Super Sentai vs Super Sentai

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AN: I suppose I shall give my shot for another epic of a fic, hopefully I will be able to pull this off. This is based on the various 'vs Super Sentai' movies. Rather than "Team meets up various single people from previous teams", the premise here is more or less "Take single members of several Sentai teams and make them into one new team." I hope I can fill them up.

Also, English isn't my first language, so please don't over nitpick.

But first, exposition time!


Earth has existed and prospered for a very long period. However, it also became a target of various factions that sought conquest. Be they Black Cross, Crime, Egos, Vader Clan, Black Magma, Deathdark, Jashinka, Gear, Gozma, Mess, Tube, Volt, Bouma Tribe, Zone, Vyram, Bandora Gang, Gorma, Youkai, Baranoia, Bowzock, Nejirejia, Balban, Saima Clan, Londerz Family, Org, Jakanja, Evolian, Alienizer, Infershia, Negative Syndicates, Rin Juu Ken and Gen Juu Ken school, Gaiark and the latest one, Gedoushuu. However, each of them were thwarted by the task force group called 'Super Sentai'. As time passed, abnormalities between these battles were formed.

During the battle against Negative Syndicates, a man named AkaRed made his appearance. With the ability to change between the powers of the members of Super Sentai with the color red, he helped the current Sentai team Boukenger as well as a group of past warriors to in battle. While he vanished in the end, there are more than meets the eye from AkaRed.

AkaRed came from a dimension fueled with the battles of Super Sentai. He has five allies; AoBlue, KuroBlack, KiYellow, MomoPink and MidoGreen; and one mentor figure; ShiroWhite. The team fought against Emperor Rufecil in a long and grueling battle. As more Sentai came victorious, the power of AkaRed and his teammates grow even more and eventually topple Rufecil. However, they were never able to destroy Rufecil completely. As long as there is evil in the hearts of humans, he will be able to return.

To counter this, after his encounter with the Boukengers, AkaRed proposed to his teammates to separate the keys to the seal of Rufecil into two pieces and put them inside the universe of Super Sentai. These two pieces are unique that only select Super Sentai teams could see or use each. The first piece can only be seen by the teams from Goranger to Jetman, while the other one can only be seen from Zyuranger and forward. However, those who can see the first piece cannot activate it, the same goes to the other one. The reason for this is to make sure that the pieces of Rufecil's seal's key are never found and activated.

During the war between the Shinkenger and the Gedoushuu, an abnormality enters the world of Sentai. This abnormality is the one they call Kamen Rider Decade. While Decade left the Shinkenger world after his deeds are done, this dimension-hopping action slightly cracks the seal of Rufecil, enough for him to send parts of his power to the world. With Rufecil's essences entering the Super Sentai universe and went unnoticed, it is only a matter of time until a chaos in grand scale engulfs and will decide the fate of the Super Sentai.

And now… after the battle against Gedoushuu concluded…

ACT 1: The Samurai From The Future

It's been six months since the defeat of Chimatsuri Doukokuu. The Shinkengers went their separate ways, and in spare time, the current head of the Shiba clan, Shiba Takeru, alias Shinken Red, had gotten a calm, but steady life, creating self-crafted origami which he usually kept, but sometimes sent out for charity.

It was afternoon. He was just done with the lunch for today.

"Thanks for the food." Takeru said as he put down his plate for the Kuroko to take away.

"My Lord, are you taking a rest?" His respected elder, Kusakabe Hikoma, asked as he got up.

"Yes. I'll just take a short nap." Takeru replied as he got up and retreated to his quarters. He then lay down on his sleeping mat. Looking at the ceilings, he reminisced of the past. "It sure has been less lively here…" He muttered.

Once again remembering his past battles, he reminded himself of the good moments he spent with his teammates. Be it Ryuunosuke and Genta's over-the-top antics, Chiaki's determination to surpass him, Mako's caring nature and horrible cooking, Kotoha's sincerity and his new 'mother' Kaoru and her gentle self. It was a short time, but for Takeru, those times were the best he ever had…

Until, however, one figure crossed his mind. Kadoya Tsukasa, the one called Kamen Rider Decade. The moment this character crossed his mind, Takeru started feeling nauseous. He didn't hate the man or anything, but for some reason, Takeru felt that their meeting was no mere normal meeting of Shinken Red and the Kamen Rider just passing by.

'Decade… the one who travels between universes…' Takeru buried himself in deep thought, 'He's not just a normal warrior. Could it be that… it's some sort of premonition…?' Before long after thinking about him and the related events, Takeru slowly fell asleep.

But the sleep didn't last long as the house radar rang several times, waking him up. 'What…? Has the Gedoushuu returned already?' Takeru thought as he quickly got up and made his way to the main hall.

"Jii, what was that?" Takeru asked Hikoma, "Don't tell me the Gedoushuu…"

"I'm afraid so, My Lord." Hikoma said as he opened the paper that came from the radar, "The Gedoushuu have been spotted in this district. We do not know how powerful they'd be without Chimatsuri Doukokuu's leadership, but best be careful."

"I know." Takeru nodded as he quickly rushed off to the site. His days of peace was interrupted, but the determination to defeat Gedoushuu hasn't left him since the final battle. He was tasked with protecting the world from Gedoushuu as the 19th Head of the Shiba House, he would not fail this one.

The Nanashi Renjuu have begun their attack towards the innocents, led by a rooster-like Ayakashi. "Burn, maim and kill them all!" He yelled, telling the Nanashi Renjuu to attack any humans that go near them. "Even without Doukokuu, this doesn't mean the Gedoushuu have lost! And I, Basatsu, will be able to take…"

Too bad for the Ayakashi that his boast was interrupted by the gongs of the Kuroko, signifying that Takeru arrived. "That's as far as you go, Gedoushuu."

"Shinkenger? !" Basatsu yelped in panic. However, he noticed the unusual scene of Takeru being alone, "Alone? Do you think you can defeat me? Don't get so cocky, brat!"

"Gedoushuu. Underestimating one samurai will cost you your life. And I will show you that." Takeru calmly replied as he prepared his Shodophone. "SHODOPHONE! IPPITSU SOUJOU!" He stroked the brushes writing the kanji "Fire". In instant, Takeru was covered with his Mojikara and morphed into…

"Shinken Red… Shiba Takeru."

"Damn it! Nanashi Renjuu!" Basatsu ordered all his soldiers to attack Shinken Red, who proceeds to slash them one by one using his Shinkenmaru with small effort.

"Grr! I'll crisp you!" Out of desperation, the Ayakashi spread his wings and breathed fire to Shinken Red. He managed to dodge the flames, much to the frustration of the monster.

"Is that it?" Shinken Red taunted the enemy, "I've fought many things worse than this."

"What? ! My flames have no effect? Impossible!" Basatsu stomps the ground in frustration on hearing Shinken Red's taunt.

"To be honest, your flames hit me, a bit." Shinken Red nonchalantly said, looking at his right shoulder which was slightly charred thanks to the fire. This brought excitement to Basatsu for awhile… until Shinken Red casually brushed it off, "But it just feels like a scratch to me. Have the Gedoushuu grew this weak?"

"Are you mocking me? !"

Shinken Red sighed. While this would mean that his job might get easier, he was hoping that it'd be more of a challenge, since the battles thus far remind him with the times he spent with his allies, fighting monsters to save the world. 'Can't complain, this is also part of my mission after all…' He thought as he inserted his common disk to his Shinkenmaru.

"Rekka Daizantou!" The huge flaming zanbatou unleashed, the blades covered in flames. "This ends now!" With that yell, Shinken Red dashed to Basatsu and cleaved it clean. However, surprisingly, it still managed to keep itself in existence.

"Damn it! Can't lose… like this…"

"You stood against a clean cut from Rekka Daizantou? You're a tough one, I'll give you that." Shinken Red looked at his opponent, struggling. However, he had no intention to let it go. "Too bad that this isn't all I got…"

Just as he said that, the sky suddenly turned dark. "What… is this?" Shinken Red looked above, as he saw the sky slowly turning from merely dark into a very strange combination of color. Thunders started to strike here and there and eventually the ground shook. "An earthquake…? !" Shinken Red and Basatsu struggled to keep their balance as the quake and the strange sky sent other people into panic.

Several minutes later, the phenomenon ended. Shinken Red caught his breath for a short time. Looking at the Ayakashi that still struggled to keep his balance, from both the quake and the wounds he got from the battle, he decided to waste no more time, as he had many things to discuss with the whole Shiba house about the strange sky. He turned the Rekka Daizantou back to the normal Shinkenmaru and replaced the common disk with the Shishi Disk.

"This is the end, Gedoushuu." Shinken Red exclaimed as he ran to Basatsu who just managed to get back on his feet, "Shishi Disk, Kaen no Mai!" He slashed the air, creating a crescent-shaped fire launched to Basatsu, cutting through and utterly destroying it. 'That was quick. Now to wait for the second life to kick in.'

Shinken Red waited, preparing his Shishi Origami nearby to perform the Origami Daihenge and fight the Ayakashi's second life.

Ten minutes later… still no signs of Basatsu coming back to life.

"What the…" Shinken Red murmured as he realized that he waited ten minutes in vain, 'Whatever happened to the Ayakashi's second life? Where did he waste it?' Several minutes later, he decided to conclude that the Ayakashi was dead for good. He sheathed back his Shinkenmaru and walked away. "This brings this chapter to a close."

Takeru walked back to the Shiba Household. However, something was slightly amiss. When he approached the gate, the household was empty. There was no Kuroko in sight.

'The Kuroko are not here…?'

When Takeru entered the main hall, there was no sign of Hikoma either. "Jii? Jii?" he called out, but there was only silence for him. Takeru calmly searched the house, but slowly the calm within him turned into worry as he kept searching, but there was nobody in the house. Where did everyone go? To make matters worse, some of his inventories such as the Inroumaru were gone.

'What kind of phenomenon is this? Who's making everyone vanish…?' Takeru thought as he returned to the main hall. In which he eventually noticed that there is a strange book that he had never seen in his entire life. Takeru picked it up and started to read its title…

"History of … Super Sentai…?"

What had happened in this world? Where did the Kuroko and the rest of the Shiba Household residents go? Does it have anything to do with this book Takeru just found in his house?

Super Sentai vs Super Sentai… will continue at Act 2.

Author's note: Tried to instill many Shinkenger's elements inside, I hope it just doesn't turn out bad. At any rate, this chapter starts kinda slow, but this is the gateway of things to come. Remember, this is meant to be a crossover, so… I hope you'll keep on reading and waiting for the next chapter. And you may want to guess who appears in the next chapter, because it's not someone from Shinkenger!

Note 2: 'History of Super Sentai' is similar to 'Super Sentai Address Book' which appeared in the Boukenger vs Super Sentai movie. While it's similar, it's actually different (you'll see in the next chapter).