The Harem Route

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First Chapter


Kagami awoke to a very ordinary day. Well, at least it started out pretty ordinarily, so she figured that it'd probably stay that way. Hopefully Konata wouldn't do something to ruin it, although she did sort of enjoy the attention.

Waking up and silencing the alarm clock – contrary to what Misao might claim, there was no violence involved in this process – she continued with her normal routine before making her way towards the kitchen, and breakfast.

Tsukasa had barely gotten out of bed by the time that they had to leave – which wasn't really all that unusual – so she hadn't had much time to eat anything. This got on Kagami's nerves, not because she was a very proper person and got mad when people did such things, but rather simply that Tsukasa was complaining about being hungry the entire way towards school.

When they met up with Konata, who looked as if she'd stayed up all night – also not something that was very unusual, even if it was annoying – but was still quick to crack a joke about Tsukasa being 'clearly related to Kagamin' after hearing her stomach growl quite loudly.

All in all, it was a very ordinary start to Kagami's day.

I'm sure that you believe that something happened that wasn't ordinary during this day. Admittedly there was one event that was indeed a bit unusual.

At one point during lunch, Kagami retreated from the others, it was Konata's fault, no need to go into details. She found herself instead eating together with Misao and Ayano, who were happy to have her company, Misao might have said something about a midget, but Kagami wasn't really paying her that much attention.

Even this unusual event was very much a normal thing. There was nothing extraordinary about this day.

Until class ended and she realized that she'd forgotten to bring an umbrella.

This is bad. There's no way that Tsukasa brought an umbrella, and I don't know anyone else that are going our way, what should I do? Kagami sighed. Maybe we could stay at a friend's house? But whose?

"Hiiragi!" Misao tackled her, it was more of an annoying thing to do than a dangerous one, "Did you forget to bring an umbrella?" the fanged girl actually looked hopeful at the thought, she really was a weird one.

"Yes," there was no point in denying it.

"Do you want to share mine?"

"Aren't our houses in different directions?" she looked at Misao, wondering if she ever thought things through.

"That's fine! We can play some videogames at your house while we're there!"

Maybe she did think this one through… although, that probably shouldn't be nearly as unsettling as it actually is.


It was a bit awkward to share an umbrella with Misao – Tsukasa had decided to follow Miyuki home, so at least Kagami didn't have any feelings of guilt – this was mostly due to how the fanged girl kept clinging to her, in a quite similar way to a certain otaku.

They didn't really talk about anything noteworthy, and although there was some talk about homework, it was usually Kagami scolding the other girl for not doing it properly.

When they finally arrived at the Hiiragi residence Misao immediately picked up a videogame, clearly intent on not letting the strict girl force her into studying.

In the end, it didn't take very much of an effort to pry Kagami away from her homework. She was tired from studying as well, and it was sort of entertaining to wipe the floor with Misao at something that didn't really require too much brain capacity – the proof of that statement can be found by Konata being Konata.

Time passed and Kagami found herself getting more and more sleepy, she realized that the reason for this when she looked at the clock.

"It's this late!?" Misao looked up from the manga she'd been reading, surprised by her sudden outburst.

"What's the matter Hiiragi?" the fanged girl got to her feet to see what had upset Kagami.

"Look at the clock! It's already dark outside!" Misao seemed to be unable to understand why this was so upsetting to her, so she continued, "How are you supposed to get home!?"

"Ah," she'd finally realized it. "Going out now would be kind of bad, wouldn't it?" she laughed a little, and then suddenly lit up. "Hey Hiiragi."

"What?" couldn't she see that she was busy panicking at the moment?

"Do you think I could sleep over?"

Kagami blinked.

"Oh… yeah," she could feel her face heat up with the embarrassment from not realizing this very simple solution earlier.

And so they began to prepare for bed, Misao used her toothbrush without permission, much to Kagami's annoyance. A futon was located for the guest, as well as a t-shirt to sleep in.

This was how a very ordinary day ended. Tsukasa was staying over at Miyuki's, and Misao was sleeping in Kagami's room.

Clearly, this was not an ordinary day. Where did it start to become an unusual day? Kagami couldn't tell. It had had something to do with rain, and an umbrella…her train of thought was brought to an end with a yawn. Oh well, it's not like it's that weird or anything.

The world faded to black as Kagami gently drifted off to sleep.

---(Konata POV)

There was a disturbance.

The scene of a beautiful face surrounded by long purple hair spread out across soft pillows, began to fade. The disturbance was destroying it, replacing it with that terrible 'beeping' noise.

The disturbance must die!

Her hand slammed down hard, very hard, and the disturbance stopped.

Konata opened her eyes, determined to inspect the damage to the disturbance. Simply disappearing was not enough, no, for the crimes it had committed it must be severely punished.

It was time to get up. That's what the alarm clock told her the moment that she opened her sleepy eyes.

Stupid alarm clock, disturbing such a wonderful scene, I should have you destroyed. Konata though to herself. Still a bit peeved at being interrupted when she was finally getting to a good part. I worked hard for that damn it!

She sighed, or she would have sighed, but it ended up as a sleepy yawn instead. She wasn't the fastest to get out of bed in the morning. Climbing out of bed, she began her morning routine, which consisted of a lot of yawning.

Finally, it was time to go to school. Minami had stopped by earlier to pick up Yutaka, Konata wasn't sure if they started their school day earlier, or if there was some other reason. Like a secret rendezvous or something. The though made her chuckle a little, maybe she'd tell Hiyori about this, she was bound to get an interesting reaction.

The way to school was the same as always, until where she was supposed to meet up with the others.

"Hiiragi please marry me!" her response was receiving a bump on the head.

"No way, I don't plan on being forced to put up with you for the rest of my life."

"That's so cold! Even though we slept together!" a blush spread across Kagami's face.

"We slept in the same room! Stop saying things that will make people misunderstand!"

The scene made Konata stop dead in her tracks.

What's going on? Why is she here? What's this about sleeping together? Konata was very confused. Not to mention shocked.

"Ah, Konata!" Kagami finally noticed her and began to move towards her.

Shaking her head a little in order to clear out her jumbled thoughts Konata waved at the two girls. "Good morning Kagamin!" she didn't mention the other girl's name. She'd never really gotten along with her. It was a mutual thing, though Misao seemed more outspoken about it. Which probably had something to do with being a sore loser if you asked Konata.

It was soon explained that Misao had spent the night at Kagami's house, whilst Tsukasa had spent hers with Miyuki, explaining why she wasn't together with her overprotective elder sister.

They met up with those two a bit later, both of them seemed a little embarrassed whenever anyone asked what they'd been doing yesterday, but always ended with saying that they 'didn't do anything in particular'. It was suspicious, but Konata had other concerns.

How close is that fanged girl to my Kagamin? She'd never thought that she'd be forced to recognize Misao as an actual rival. Damn it, I can't let this continue, Kagamin is mine! I won't hand her over to someone else!

And so, she grabbed Kagami's hand and began to drag her towards school. The usually strict girl looked a little uncomfortable but at the same time she seemed caught in a strange mix of resignation and relief.

---(Kagami POV)

It'd been a very trying morning for Kagami.

Waking up she'd been surprised to discover a futon on her floor, not to mention the scantily clad girl lying in it. Apparently Misao was the kind of person who, given the chance, undressed in her sleep. It was a very… erotic sight. Not that Kagami had felt anything except embarrassment and confusion.

It had been hard to wake the fanged girl up, she'd kept turning around mumbling about 'five more minutes', until Kagami, frustrated beyond what she thought was possible as far as waking people up goes, grabbed her ankle and dragged her out of the futon.

The sudden impact with the cold floor – it was a futon so it's not like it was dangerous – seemed to be enough to wake her up. But she was still forced to yell at her for a while before Misao finally realized that she needed to get up, get dressed and eat breakfast before they left for school, and that she couldn't sleep during this process.

Kagami had had some trouble with her own morning routine since she wasn't used to spending so much time trying to wake another person up. Misao on the other hand became her own usual hyperactive self the moment breakfast was served, Kagami wished that she could've stayed in her – annoying, but not quite as annoying as she could be once she'd regained her forgotten power of speech – sleep mode for a little longer.

The road to school was the same as most mornings, except for Misao's constant talking, it was starting to give her a bit of a headache. Not that she didn't like Misao – she was a decent person most of the time – it was just that it was hard to survive large doses of her at once.

They'd been arguing most of the way, and when she finally spotted Konata it was a surprising relief. Usually it made her headache grow worse whenever the girl appeared, but this time it disappeared, probably happy to have things go back to normal.

It didn't really go back to normal though, Misao was still there, trying to cling to her. She seemed to be having problems though, Konata actually seemed to be fighting her off. Why she was doing that, who knows? But it was a welcome relief to be able to put a little distance between her and the hyperactive girl.

When they met up with Miyuki and Tsukasa they were greeted with a bit of confusion at Misao's presence. Kagami could hardly blame them, she was very confusing, and she'd forgotten to tell Tsukasa how she'd gotten home.

Konata asked a few strange questions to the duo, but she seemed distracted by something. Kagami couldn't really pay attention either, she was busy trying to hold Misao at arms length.

Suddenly someone grabbed her hand and began to drag her towards school, away from the others, she was a little surprised at Konata's sudden eagerness to reach the school, but she was also a little relieved to be freed from the weirdness of her morning. So, she resigned herself to a fate of being dragged around, and simply followed her without raising any argument.


The rest of the day passed as usual, much to Kagami's relief, normality was seriously underrated. There is just so much a person can take of oddities before they start breaking down, and Kagami felt that she was having a bit too much 'oddness' in her life recently.

The only real difference this day had been Misao being louder than usual when Kagami had gone off to eat lunch with the others, also there had been a lot of innuendos of her 'sleeping with Misao only to throw her away the very next day'. There had been consequences for Misao of course – she now had a very large bump on her head – but it'd still been very embarrassing to be subjected to all those odd looks afterwards.

Grabbing her bag as the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day, a sudden presence made herself known to Kagami. It'd been an unusually subtle presence – which probably meant that Ayano had made it to her desk faster than her friend – of course this presence was followed almost immediately with a very loud…

"Hiiragi!" Misao seemed to be almost flying across the classroom, most of the classmates had learnt early on that you should get out of Misao's way if you didn't want to get trampled.

Kagami dodged, and Misao crashed into a desk.

Ah, maybe I went a bit far… is she okay? Kagami couldn't help but worry, it'd been a very loud crash, and Misao wasn't really moving.

"Ouch! That hurts!" as the hyperactive girl sat up Kagami breathed a sigh of relief. "Hiiragi, you should totally join some kind of judo club or something! That dodge was beautiful!"

Clearly, the fanged girl hadn't been seriously injured, although hopefully she'd still be in at least a little pain – it had been a very embarrassing day.

"Misa-chan," Ayano looked calmly at Misao who was still sitting on the floor. "You really shouldn't jump people like that, it's dangerous."

Amazing, she's acting so motherly, is she really our age? Kagami guessed that growing up together with the overly childish Misao had largely contributed to turning the girl into such a calm person.

"Ah, sorry Hiiragi," the fanged girl looked vaguely apologetic, which was more than Kagami had come to expect from the girl, truly Ayano was very influential to Misao's behavior.

"It's fine, just don't do it again," she couldn't really help but to forgive the hyperactive girl. After all this was what she'd come to expect from the girl, much like how she'd come to expect teasing from Konata.

Misao brightened visibly, it was almost enough to make Kagami smile at the sight. She'd always been like this, depressed and apologetic one second, and bright and happy the next. It was another thing that she'd come to expect from her, although this one always made her want to smile.

She's like a puppy, Kagami almost burst out laughing at the thought.

"Hiiragi, can I come to your house?" Misao looked at her expectantly.

"Why?" suspicion filled her voice, Kagami had never been able to be anything but blunt when it came to Misao. She herself didn't know the reason, but it might have had something to do with getting caught up in her pace.

"Weell," Misao clearly seemed to be looking around for a reason, Kagami almost sighed. It was quite possible that the reason that the fanged girl was so blunt was because she was so bad at lying. "I need your help with our homework!" her triumph at finding a reason would have given her away even if the earlier pause hadn't.

At this time Kagami really did sigh, there was no way that she'd be able to make the girl do the homework, but at the same time she couldn't really reject her. Besides, I guess I do owe her one for letting me share her umbrella yesterday.

"Fine, let's go," she looked at Ayano. "Do you want to come as well? I could use your help with getting this person to actually study," Misao looked offended, or rather she was acting being offended, she really wasn't good at lying.

"Sorry, I've something else to do today," she smiled apologetically. "Have fun you two," and then walked off.

Was she humming to herself? The thought was absurd, but that's what it had sounded like.

After getting Misao up off the floor, the two girls began their trek towards the Hiiragi residence. It wasn't much of a trek, but it was challenging to keep from punching Misao whenever she mentioned what had happened earlier that morning.

---(Ayano POV)

It had been a shock to see Misao and Kagami walking into class together. Not in a bad way, even though she did enjoy the fanged girl's presence, she didn't share the jealousy the Misao would feel whenever someone else took up the time of one of her friends.

As they entered the classroom, Misao was saying something about having slept together. Kagami's reaction had been expected, she snapped at her to drop it before even more people got the wrong impression. Her face was red from embarrassment.

Ayano had some trouble not laughing outright, it would be bad for her to do that. Not because she really enjoyed having them as friends and she didn't want them to think badly of her, no, the reason was simply that if she laughed, then she wouldn't be able to pretend that Kagami's warning of avoiding misunderstandings had come too late.

It was always fun to make the strict girl squirm, but she would never go so far as to tease her directly, if she did that then she'd be on her guard. No, it was better to pretend to be oblivious. It was much more entertaining that way.

So she innocently told the two that she wouldn't judge them no matter what they thought of people of the same sex. Even Misao had blushed a little at that one. Kagami looked almost ready to faint.

It had been a very entertaining way to start the day.

And as the day came to an end Misao suddenly jumped Kagami, unfortunately the twin-tailed girl dodged effortlessly. Misa-chan does have a point, she really would fit well in a martial arts club if she could dodge something like that so easily.

Ayano had watched the two girls interact for a very long time, and had come to expect a few things from them.

Misao would always come crying to her whenever Kagami rejected her to do something else – no matter what that 'else' was – but she would always do her very best to catch Kagami's attention.

Kagami would usually be extremely blunt, as well as borderline cold towards the fanged girl, but on occasion she'd suddenly soften and look really happy. Ayano had also noted that a similar expression showed itself sometimes when she was around Konata.

She had a few suspicions on exactly how Misao viewed Kagami, her reason for trying to cling to her no matter what the other girl did in response, but she just couldn't figure out what Kagami thought of Misao in return. Was it just friendship? She couldn't say, but then again, she doubted that Kagami knew that herself.

She rejected Kagami's invitation. I wouldn't want to get in your way if anything happened that might clear things up between you two. She smiled as she began her walk home, humming happily to herself.

---(Kagami POV)

Is it just me, or is Kusakabe acting weird? Okay, I should rephrase that, she's acting weirder.

Kagami looked over to where Misao was sitting, supposedly reading a manga, but she seemed to have been reading the same page for about ten minutes, and Kagami was starting to get suspicious.

"Hiiragi," Misao's voice broke her out of her thoughts.

"What is it?" the usually hyperactive girl crawled hesitantly closer to her.

"Hiiragi," Kagami was a little uncomfortable with the sudden lack of distance between their faces, but decided not to mention it. "You… look…" clearly she was having difficulties finding words for whatever it was that she was trying to say. "I'm in love with you."

Ah, I see. Yeah that would be a difficult thing to say to someone-… Wait! What!? What did she just say!? Rarely had Kagami ever felt panic quite like this, it was a very new and very unsettling experience.

Misao looked expectantly at her. What she want me to answer!? Well, I guess that does make sense, but what the hell should I tell her!? Damn it! What use is studying when your brain doesn't have a clue about what to do at a moment like this!?

Finally Kagami was able to respond, in the only way she knew how.

"What… did you just say?" Please tell me that you didn't say what I thought that you said, it'll make things a lot easier if I just misheard her.

"I… love you Hiiragi," Misao was looking quite nervous right now.

Well there goes that hope down the drain. Kagami very nearly sighed before she realized that she had finally calmed down.

"I… see…" How the hell do you respond to that!?

Since she didn't know what else to do, Kagami decided to give her feelings for Misao a complete overhaul. If it turns out that I love her back it will make this a whole lot easier.

Kagami began thinking back on exactly how she viewed Misao, slowly coming to the conclusion that she would probably miss her, but that she wasn't really into her in that way. Which, although not really unexpected, wasn't something that she was very happy with at the moment, mostly because it meant hurting Misao, and despite how annoying she could be, she didn't want her to get hurt.

"I'm sorry, I… don't really like you that way…" Kagami looked at the floor, feeling bad for the fanged girl.

"Oh," Misao sounded vaguely disappointed, as if she was too dazed to really feel anything, which was quite possible. "Is it the midget?" Kagami choked.


"I was just asking…" Misao was now pouting. Not saddened, not crying, not running out of the room in order to avoid her. No, she was sitting there pouting as if this was nothing that unusual.

Something in Kagami snapped.

This is who I've been trying to save from having her feelings hurt? That's it. I don't care anymore. She then stood up, very calmly.

"Hiiragi? Is something wrong?" Misao seemed a little uncertain at her expression, namely, her wide smile. A smile that looked perfect in every way, until it was turned on you, and you could feel the chills going down your spine.

The kind of smile a person has right before they start trying to stab people to provoke reactions, as Konata would've said. Apparently there was an anime about something like that, although Kagami hadn't really been paying attention since she'd been trying to study at the time it'd been mentioned to her.

"Everything is fine," she continued to smile. "Why do you ask?"

"W-Well, it's just that-…" she cut off as she gulped nervously. She looked terrified.

And that was how the Hiiragi household came to witness something truly spectacular. Namely, a Misao that was running for her life, thankfully she was part of the track team so as long as she kept that speed she'd be able to survive, but if she didn't… well that's an entirely different story, because after her, came the most frightening creature any of the family members had ever witnessed.


Needless to say, the dinner table that day was a very quiet place, and most of it's occupants kept sneaking worried glances at Tsukasa's elder twin sister.

---(Konata POV)

Today had been a very ordinary morning, except for that one time when her dad had suddenly shouted something about 'winning at life' – she didn't question her father about that since she knew that she'd probably be obligated, as a daughter, to dislike him afterwards. It had occurred when Minami had come to pick Yutaka up for school, so she had a more or less accurate idea of what had been going through his head.

She was however, somewhat nervous about what would happen once she met up with Kagami – and Tsukasa. Would Misao be there again today, or would she be able to spend time with Kagami properly, without any unwanted interruptions?

There they were, and no Misao in sight. Jackpot!

Running up to them however, she noticed that Tsukasa was looking a little worried, and Kagami looked… strange somehow. It didn't look like she was ill or anything, it just seemed like there was something strange about her, Konata couldn't really put her finger on it, but it was definitely there.

"Kagamin!" jumping the surprised girl and capturing her in a hug, Konata felt quite proud of this accomplishment.

"Good morning Kona-chan," Tsukasa looked somewhat relieved to see her, which was strange, but not really important right now.

"Konata, get off me," a little surprised, Konata looked up at the taller girl. She was acting weird, usually her face would get red and she'd try to push the small otaku away, although she wouldn't be using any actual force, so it was easy to just hold on.

But today, she calmly told her to let her go with a slightly uncomfortable voice. This was not how Konata was used to her tsundere reacting, there was something wrong, and she needed to know what it was.

So she tried to ask Kagami about what had happened yesterday, but no matter how much she asked she didn't get any reply. Clearly something had happened yesterday, and considering her involuntary twitch at the mentioning of Misao's name, the fanged girl was somehow connected to it.

Tsukasa also seemed intent on trying to distract her from the subject for some reason, she kept glancing worriedly at her older sister whilst doing so however, and that just intrigued her even further.

She'd be forced to wait for her answers until some other time, it would be easier to get the answers to her questions from Tsukasa, when Kagami wasn't around, than it'd be to get them directly from her.

The way to school was unusually quiet, even Miyuki seemed to be able to read the mood, everyone kept at a reasonably safe distance from Kagami. Konata was very uncomfortable with letting an opportunity like this one pass her by, but she was also nervous at going against the seemingly calm tsundere.

And so, after finally saying goodbye to the strangely acting Kagami, Konata began her interrogation of Tsukasa.

The problem, she soon realized, with interrogating Tsukasa, is that she never knows anything of the things that you actually want to know. She'd arrived at this conclusion after she'd finally convinced Tsukasa to tell her that Kagami had Misao had been chased out of the house, and that the twin-tailed girl had been terrifying at the time.

Konata didn't know what 'terrifying' meant, since Tsukasa kept looking traumatized whenever it was mentioned, and she'd found that she didn't have the heart to push on for anything more than that.

Konata didn't even know the reason for why Misao had incurred Kagami's wrath, only Tsukasa telling her that Kagami had refused to tell anyone about it – of course nobody had been very intent on getting the information, since apparently the entire family had seen her rampage and found that they didn't want to risk the chance of being subjected to Kagami's wrath for anything that wasn't absolutely necessary.

From this information however, Konata was able to draw two conclusions.

This was Misao's fault.

Make sure not to tease Kagami to the point where she went on a rampage.

They weren't the best of conclusions, but she'd done the best she could with the information available to her.

Unfortunately this also meant that she had to choose between two options if she wanted to know what had happened.

The first option was to get Kagami to talk about what had happened yesterday. She doubted that this would actually work considering how she'd failed earlier in the morning.

The second option was to find Misao and force the information out of her, with violence if proven necessary. This would probably work, but it meant that she'd have to talk with Misao, and therefore she didn't really enjoy the prospect of choosing this option.

But I have to know what happened yesterday, no matter what the cost. … Okay that isn't really true, but I will definitely go very far to know what happened.


Lunch came, and she slipped out of the classroom before Kagami arrived, it'd be hard enough to explain what she'd been doing afterwards, she didn't want to explain it before it was impossible to stop her from doing it.

Once she'd safely made sure that Kagami was in the classroom that she herself had just left, eating together with Miyuki and Tsukasa, she went into the classroom from where the twin-tailed girl had came.

She was greeted by the sight of Misao and Ayano eating together. Misao was looking oddly distracted, despite the other girls insistent tries at starting a conversation.

Certain that she'd chosen the better alternative, Konata walked over to them.

"Misakichi!" Misao blinked as she looked up at Konata, clearly bewildered, but still managing to pull off a slightly peeved look.

"What do you want?"

"What did you do to Kagamin?" this caused a twitch.

"That's got nothing to do with you midget," Konata looked at her, then she sat down at their table.

"Kagami is upset about something, you're somehow the cause of it. Now tell me or I will be forced to use violence," she looked at Misao, staring into her golden eyes.

"Fine, I'll tell you," the fanged girl sounded almost relieved. "I told her that I was in love with her."

Konata was certain that there was a gasp of surprise from Ayano, but she couldn't hear it, Misao's words were instead echoing through her brain. Okay, that was unexpected. How am I supposed to react to hearing that? Konata finally settled for something along the lines of…

"… You did what…?" the disbelief in her voice didn't come from Misao being in love with Kagami as much as it came from Misao confessing that she was in love with Kagami, to Kagami of all people.

"I told Hiiragi th-…" Konata put a hand over Misao's mouth, there's a limit to how many times you can hear such a shocking message, she didn't think she'd be able to take hearing it again.

"I got it," This girl really is a rival. "So, what did she say?" Please don't let it be that the thought of liking other girls like that disgusts her, please, please, plea-…

"She told me that she didn't like me that way, then we talked a little and she suddenly started smiling this really creepy smile. So I ran really fast in the opposite direction," she didn't sound at all ashamed of having run away… then again if Tsukasa's stories were any to go by, then she should probably be glad that she'd been able to get out alive.

"I see…" That doesn't tell me anything!

---(Ayano POV)

Misao was acting weird, Kagami was acting weird. For some reason Misao wasn't energetic at all today, and Kagami looked like she was so far off in thought that she could walk straight through a wall without noticing – not into, through, Kagami was acting very strange.

Something must have happened yesterday, but what? Ayano concentrated hard but seemed to be unable to come up with a good reason for this odd behavior.

The few times Kagami was forced to answer a question, she either ignored the teacher completely until they moved on to someone else – who wasn't glaring at the wall as if she could somehow kill it that way – or she answered them flawlessly in a cold deadpanned voice that sent chills down the spines of the rest of the class.

When lunch finally arrived the entire class actually breathed a sigh of relief at not having to deal with her unsettling presence anymore, well, not the entire class, Misao was simply staring into a wall, seemingly unaware that lunch had started – Misao was also acting very strange indeed.

A few minutes after Kagami had left, Konata had shown up at their table, demanding that Misao tell her what had happened yesterday. When the truth was relieved, Ayano was left in shock.

There's no way, she couldn't be that blunt, there's just no way! Doesn't she have any tact whatsoever!? The two girls continued their talk for a little while before Konata left, muttering to herself. Ayano was guessing that Konata was trying to think of how to deal with Kagami using this new information.

Ayano turned towards her friend, who had finally returned to normal – apparently talking about it really did work, who'd have guessed – and asked her a very simple question.

"Why did you confess to Hiiragi-chan like that?"

"Eh? What do you mean 'like that'?"

"I don't think that that's… a very… good way of confessing to someone," although, it should almost get some sort of bonus point for simply being so straight to the point. She decided to leave that part out though, she wouldn't want to encourage the fanged girl.

"Eh? You can confess to someone in another way?"


She can't be serious… can she? Ayano couldn't help but wonder if this person was actually a girl. I mean, even a bluntly honest girl should have at least realized that there are more than one way of confessing to the person you like, right?


A/n: This is a story that I've been working on since October – the entire thing is finished, but I'm editing it chapter by chapter before releasing it – it's the longest I've written yet by a long shot, although still not quite as long as some other fanfics…

Basically, I hope you'll enjoy this oddly crack-induced series of mine – despite the OOCness coming from Ayano.