Prompt: obsessive; given to me by my brother

Rendered Helpless

I come forward, the light blinding, strands of dark color falling in front of my view and I blow them away with a gentle gust from my lips. I raise a hand to cover my eyes from the intensity of glares, harsh blows compared to the soft dawn that kissed the sky this morning. The murmuring is loud and it beats into my skull, pounding impression upon impression.

My heart is hammering in my throat, terribly painful and nervousness settles within the pit of my stomach, weighing heavily, a black stone.

I'm anxious but I'm also excited. Today is the day.

I'm not certain what to expect; I try to rationalize, think, How is it going to play out? What if something bad happens?

…Am I going to enjoy this?

I move closer, breath hitching in my already shut off windpipe, gulping nervously.

The lights dim, sky rattling, and the crowd roars with enough sound to rival even the Thunderdrum.

Then, there are booms, the very air vibrating with incredibly beastly noises—my eyes shake within their sockets, watching in fascination as the rumbles causes this sensation; I hear it now, amongst the throng of raucous roars, of humans and demons, I hear the incredible cry of the shadow that lives within shadows, a beautiful screech that sends shivers down my spine, the hair on my arms and neck on end…

The shadow of the shadow glides over me and I look up, craning to see, ignoring the light that threatens to succeed in causing permanent myopia.

That: the Night Fury…

"HOLY FRIGGIN' FLYING SAINTS, THAT'S THE BADASS MOTHERHUGGING NIGHT FURY!" Dear God, I'm hyperventilating! With tears streaming ridiculously down my face as I shout at a pair of annoyed parents that I don't give a crap if their kid is trying to sleep—if they wanted the adorable angel (the baby really is adorable) to get some sleep, THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE BROUGHT IT TO THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH.

"Hey, sit down!" my brother will say in a harsh murmur but I kick him in the shin and I run forward, arms outstretched as I jump onto the stage and almost wet my pants, SWEET MUFFINS, IS THAT A NIGHTMARE? I tackle the beast and I hear the sound of whistles behind me, and I cling on for dear life—they can't take me out of here! I haven't seen the show!

"Miss, you'll have to return to your seat or be forcefully removed." I'm being told by a stern voice.

"Pah!" I shall spit, "When Voldemort plays chess in a tutu, I'LL THEN GET OFF THE DRAGON."

"Miss, these are incredibly expensive animatronic devices for entertainment purposes— WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT?"

Haha! The blue-bellies will not be able to make me, because, dang it, I've waited far too long to wait for this opportunity anymore. Unlike most people, I'll seize this opportunity by the horns! If Alexander the Great can conquer empires, I am so conquering my goal: to take this super awesome robot that they created as Toothless and claim it!

"Miss, you have to come back!"

"RICA, GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!" I will hear some family members scream.


"I'LL SHOW YOU TERROR, YOU STUPID LITTLE—" Oh, crap, that's how my mother is going to sound…

Hmm… okay. I look at the laptop, screen brighter than usual, and I tap my chin thoughtfully. "Well," I mutter, "now that I imagine the scenario… no, it probably won't go well. I'll probably wind up in a straightjacket and handcuffed to, God forbid, a dirty sink…" I shudder at the last part.

"Hey, are you fantasizing about going to the show? Really, it doesn't even come to the United States till… uh, when does it come?" my brother asks.

"I DON'T KNOW." I weep, hands in my face and I thrash dramatically, wanting to go so badly…

Look at me. A college student, rendered utterly and totally helpless by a kid's movie

I rock so hard.


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This was done to get it going again but ALSO because… HTTYD is going to go SPECTACULAR. Yes! In 2012, the World Tour starts for HTTYD in Australia since DreamWorks is working with GlobalCreatures to turn it into an event that you watch in arenas and I went, "HOLY MATH PROBLEM" and moved so fast I would've put Flash to shame. That's why the drabble is like this since I just felt like being silly and didn't want to waste any of your prompts on my silliness so I asked for something from my brother.