I've been looking at my unfinished stories and now that I'm home for the summer I've decided to try to at least finish them. I really don't like how this story is progressing or how I've written it so I've decided to delete this story in the next couple of weeks and spend the summer re-writing it to try to make it flow better. I really like the idea behind this story but the way I've written it just seems too stunted and it doesn't flow right.

Hopefully I'll be able to work on this over the summer and when I post it again it'll be a much better story. I just had one of those moments when I was reading it and thought "If this was someone else's story I probably wouldn't read it." I might be being too harsh on myself but I think that I can make it a lot better.

You're all welcome to follow me on twitter for updates on how the re-write of this story and any others I get ideas for are going. My fanfiction twitter is ff_Natters13.