Chapter Eleven

"See you in your dreams

Yeah baby... Even if it's a scary dream.

Fairy Blue

For you I'll smash the stars."

- Papermoon, Tommy Heavenly6

Soul was still yawning when they met Tsubaki and Black Star at the fountain in the middle of Death City.

Soul considered the idea of group shopping for the Anniversary celebration of Shibusen's founding to be more than a little bit uncool, especially since he had a perfectly good suit at home. He had a feeling he and Black Star were only along to carry stuff. They shared equally exasperated looks.

"Let's start this way," Maka beamed and pulled Tsubaki off towards a shop. "I saw a dress down that way that would look wonderful on you!"

"Eh? Really?"

Black Star and Soul followed at a slower pace. When they finally arrived at the shop, Maka and Tsubaki were already looking through the window at a white low-cut dress.

"It's a little low, but it would look great!" Maka enthused. Black Star raised an eyebrow at the dress.

"I could live with that," he muttered. Soul rolled his eyes at Black Star's shamelessness. Tsubaki and Maka went inside the shop, and Soul sank into the bench outside.

"Ugh, I hate parties."

"Why? There's free food!"

"Lines are too long," Soul grumbled. "Parties just aren't my thing."


They waited about fifteen minutes before a blushing but pleased Tsubaki left the shop with an equally pleased Maka and a bag that Maka promptly pushed into Black Star's hands.

"There's another shop down that way, right?" Tsubaki pointed.

"Yeah, there is."

Resigned, both boys followed their partners down the street. Shopping for Maka was apparently harder than shopping for Tsubaki, because they went through at least three stores before finally Maka found one she thought she liked.

Soul had to admit (at least to himself) that it looked good on her. It was a blackish-purple spaghetti-strapped dress, which hid its shortness with a portion of purple lace. It was a casual-type dress, suiting the occasion.

Soul was wondering whether or not it was uncool that he preferred more formal clothing when his eye caught on a dress in the corner. A long, black sleeveless gown, the type of formal dress Soul favoured. Almost automatically, he imagined Maka wearing the dress, and he found himself going red. He couldn't imagine her willingly wearing it, though, not without sleeves. It would look good with semitransparent sleeves and black gloves...

"Soul, we're going!"

Maka had paid while he was distracted, and was waiting by the door, looking at him curiously, "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing!" Soul hurried after her.


"A sound soul...

Resides in a sound mind...

And a sound body..."

In a dimly lit street, something prowled, searching for its prey. It hungered, not for flesh, but for souls. It heard footsteps nearby. It sought the footsteps, hoping for a meal.

Something dropped to the ground behind it. The creature whirled to see a small shadowy figure, female, wielding a glinting red scythe.

"Your soul is mine!"