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"No, Toothless, it's pronounced 'moooorrrrnnn-innnnggg'."


"No! It's not-"

"Moooorrrr, niiiiiinnnghh," Friar cut in as she waltzed into the cave with grace, instructing the dragon to copy her with a series of complicated movements of her arms.


"No," she said scornfully, ignoring the frustrated Hiccup. "Moooorr."



"Niii... iiighnh."

"Yes!" she said, throwing her forelegs up in approval. Toothless gurgled happily, then made a little squeak when Friar accidentally fell over.

Hiccup couldn't find the heart to laugh at her. "How do you do that?" he nearly roared.

Toothless, for some reason, couldn't pronounce the word "morning" and Hiccup had been trying to teach him between the time they arrived at the cave, feel asleep, and woke up.

Friar laughed at him as she got up. "Night Furies rely on body language more than speech. That's why they're not used to their more... intelligent cousins' speech."

Toothless snorted indignantly at her, obviously understanding at least part of her speech.

"Yeah! I always hated the lesser dragons!" George cheered in Hiccup's mind, making him blink surprisedly. "Hey, kid! Look at your chest, there's a scar there. That was from one of those flamey guys."

Hiccup did so, having to search his chest very thoroughly before he found the miniscule mark between two of his scales.

"Humans call those 'flamey guys' Monstrous Nightmares," Martha chimed in as Astrid walked up the the three other dragons. "These dragons adopted the names the humans gave them."

"Humans, humans, humans," George snorted mentally. "Geez, you'd think the dragons were once humans!"


"Voices?" Toothless asked innocently after observing his humans' strange expressions.

Hiccup and Astrid had explained their internal voices as best as they could to the ignorant child, the illiterate Night Fury and the overly uptight teenage dragon while they all waited for Friar.

"Yes," Hiccup smiled happily, Astrid scoffing at how cheesy he looked.

"I suppose you have all the tutoring you need in the flight department," Friar chimed in after a few moments of quiet. "I guess you could go explore the island. Just don't go too close to the shore; there's sea dragons there, and you know we're mostly at war."

"I don't really-" "Sounds great!"

Astrid glared at the overly enthusiastic Hiccup, whose tail was slapping against the ground like an overexcited dog.

"However," Friar started, "I need to get Toothlyness-"


'-acquainted with the leader so he doesn't know he's a threat," Friar finished after clearing her throat. "It should be easy to identify him, what with the tailfin... maybe I can do something to get him flying on his own. We have a lot of supplies in this cave nest."

"I'll go with them," Xeral offered as Toothless and Hiccup hung their heads dejectedly. Astrid, however, bristled a little at how happy the other dragon looked at the prospect of travelling with them, since she knew that it wasn't because she wanted to hang with her.

When did you start liking Hiccup! she thought jealously.

"Jeaaalooous~" George whispered mischievously in the back of her and Hiccup's minds.

"Jealous?" Hiccup perked up cluelessly. "Who's jealous? What?"

"Someone wants to admit their undy- AAAH! Martha, you promised you wouldn't do that!"

"You deserved it," Martha said nonchalantly.

"I don't want to know what she just did," Hiccup decided.

"It sounded like she was kicking him in the-"

"Too much information!" Friar began pushing Astrid out the cave, then decided Hiccup was a better victim after the younger female glared at her.

"Alright, we'll go, we'll go," Astrid sighed, slipping through the ferns hanging from the top of the exit.

"Yes!" Hiccup cheered. "See you later, Toothless! Bye, Friar!"

Toothless grunted at his former rider, Xeral frowning after him.

"Um, you too... Xeral... um..." he threw in obliviously before Astrid practically dragged him out of the cave.

Before Hiccup and Astrid could melt into the crowd, a body landed in front of them, startling them greatly.

"Hi!" Tristan greeted them, tail swaying happily. "Where are you going? I've been waiting for you to come out!"

"I thought little kids were impatient," George hummed quietly.

"Huh?" Tristan cocked his head.

"What?" Astrid tilted her head as well.

"Oh, um... so where are you going?" he asked again, sitting down.

"We were going to explore the isl-"

"Oooh! Oooh! Bring me, bring meee!" Tristan cheered, leaping back to his feet. "I know everything about the island! Everything!"

"Sounds interesting," Hiccup suggested, looking at Astrid for approval. His smile was sickly sweet, making the girl wince.

"What are you looking at me for?" she huffed, sounding a little bit miffed. Hiccup took this as a 'yes' and translated it to the confused tot, who cheered before pushing through the crowd.

The two former humans nearly lost the torquoise-eyed boy in the groups, but eventually they were out and into the forest.

"This is my favorite place," Tristan whispered adventurously, stalking through the undergrowth with his two new friends. "I always go here to meet my best friend!"

"Your best friend?" Hiccup inquired as they came to a semi-clearing, where there were a few rocks to sunbathe on. Tristan plopped onto a rock, smiling contentedly.

"Yeah, she's not here now." His eyes widened. "I'd let you see her, but you'd tell on me!"

Astrid opened her mouth, but yet again, Hiccup interrupted her. "Why would we?"

"Good point! But if I told you why, you'd really tell-"

"Tristaaan?" a small girl's voice called as another dragon stepped on twigs and branches farther into the trees. Neither Hiccup nor Astrid could see her. "Is that you?"

"Oh, no! No, wait, there's othe-"

It was too late. A timid-looking dragon with pretty light blue eyes blinked up at the three, squeaking when she saw the two former humans. "Aaah! They're gonna tell, they're gonna tell!"

"No, we're not," Astrid said a little scornfully.

"Oh," The new dragon said, her fears instantly quelled as her eyes filled with trust, scooting a little farther into the clearing. "Hi."

"This is Hiccup and Astrid!" Tristan said proudly, swinging his forelegs dramatically as if presenting the two on a stage.

The dragon, still little for her age, crawled shyly onto a warm rock and curled up there, watching the two newcomers with curiosity.

"Hello," Hiccup greeted her warmly, obviously in a good mood.

"Your voice sounds kind of n... nay..."

"Nasal?" Tristan suggested, saying it slowly as if he had only learned the word recently. He then giggled. "Kind of."

Hiccup snorted in slight dismay as Astrid laughed at him.

"Oh! Your voice is pretty," The winged girl admired, looking like she would be blushing if she could. "Like my momma's. She has a pretty voice and she sings every night, but it's so sad and she doesn't know I'm listening..."

She paused for a moment, then giggled nervously into the silence. "My name's Skylar."

"I'm Hiccup." "Astrid."

"I know," she said with a bashful smile.

"So why didn't you want us to know about Skylar, Tristan?" Astrid asked the little boy, who froze suspiciously.

"Um... um..."

"We can't tell you," Skylar said sadly, blinking her eyes slowly.

"Why not?" Hiccup joined in.

"Because you'll tell," Tristan insisted.

Hiccup was about to protest, but this time it was Astrid that stopped him. "We haven't told anyone yet, and so we're not going to tell anyone. Okay?"

Hiccup gave the girl a side look, as if saying, How clever.

"Okay," Skylar decided, looking up at them with a painful amount of ignorant trust. "I'm... kind of a sea dragon."

And then, there was a lot of awkward silence.

"It's not so bad," Tristan immediately said. "Even though I'm probably going to fight when I grow up, Skylar's only going to heal people! I won't have to fight her, so we can be friends."

Hiccup and Astrid simultaneously had their minds reeling. They both frowned.

"Wait a second," Astrid said, turning around to go into the trees. Hiccup followed her, worriedly looking over his shoulder and smiling to try and comfort the toddlers waiting behind, who both looked horrified.

"Didn't Friar say that the sea and sky dragons were at war?" Astrid asked slowly, which Hiccup nodded to.

"That's not good... for them to be friends," Hiccup gradually said. "It's like a forbidden friendship."

"And looking at all the old fairytales, it'll probably turn out being a forbidden love, since they're the opposite genders," Astrid concluded jeeringly.

"Who knew Astrid read fairytales?" Hiccup joked.

"The point is... they're friends when they're obviously not supposed to be," Astrid sighed."We should probably stop it before it gets any deeper than an easygoing toddler friendship. Who knows how those two ended up friends... and even though they're dragons and we're not staying here forever, I don't want to mess up their lives because we didn't do anything."

"Wait... no... let me think." Hiccup sat down, Astrid following him as he massaged his forehead. He knew that she disliked standing by and waiting for others, so he was trying to figure out a diplomatic solution quickly.

For the moment, he changed the subject. "Who knows how they met up... huh? This reminds me of me and Toothless."

"What are you talking about?" Astrid demanded raising her voice a bit.

"Forbidden friendship. Not necessarily between two different species in this case, but between two warring breeds," Hiccup murmured. "And look how that turned out. Peace for all Vikings and dragons on Berk!"

"Your point is? Hiccup, that was a one in a million chance," Astrid argued. "These two aren't going to be that lucky."

"Here, how about this," Hiccup started, weighing his chances as he began to compromise. "We don't tell right away, and we'll watch them, but if anything goes awry, then we can tell someone about it. Okay?"

"I don't trust this."

"I know you don't."

"No, Hiccup... this isn't a good idea. We have to-"

"Let them be."

"What?" Astrid perked up a little at the sound of Martha's voice.

"I said, let them be." A pause. "It's for the best. They should be friends."

"What makes you say that?" Astrid sniffed, sounding a bit miffed.

"Just trust me."

Astrid was about to argue, but suddenly her roiling emotions died down. Despite how much she hated to admit it... this voice had saved her from a fate of becoming dragon guts splayed on the tops of multiple trees.

"Come on," George's voice whined. "Tell you what: We'll convince the Keeper-"

"Shut up about the Keeper-"

"-to instantly transport you and that Night Fury to your home island after this is all done with... or something like that. I don't know!"

"I'd take that," Astrid said thoughtfully, Hiccup frowning a bit.

"We can't guaruntee it. He's just trying to bribe you," Martha warned.

"Whatever." Astrid shook her head indecisively. "Fine. We won't tell anyone about it. Yet."

"Good," Martha and George said at the same time.

And then all was quiet.

Astrid and Hiccup turned back to the clearing to tell the two toddler dragons of their choice together.

Martha's and George's souls lay pressed against each other on the invisible platform, tangling and untangling their tails affectionately.

"You're an idiot," she teased.

"You have anxiety problems," he chuckled back at her, nuzzling her cheek as he enjoyed the lame insults they shared.

"I could replace a block of stone with your head and it would make no difference with your mindset," she joked back just as lamely, laughing softly as his breath tickled her ear.

"I could stick some coal up your butt and it would turn into a diamond within three days," he sniffed, making her laugh.

"Okay, that one wasn't lame enough. You lost," she decided, slapping his tail with hers playfully.

"It was worth it!" he pointed out, rolling onto his back. "Always worth it."

"You're awfully romantic today," she teased, plopping herself onto his chest. "And... somewhat intelligent, for once."

"Only 'cause you're in such a good mood! I should act intelligent more often," he said thoughtfully.

"Yes. That would be nice."

"Aww," a voice resounded from over their heads.

The pair sat up, stretching themselves as a half-figure appeared from over them. It was black and shadowy, but didn't appear fully formed.

"I'm sorry to interrupt such a rare moment," the figure apologized, landing by sitting quietly on the smooth, transparent land.

"Is everyone in a good mood today?" George remarked.

"Everything is going well," the figure reasoned, "and I no longer have that girl with the headband- err, Astrid, trying to escape from me. That is long gone. I await the moment I'm out of this wretched cave, and that moment is thankfully coming closer."

"You and us," Martha added in, her voice strained.

"Of course," it sighed. "As soon as I am released, you will be too. It's not something I control, it is something that will happen."

It paused. "Perhaps... you shouldn't have told those two about the two toddler dragons."

"And why not?" Martha shot back, curling her nonexistent lips a bit. "Those two were like us back then."

"There must not be anything in the way of the prophecy. All obstacles must be as clear as possible."

"What's an interesting story without trials?" George reasoned, making Martha and the figure glare and growl at him. He gulped, picking at an annoying scale on his neck.

"Speaking of that... Keeper, how long do you think it'll be until the prophecy is fulfilled?"

"Soon. You know that I cannot pinpoint it exactly."

"We know," Martha and George said together.

"Just... 'soon' isn't good enough," Martha sighed.

"But at least you know something, than nothing at all. Sometimes ignorance can be bliss." A smile seemed to form on the Keeper's shadowy face. "I will see you... soon."

The two spirits faded out of sight, and only then did the Keeper sigh to itself, rubbing its ghostly fingers together. "Ignorance can be bliss indeed... but, really, it is bliss a little more often than simply sometimes..."