankfully, I'm able to come to my senses before causing such a tragedy. I would never be able forgive myself if I bit off Edward's dick and I'm positive he wouldn't be too forgiving himself.

Edward's tongue frantically starts to circle my clit as his fingers pump me into oblivion. By some miracle I'm able to keep myself composed enough to continue where I left off with his cock before he distracted me, though It's hard to keep concentrating on the task at hand with the force of the pleasure that's shooting from my core to every other part of my body. Somehow I'm able to continue to ravage his cock with the same amount of enthusiasm he's showing my lady bits.

A couple minutes pass with us attacking each other with our mouths, tongue, teeth and hands, and I know that I'm not going to last much longer before I'm coming all over Edward's face. I can tell that he's close as well, if the way he is wildly bucking his hips up into my face accompanied by the growls and groans that are being swallowed by my pussy is any indication of his impending orgasm.

Without warning, Edward lightly bites down on my clit while curling his fingers into what I'm assuming is my g-spot, because I'm instantly done for. The power of my orgasm rocks through my body almost violently, causing me to shake and make all kinds of whorish sounds around Edward's length. This immediately triggers Edward to come and although I thought I was well prepared for what is happening, I'm not.

The moment his thick streams of nut start shooting down my throat, my brain starts shouting "evacuate" on repeat. I have no choice but to listen, because there is no way in hell I'm going to be able to swallow this shit. I try to get up and pull away as I release his dick from within the confines of my mouth, but Edward still has a death grip on my hips and his face is still buried in my pussy, how he's able to breathe like that I still have no idea. It's obvious that in the state he's in, he can't sense my panic at the moment and this is a very bad thing.

The taste of his jizz has now completely permeated my mouth and I can't fucking stand it. I try again to swallow, sensing this may be my only option at the moment, in order to get this foul liquid out of my mouth. My attempt fails as my throat refuses to let it pass and I feel the bile start to rise. Next think I know, I'm gagging-well as much as I can with my lips locked and my mouth full of nut.

My gagging is what finally catches Edward's attention, alerting him that everything is most definitely not alright. He releases the grip he has on me instantly, but it's too late. As I swing my leg over his head, so I can crawl off of the bed, my face hovers directly over his and it becomes obvious that I'm not going to be able to hold it anymore. Edward stares at me in horror with wide eyes. He knows exactly what's going to go down, as do I, and all I can think is close your fucking eyes, dumb-ass.

Of course Edward doesn't get my silent warning and before I can do anything about it, the nut that I have been trying so hard to contain in my mouth, spews out all over his face. I'm absolutely fucking horrified at what just happened and by the facial expression Edward is sporting right now, he is as well. The only thing I'm able to be thankful for is that I'm able to hold the vomit at bay. I still want to puke, just not as urgently as before.

Before I'm even able to blink, Edward has nearly thrown me off the bed in his haste to get to the bathroom, all the while screaming "It burns, it fucking burns!". Even though this is a really fucked up situation, I can't help myself and start laughing my ass off. I know exactly how it feels as not more than two weeks ago I was in that same exact situation. Yeah...Karma is a dirty-whore, Edward and not the good kind that will jack you off in a dark ally for ten bucks.


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