AN: I've no clue where I left off on prompts but… THIS HAD TO BE DONE.

What Are You Two Doing?

Her expression is hazy, face slack and her posture limp. Tuffnut glances at his twin, shaking his head before walking off to talk to Snotlout about manlier manly things.

Ruffnut continues to stare at the young man across the way, talking with Hiccup about the benefits of dragons no doubt. Two good looking men at once is fantastic and all, but her eyes seem riveted on the newcomer—from the darkness of his brow to those biceps.

"Ruffnut?" someone says, fingers snapping in front of her eyes.

She crashes out of her lovesick stupor and turns her head up to Fishlegs.

"Oh, hey you,"

"Hey," he answers, "What are you doing here?"

"Am I not supposed to be here?"

"No, but you've been sitting on that trout-filled barrel for thirty minutes and Meatlug's hungry,"

Said Gronkle gives a little petulant, pleading grunt and Ruffnut gets up. Fishlegs removes the top, reaches in for the biggest and gives it to her until he can gather food she preferred. As his dragon feeds, he attempts conversation, "So, why were you just staring off like that?"

Ruffnut has the decency to blush a little, "Oh, it's no reason. Just, well, look!"

Fishlegs turns to see what she was pointing to, or, rather, whom. Anyone with remaining eyes could see she still admired Hiccup, as he had proved to be more than they gave credit, but she was besotted with Eret, a pirate of sorts that Astrid so graciously kidnapped.

Fishlegs' voice is deadpanned, "So?"

Ruffnut, in an uncharacteristic display of un-Ruffnut-ness, clasps her hands together, and, by Odin's ghost, her eyes seem to glitter, "He's just an excellent specimen of Viking strength and handsomeness! How could you not stare?"

"Because my eyes don't stay fixated on one spot?"

"What are you implying?" Ruffnut inquired, arms akimbo.

"Your head's in the clouds too much around that guy,"

Ruffnut peered at Fishlegs with narrowed eyes, "You're just jealous,"

"Jealous? Jealous of what?"

"Who wouldn't feel threatened and jealous around Eret?"

"You're on first name terms with him now? I thought he was under interrogation—"


"In any case, who would feel that way around him? Hiccup doesn't,"

Ruffnut shrugs, "That's Hiccup, though. He's long grown out of that,"

"Are you saying the rest of us haven't?" Fishlegs huffs, crossing massive arms across his broadened chest, and the muscles flex nicely.

Ruffnut briefly forgets she doesn't like his tone, "You said it, not me,"

"I asked a question, I didn't state anything!" he grits out.

"Oh please, and besides, what does it matter to you if I stare at gorgeous men all day?"

"You have things to do around here besides ogling some possible terrorist's muscles,"

"He's not a terrorist," she snaps.

Fishlegs' hulking figure squats a bit down to get on her eye level, "You. Don't. Know. That."

"How do you know then?"

"Ruffnut, he could still be a potential danger, not just to our clan, but to our dragons. They don't trust us yet and neither should we,"

Ruffnut pouts her lower lip, "Trust has to be given out too. They can't trust us if we don't try first, either,"

Fishlegs sighs, "I concede to that point, but until we're sure, it's best not to go around gallivanting with love sonnets,"

"I do not gallivant!"

"You write love sonnets?"

"What are you two doing?"

Ruffnut and Fishlegs' faces were drawn close, each glaring at the other and were so wrapped up in their talk, neither noticed the approach of Hiccup.

"You two okay?" their leader's son asks.

Simultaneously, they murmured, "Never better," and "Just fine."

Hiccup scrutinizes them closer, and he doesn't mention how it's like seeing Astrid and he have a spat. He clears his throat instead, "Eret has gone off to talk to my father,"

Fishlegs replies with, "Yeah?" though his eyes drift down to the blonde beside him, her eyes barely catching the retreating figure.

"Yeah, I think it'll all work alright,"

"Sure hope so," Fishlegs and Ruffnut say in sync, the former's body slouching in defeat while the latter's face glows.

AN: Okay, not necessarily HAAAAVE to be done but still!

Also, weirdly enough, Fishlegs was gonna say "terrorist's ass" instead of the muscles thing 'cause he feels like he's got enough backbone to truly say what he thinks to the others, and he was actually getting VERY annoyed (oh Ruffnut, the strange things you make him feel) but he's not crude, just concerned, and that's neither here nor there, since it felt too modern anyways, haha, there's a tidbit about the drabble. :3

Oh and if you're wondering who Eret is, clips of HTTYD2 are on YouTube, yo. Seven days...