Reflections by WildCroconaw

Summary: Don't own warriors cause if I did I wouldn't have had Briarlight get her back legs crushed by the tree in fading echoes. This is a poem about Honeyfern reflecting on her Clan.

As I watched ThunderClan from the sky

I saw that Poppyfrost hasn't grieving since I died.

My parents and clanmates did their part

Unfortunately there is no herb or cure for a broken heart.

Berrynose, my would have been mate helped to comfort my poor sister

It was ironic that my death is what made them grow closer

The pain of losing me Sorreltail felt

But she knows that I am looking down on her and brackenfur

From silverpelt with her parents brothers and Molepaw, my little brother.

As moons went by I could see

How being with berrynose made Poppyfrost very happy

Although I know a part of him will always miss me.

In those moons I also saw

As young briarkit blossomed into an energetic smart 'paw.

To this day I don't regret taking the bite meant for her

It would have utterly destroyed her father and mother


Recently I helped to save Poppyfrost and Jayfeather

The thought that Breezepelt was siding with the dark forest nearly scorched my fur.

It was sad to see

That my poor sister was unable to see or hear me.

When she had her kits my spirit was there,

I watched with pride as the two kits' first mews sounded through the air

I could tell that she and berrynose are meant to be

They are wonderful together and have started their own family

Even though it is hard for me

I am glad that live has gone on for ThunderClan and my growing family.