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"Hey," he said.

I smiled at him, "Hi."

Then he took my hand and held me close, our bodies flush with each other. I looked up at him, and he leant towards me, his lips ghosting over mine once, twice. I leant closer and kissed him, breathing him in and absorbing his entity. His arm went around my back I broke apart, looking down and smiling softly. I nodded at him and he let go of me as we moved on our way towards class, walking away.


"Hey," I heard him before I saw him, his voice caressing me like smooth, languid silk, making my stomach clench.

"Hi," I said.

I reached for his hand but he kept walking. I looked over my shoulder at him and watched him greet his friends, biting my lip. I looked towards me and our eyes connected. He gave me a soft, slow smile, as if to convey his apologies. "I'm sorry," was what he meant.

But I knew the truth, that he wasn't that sorry at all, that he couldn't let go of what he was to get close to me, to have me. He told me he loved me and when I was with him that was alright, it would suffice. But when he turned his shoulder to me it hurt, making me rethink everything about us. I love him, of course, but I'm not sure that I can love him, if he won't love me in the eyes of everyone, not just himself.

My eyes welled with tears and one lone drop fell down, trailing down my cheek. But he looked away and ignored it, like he'd done so many times. I walked away.



I didn't dignify him with a response, just breathing in deeply and constricting my chest, trying to stop the sob from spilling over. I could do it, I was strong. His hand drifted down my arm and squeezed my wrist in what should've been a comforting way, but only made me hurt more, his entire attempt falling flat. He let go and I heard his footsteps fades away, and I waited one more minute until I gave a sob and let the tears flow, walking away again.


"Hey," he smiled.


He turned and trapped me between himself and the wall, making my breathing hitch and our eyes lock in an intense stare down, my heart beating like crazy. Then our lips met, battling for dominance. I reached up and thread my hands through his hair, bringing him as close as our bodies would allow. He trailed kisses across my jaw and down my neck, my knees giving out as he nuzzled my collarbone, his hot breath raising goosebumps on my neck and making my hands shake. He pushed away from the wall and stalked away, as I slid down the wall and put my head in my hands, this time watching him walk away.


"Hey," he whispered in passing.

"Hi," my greeting went unnoticed as he walked straight past her and made his way to his friends, all he ever talked about nowadays. I drew in a deep breath and stormed towards him, stomping my feet. His friends gave me weird looks as I barged right throw their group but I cornered him.

"If you want us to keep going, then you're going to kiss me, right here and right now, in front of everybody," I said, my eyes ablaze.

"What?" he asked, incredulated, "I don't know what you're talking about?"

"Oh no you don't! I don't want to hear any of that. Do it now, or there is no more us."

He eyes, oh they were just begging me to stop; to cease. He wanted me to himself, but not publicly. He only wanted me secretly; he wouldn't waste his reputation for me.

"I have no idea what you're going on about."

"That's what I thought," I spat, "Goodbye, my love. I hope we never cross paths again."

And then, I walked away from him; walking away from that path of my life. Finally, I walked away.

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