Oh. My. God.

I just watched 5x16. Just - alright, I can't really describe or give an in-depth review, but I could write this. Spoilers ahead, but I'm sure you already figured that -- and just for clarification, the first part takes place in the past, right after they first kissed (truly their first kiss!), the second after they kiss in the present.

I don't own Bones and I'm glad I didn't, for I'd never be able to make episodes as fine as this one!

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She'd done the right thing.

She knew it the moment she sat in the cab and looked back, seeing Booth standing on the road behind her. Sleeping together, no matter how great it would be –and there was no doubt it'd be great– would complicate matters in a way she was not ready for. Not to mention she was intoxicated, they both were, and that inevitably meant regrets in the morning. She had been in that situation before, and no doubt he had, too; he was a fine specimen of man.

Still, she could not stop a tiny, nagging feeling of regret. In this situation, she condemned her logical mind and her inability to take chances. Sometimes, she wished she could be intuitive and emotional like Angela, like Booth. She trusted logic, relied on it, believed in the inferiority of pathos over logos, but there was no denying that intuition had its advantages.

Well, it was too late for that now, she thought. She'd closed the window for that action, and the future would maybe reveal a new window.

- -

It wasn't right.

She knew it, intuitively she felt that she was not doing what she wanted. Her heart and her mind were conflicted; but she couldn't, simply couldn't, stop listening to her brain.

Sweets' session had brought up all those thoughts, doubts and feelings of five years ago; a period when she had been less rational than usual. And here she was again, in a similar situation: but not responding with emotion, but with logic. Had she progressed at all?

He was looking at her with unbearable sadness in his eyes – at least, she thought, she had progressed in the way that she could recognize sadness now– and the thought that she had caused it made her stomach twist into uncomfortable knots.

She wanted – god, she wanted. The kisses they had shared, both in the past and present, were likely the most meaningful she had shared with anyone.

Angela had once shared with her, when she'd been particularly low after a break-up, that she'd know when she kissed her true love. She had spoken of tingles, and love, and feelings all over your body. At the time, she had dismissed it as the ramblings of a semi-drunken woman, but she'd revisited the words a few times. And now, now she saw – or rather, felt – the truth in them.