I saw the film a few days ago... and fell in love with it! It's, undoubtedly, Dreamworks best film-the story was beautiful, as well the animation and, oh, the music! I've listened to the soundtrack A LOT on YouTube. -giggle- Anyway, this has drabbles of all sorts, both post-movie and after, angst and maybe Crack!silliness but no beastiality. (Unless someone requests it. Yeah, I'll take requests if you want. LOL) Please leave constructive criticism! It's very much appreciated. :D

For the first drabble, let's pretend Hiccup's mother was a good storyteller of sorts; maybe that's how he got a little bit of his ingenuity. XD

DISCLAIMER: In my little fairytale, I own this. Not even there? Why do you crush me! -runs off weeping-

EDIT ~ 23 OCTOBER 2010: For newcomers: I realize that I should've done an edit long ago but kept forgetting to do so 'til a recent reviewer said they were going to stop reading; my bad... The topic is the subject of Toothless/Hiccup as a couple. Yes, 'twill contain chapters involving them as such. For those who may be concerned... no, I will not write such things with Toothless still in dragon form. That's one thing no one will ever have to get worried about. Anyway, if you are uncomfortable with the pairing and like only the friendship, please skip over the ones that look as such, "Insert Chapter Title::" The double colons are the key. With that out of the way, please comment and I hope you enjoy. :)

Summary: They had been the first to break a thousand year old tradition; maybe they were meant for each other, these odd ones.

The Odd Ones


"You want to hear a story?"

A younger Hiccup nodded eagerly, his reddish-brown locks bouncing over his eyes.

"Alright, alright," said the woman, patting her thighs in gesture for her son to sit. "Have you decided—"

The youth replied faster than she blinked. "The one about the Night Fury!"

She laughed heartily; she should have known. Though she despised dragons, she did find their folklore to be a relief to put Hiccup to bed. "Of course…" and she lay back against the chair, her son's eyes alight with anticipation. "Long ago, before our tribe ever began the occupation of pursuing dragons, there were legends… These legends were of a mighty beast—this creature was unlike any other, for the tales claim that it arose from the scorching heat of lightning when it struck the mountain upon which Odin lived.

Sulfur and brimstone was its scent; it stung your nostrils, acrid. Scales were sheen, reflecting beautifully in the silver rays of our moon. It was darker than the heavens when they were angry, darker than death, yet colour dappled its hide; no one would have ever thought rainbows could be black."

Hiccup leaned in, breathing quietly in awe; that was always one of his favourite sentences, she remembered.

Before she could continue like usual, he surprised her with a question. "What colour are the eyes?"

"The eyes?" she repeated, wondering herself. "I'm not sure… It never says."

Hiccup pondered a little further, but decided that would be an inquiry to find out himself. He looked back at her, apt with attention.

"Odin prized this creature—it was majestic and fierce, a born warrior. However, many of the other gods desired the mysterious beast for their own as well: each wanted to have the creature that could bring power to themselves, and, with it, a useful tool in the enhancement of Ragnarok, the End of the World.

But the beast was sharper than a knife and carried a proud air, too wild for any of them to tame; not that they ever had a chance to. It was as though it knew what lurked deepest in their hearts. For, shortly after its birth from the sky, it soared, higher and higher, and not even the gods could find it within the cloak of midnight."

"But it's real, isn't it? Not just a myth?"

"Too real..."

Then, as a painful reminder, there was a ballistic noise, cutting through the silence with a piercing cry, like the sky had split apart. The woman ran outside, blood pounding, watching those terrible monsters circle above them, but Hiccup watched in youthful wonder at the brilliant ice flames that danced upon a rooftop.