Ok, so here we go again. This is the second idea for a one-shot but this has already stretched into a multi-chapter story. I've written the next chapter and I'm starting work on the third but I will only be posting them once a week at most because that will give me time to write ahead. This is unbeta-ed so any mistakes are my own and Iapologise of them profusely. I was too impatient to get this story published than to ask any one to beta this chapter but I will try to find someone for the future chapters.

THere is a lot of description in the first few chapters because I have to set the story but it will get better as the story progresses.


"I'm sorry ma'am but there's no record of your booking on the system," said the woman sat on the opposite side of the check in desk. "Are you sure you filled in the online form correctly?"

"Yes of course I'm sure! I had to pay $300 for a ticket just to fly to Seattle, that's not something I'd make up." I was getting really pissed off now. I'd had what was possibly the shittest year that any one person had had in the history of mankind and I was now being told that I had apparently spent an extortionate $300 to get home at the last minute for nothing.

Before we go any further into the shit train that my life has become I should probably tell you why my life is so bad right now. It wasn't always so bad. A year ago I was a normal, happy college graduate with a great job, great apartment, an amazing boyfriend and the best friends a girl could ask for but it all started to go downhill last March. I'd gone away with my two best friends from college, Alice and Rose, to San Francisco for a girly weekend but we had got home earlier than expected, Alice doesn't seem to understand the concept of speed limits. They had dropped me at my apartment and once I was unpacked I decided to go and surprise my boyfriend Mike. I drove across LA to his place and used my key to get in. You can imagine my surprise, anger and betrayal when I walked in to find him and my supposed friend Jessica going at it like rabbits on the couch. I'm not ashamed to say that I threw the bowl that was on the table near the door at his head and ran out of the apartment after informing him in no uncertain words that it was over between us.

A month later the trust fund dope head living in the apartment next to mine set fire to the building and my apartment was burnt down along with several others. A few of my things were salvageable but Alice had been delighted that she had a chance to take me shopping for an entire new wardrobe. It was then that we all decided to move in together as we had been looking for an apartment to rent for a while but hadn't actually found anything we all liked. I was really upset that I'd lost most of my possessions but it had worked out well in that I ended up living with my two best friends in a gorgeous apartment in LA which was relatively close to all our jobs, Rose's modelling agency, the fashion house Alice worked for and the art gallery where I worked.

Life began to look up until three months ago when I was called into a meeting with Susan, my manager at the gallery. I was told that they had to let three people go out of the team of six because the recession meant that people were not buying as much art as they used to and she could not afford to keep us on. I was one of the unfortunate three who was let go. It took ages to find another job but it was a definite step down from the art gallery and certainly a nothing to do with my Art History major. I now work in the Starbucks situated around the corner from the apartment. I have to work long hours just to make enough to cover my part of the rent, bills, food and so on.

Alice and Rose have been great through it all. They were there for me throughout the whole Mike debacle and went and got my stuff from his place and they were always there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. Alice had let me crash at her apartment while we looked for somewhere to live and they had even bought me most of my new wardrobe. And when I lost my job they were so generous as to cover my portion of the rent if I couldn't get the work or money by the due day and often refused to let me pay them back. I don't think I would have made it through the past year without them.

But the worst thing to happen this year by far happened two days ago when I got a call from my dad's friends and neighbours, Carlisle and Esme Cullen, telling me that I had to come back to Forks straight away, my father had died of a heart attack on Monday morning. That was by far the worst thing that could have happened and it took a couple of hours for me to stop crying and be able to talk to Alice and Rose. But they had again been fantastic friends. They had used my credit card to book me a seat on the first available flight to Forks, my childhood home, and had also bought two tickets for themselves for the day after tomorrow because they couldn't get any time off work before the weekend but they would be there to help me through the last of the funeral preparations and the funeral itself.

So there I was, stood in LAX airport being told that I was $300 out of pocket without a anything to show for it and unable to actually get to Forks for my father's funeral. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and the woman opposite me obviously noticed and called over her manager. I began to get worried that I was about to be kicked out of the airport when she explained what had happened and showed him my booking conformation. I was certainly not expecting what happened next.

"I'm terribly sorry for what has happened, Miss Swan. Let me see if we have any other seats on that flight that are available," the manager whose name tag read 'Jim'. He seemed a nice man but I was still expecting him to turn round and tell me that the plane was full and that there was nothing they could do about it. "Ok, well there aren't any economy seats available but there is one in First Class. Now normally you would have to pay the difference for the ticket but since it was our system that made the mistake, I'll give you the seat for no extra charge and I'll call Head Office and try to get you a refund on you original ticket. Jennifer, if you could book that seat of Miss Swan and check her bags while I do that, please?"

"Of course." Jennifer smiled at him and began tapping on the keyboard with her fake nails and an obviously fake smile directed towards me. By the time she had checked my bags and given me my ticket, Jim had returned, this time with a genuine smile.

"I have some great news for you! The company has agreed to refund your original ticket and have told me to take you through to the First Class lounge and see you settled there while you wait for your flight. And your booking of three seats for your return flight has also been upgraded to First Class."

That was quite possibly the best news I had heard all week, especially since money was so tight right now, what with my crappy minimum wage job serving coffee to the anorexics of LA. I was hoping to get a job in Management and I had been for a few interviews but I hadn't heard back from any of them yet. In LA there was no shortage of people in need of representation and Rose had already begun getting me some great contacts which would definitely come in handy. But all that meant that I really couldn't afford any unnecessary expenditure, even though this was certainly a necessary trip.

Jim took me through to the First Class lounge which was out of this world. If I wasn't so upset about the reason for my return home I would have been channelling my inner 'Alice', as we like to call it, and running around like a kid on Christmas but instead I got a bottle of water from the shop and sat down to read my book.

Soon enough a woman came over the tannoy calling all passengers for the 11.20 flight to SeaTac airport to Gate 25 to begin boarding shortly. I made my way across the terminal without paying too much attention to the people around me. Being First Class I was lucky enough to be one of the first on to the plane. I took anything I thought I might have needed during the flight out of my bag before turning off my phone and putting my bag away in one of the overhead bins. I was just getting settled into my seat when I heard someone approach but I paid the person no attention thinking it was just one of the cabin crew. I heard a sharp intake of breathe next to me and looked up to see quite possibly the last person on this earth that I had expected or wanted to see.

Edward Cullen.

Why doesn't she want to see Edward? What do you think happened there?

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