This was written for the fanfiction section of my school magazine. Enjoy.

–X –

The Basketball Player, the Witch and the Gym Locker

"Why are we reading?" Troy objected. "This is basketball practice."

"Ask your dad; he said we had to learn from the past Wildcats," Chad replied.

"There's basketball in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?"

"No, but there's a lion, it says so in the title. Lions are wild cats-we're the Wildcats. Get it? Now go change into your jersey."

"Why do I have to get changed if all we're doing is…"

"Admit it, you can't read," Chad teased, barely hiding his smirk.

Troy looked confused. "People do that?"

Chad sighed and went back to his book.


Troy opened his gym locker and changed into his jersey. How strange. Why was there a light shining at the back of it? Why were there snowflakes coming from the dark recesses of his rarely-cleaned locker? And, most importantly, where was his Megan Fox poster? Had Gabriella found it and bombed out the back of his locker?

He had to find out. So-with much difficulty-he squeezed through the narrow door. And when he came out on the other end, he was in the snowy wasteland of Narnia.

"Oh, Peter!" a girl cried. "There is our saviour!"

"Saviour? Me? No, I'm a Wildcat. Haven't heard of that team, sorry," Troy replied.

"You are a Wildcat? Even better! Edmund, Lucy, Aslan has sent one of his noble kind to save us from the White Witch!"

And, in no time at all, he had the entire female population of Narnia simpering at his feet. How that came to be is still a mystery.

"I love this place," Troy said, looking awestruck and somehow managing to look like a basketball had hit him in the face at the same time. "I think I'll be staying for a while. Who needs basketball and breaking into song and dance at random moments when you've got water nymphs and tree spirits or whatever you all are-"

And suddenly the crowd scattered, screaming in horror, for the White Witch had come.

"You're the saviour Aslan sent?" she said contemptuously. "I certainly imagined someone much taller, and charming too. But you'll do for target practice."

Then, with a wave of her wand, she turned Troy into stone. Nobody could say for sure, but one could almost hear applause.

"You witch!" a bunch of his fans shrieked hysterically. They pounced on the witch and successfully grabbed her wand-that's how many fans there were. And soon, the Witch was, too, a dull and emotionless statue.

Nobody at East High particularly missed Troy. Not even Gabriella-because a sparkly vampire came to East High and she was taken in by his, um, somewhat drug-addict-like appearance.

Long story.