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"He's at the funeral." The boy finally answered.

I snapped the phone shut again.

"He's at the funeral." The words echoed round my head, swimming with nothing, there was nothing anymore. No life, no meaning, no thoughts. Just silence.

But then the thoughts came rushing back, along with the pain. Bella was dead. She had left me.

"No." I groaned, starting to shake.

And I had thought that things couldn't get any worse, that the mountain of pain that had situated itself on top of me could get no heavier. But That was wrong, I had mislead myself, again. There were no words to describe this pain. I dropped the phone, the stupid meaningless plastic that had delivered the horrid news to me, on the wooden floor just next to me, leaning forward and wrapping my arms around my torso. "Bella." I whispered.

"He's at the funeral."

"He's at the funeral."

"He's at the funeral."

"NO!" I roared, scaring away any of the brave scattering rats that had ventured close to me, sensing my weakness probably.

She couldn't be dead, she couldn't be like that, not her, not my Bella.

The image was to much for me to take, the image was so clear, but I couldn't stop myself from imagining. What would this event look like? Bella dressed up in fancy clothes, her brown hair brushed and her lavender lids closed over her eyes, eyes that would never sparkle of see through me again. Her face and body would have to be distorted, from the fall of course. I had seen Esme after her jump, I knew what she would look like.

"No!" I chocked on the sob that racked my body. I tried to shake away the images, but I couldn't, no, I shouldn't. This was my fault. I should have been there, I should have saved her. I should have never let this happen.

Charlie and Renee would weep over their daughters body, Renee would not have any clear thoughts, merely flashes of Bella, Bella as a baby, Bella going to school, Bella growing up, Bella moving to Forks, Bella in the hospital after her 'accident'.

Charlie would be feeling guilty, he would be blaming himself – but this wasn't his fault. No, this was my fault. Everybody knew that, I was to blame for this.

Alice would be there too, no doubt, probably Esme, Emmett and Carlisle. They would weep for the daughter, the sister and the best friend that they had lost.

Because of me.

The guilt wracked my body again and I started to choke on the thick air that surrounded me.


My Bella.

How was the world still spinning? There were people laughing and dancing from the carnival that was taking place just streets away from where I sat. Did they not know? How? Isabella Swan was dead to the world and they still had the audacity to dance and…..just work? How did they function, didn't they know?

I started to sob, but I may have been before but I just realized. What did that matter? She was gone. She had taken herself away from the world, away from me.

Then a new kind of guilt hit me, along with the pain that always came along for the ride too.

She died believing the lie that I told her. The angle, the symbol of purity died thinking that I didn't want her, that I didn't love her, that she wasn't good for me! Ha! I chocked again.

And now how would she know? Was she watching over me now? Did she see my grief at the loss of her, had she seen what I was like before? Did she know the truth now? She just had to know. I would Beg God to let me see her, just for a moment, please, just so that the vampire could explain the reasons for his departure to the angle Because she just had to know.

Bella Bella Bella Bella.

Gone, left me behind.

Well, not for long.

I chocked back another sob, strangely determined, but still numb, and still guilty and sick and suffering from a crippling pain. Was that ever possible? To feel all of those things but to still be numb? I wasn't sure.

I stood up and picked up the phone. I should call again, just to check, to make sure that the boy wasn't lying, that she was still alive. But I opened the phone and I just couldn't press the keys. But how could I? Because I knew that I hadn't imagined that phone call, and I knew that I couldn't hold myself together long enough to get this done if I heard that news again. What would I do then? Then the pain would be prolonged until I got myself together again, and that could take another few hours, I wasn't quite sure how long I had just spent this time. I could miss a flight. That would be bad, very bad, because that was the fastest way to end this, to end me.

Would I somehow be allowed to join her?

I prayed so, I actually prayed.

I composed myself again and grabbed my bag, I knew that I would need my passport.

I walked slowly to the street, ignoring the stares that I got. Nobody had known that I was up there. I was glad that the night had come, that would make things easier.

I should call Esme, or Carlisle, or one of my family members, maybe even leave a voicemail message, but there was no point. I threw the plastic to a garbage bin, ignoring the looks that I got from some teenagers. I got to the street corner and heard one of the boys, and than all of them calling to me. That thing was ringing, again. I gasped and clutched my head. That thing! I never get good news from that.

'Just make the pain stop.' I thought. 'Please, just let me see her, let this stop now, I beg you, let me see her soon! Please!' I prayed.

I got to the airport, not quite sure how. Just happy that I was here. I went up to the ticket booth, glad that one was open.

"I need a ticket to Italy, Florence, now." I told her, my voice sounding weak.

She nodded, not questioning anything and I was glad that she spoke english, I hadn't thought to speak spanish. I showed her the passport and she nodded, handing me over my ticket after I had paid. There were only twenty minutes till I boarded, so I sat at the terminal, trying not to think, but failing.

'No, you need to hold yourself together for now, just wait, you can remember her on the plane. Just wait.'

But waiting was harder than I had thought, as was not thinking. Thinking about her was all that I did lately, the only thing that bought me any thing close to comfort. The pain was still there but was dulled slightly after I thought of her.

The voices were mostly gone, not much was registering anymore, just the pain, and the need for her, to see her again, and my prayers. Maybe God would be merciful, all that I could do was hope, and pray.

My plane was called and I boarded, that first one there and that first one seated. Up I curled, drawing my knees up to my chest and rested my head on top of them. I don't know if the stewardess came over to tell me to put my seat belt back on. But I do remember that Bella would have chasted me, telling me to act inconspicuously and run her little fingers through my hair trying to calm me.

'But if she were here, you wouldn't be doing this so what does that matter?' I thought, groaning again. The woman the next seat over glanced at me from the corner of her eye.

"Are you alright?" She put her hand on my shoulder.

"No." My voice sounded weak, pained.

"What's wrong?" She asked again.

I took a moment to answer her, "She's dead." I muttered. "She took herself away from me."

"Oh." The woman said, "I am so sorry." and than she didn't say anything more.

I wanted to tell that woman that she should of already known this, that she should be sad to, that the world that we knew had ended, but I couldn't tell her that. I couldn't say Bella's name. Thinking about her was one thing, speaking of her was another completely.

The plane was on the tarmac, the second longest flight that I had ever endured. I slowly made my way through the airport, not caring about the stares that I was given – most likely regarding the rugged clothing that I was sporting.

'And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.'

'You Promised.'

The memories hit me again, and I gasped and wrapped my arms round my midsection again. How could I have told her that I didn't want her, all of those promises that I had broken? Those lies, they should have never been uttered.

'Oh God just let me make this right, please, I beg of you!'

The run to Volterra was fast enough after I knew what direction to go to. Before and hour had passed I was walking through the gates. I figured that if I just walked round for a little while than I would either hear them, see them, or that they would find me. I wasn't disappointed. An iron hand clasped round my arms, yanking my into an ally that was lit by a street light.

"What are you doing here? Do you realize what this place holds?" He asked me.

"Yes, I am here to talk to the brothers, I seek their assistance."

"And just what is your name?" He asked me, suspicious of my request.

"Edward Cullen."

"Cullen!" The vampire knew of Carlisle, he remembered him from when he visited here. The vampires thoughts filled with respect, but shock that he had survived, and made another.

He silently questioned if I was really a 'relative' of the other Cullen that he knew.

"Carlisle changed me, he is my mentor. Now may I please go to speak to the brothers." I told him , and he nodded.

We walked through the alleyway and than jumped through a sewer gate, that was a little strange, an odd welcoming for the vampires that wished to see the Volturi. We ran until we reached an alleyway, and than an elevator. Another few hallways and I was getting impatient. I wanted to speak to the brothers and see if they would help me.

"Let me go to speak to them, to see if they are ready to speak to you." He left me with the human receptionist, an Italian woman named Pandora. Ironic considering where she worked. She was tired and couldn't wait until Gianna, the other receptionist, came to take over for her. She had worked for twelve hours straight and was glad to be getting off in approximately eighteen minutes. She wanted to sleep, but also wanted to prove herself worthy to the Volturi. She didn't want to be turned, but they were keeping her here. Aro thought that she would have a gift after she had changed and after watching an almost attack, he decided to keep her with the Volturi. She was disgusted by Gianna, who actually wanted to be one of the guard members, who wanted to take away the people's lives.

She was right, she shouldn't want to be like us. If only Bella had thought like that,

'Don't think like that! '

I sighed again, wrapping my arms even tighter round my midsection.

"The brothers will see you know, Aro is quite curious to hear from you." Demetri said. Than I realized the double meaning that came with his words. Aro would be able to see everything once I had touched him. But I needed to co-operate with him, to make him take my life. But if I were to anger him, he might just be happier to kill me. But what if they said no. What would I do than? I would have to force their hand.

But he would see every thought that I had had about Bella, every picture, every fantasy about her. He would see everything about my family, all of their thoughts. But they would get why I had done this, they would forgive me.

I walked through the hallway and to the throne room, or so Demetri had thought of the room to be. The three brothers sat above everybody else on a raised platform. They really did see themselves as superior to the other people that worked for them and that visited them. The vampire that sat on the middle seat jumped up and glided over to me, a beaming smile on his surprisingly frail looking face. His skin was, of course, still the chalky white that it had been in Carlisle's memory, but the frailness had been exaggerated. He looked as though a heavy breeze could destroy him, though I knew that this wasn't how things could work.

"Edward! It is so great to meet you! Is it true, do you really come from my good friend Carlisle!" He asked, the curiosity gleaming in his eyes.

I nodded.

"And is he well?"

"Yes, he and my entire family are well."

"There are more?" He asked me, his voice now ringing with the curiosity, as the word 'family' swam round his mind. His thought's were Latin, he obviously thought that I could hear what he was thinking.


"How many?"

"There is Carlisle, his mate and wife Esme. Than there are Rosalie, her mate Emmett, Jasper and his mate Alice. They were all sired by Carlisle except for Jasper and Alice. They developed a consciences by themselves and decided to join us. That was just above fifty years ago now." I put a great emphasis on the world conscious.

"Amazing! And do you all stick to this unusual diet?"

"Yes, and we are all healthy, we all stick to the diet and retain the strength of your average vampire." A vampire that sat on one of the chairs that were scattered round the room snorted at the word average.

"May I see Edward, you must know what my gift is." I nodded, putting my hand in his. His eyes widened at first and than they glowed with happiness. I felt dizzy, seeing all of my memories, and than they were thrown back at me from his mind.

"Amazing, absolutely amazing." He muttered, but than he got to that bit, that bit that changed my life. Aro saw as her scent hit me, as that van almost hit her, as I drove her home from Port Angeles, as we went together to the meadow, as I got her from James and as I left her. As I wondered about the world, looking for Victoria. As I got that phone call, that phone call from Rosalie.

"You met your singer and than mated to her."

"Yes." 'I would rather die than be away from you'

"You told a human, and than you left that human."

"Yes." 'If that's what you want.'

"But she is dead now."

"Yes." 'She threw herself off of a Cliff.'

I groaned.

"And now you wish to join her?"

"Please!" 'You are not allowed to hurt yourself!'

He thought for a moment and I wished that I had taken the time to learn latin.

"Let me talk to the brothers, we will get you when we have reached a decision." I walked back to the receptionist desk and the two human girls were there. Pandora was telling her replacement about the day that she had had, any calls that she needed to make, flights that needed to be booked and the humans that were coming to the city later today. Apparently it was feeding day. They both stared at me after I sat on the couch. Pandora, a woman that seemed to be quite nice, noted the expression in my eyes, the way that I held myself.

'Something happened to him, he looks distraught.'

Gianna however was thinking about my age. 'He look about eighteen, but he could be over a thousand.'

"Just over one hundred actually." I gasped, trying to get my breathing back to normal.

"You can read our thought's! Just like Aro!"

"Not the same, but close enough. You shouldn't want to be like this, this existence isn't something that anybody should want."

"Did your mate want this?" Demetri asked, not wanting to be rude but generally curious.

I gasped again. "Yes."

"Than why….?"

"Because she deserves better than me!"

"Whatever." We waited in silence for the next few moments.

"The brothers will see us now." Demetri said, somebody had talked to him through the now open doorway. They were all still thinking in Latin so I had no idea what decision they had come to.

"So will you?" I asked Aro, point blank.

"Edward, I don't think that that would be for the best." I blanched, how little he knew. "We think that with a gift like yours, that destroying you would be…..wasteful….. Also I would not want to hurt my good old friend Carlisle." He finished with a nod.

"But I need you to do this, I don't want to live this life without her."

But Aro continued as if I had not spoken. "We wish to offer you a place with our guard. You could keep your diet of course, If ThaT was what you so wished."

I just stared at him – as he being serious.

"You think that I would want to life a life ruled by you? When she's not here too?"

"This is a great opportunity Edward, we could offer you many things."

"You can't get me her back."

"Edward you should consider this."

"No, and If you choose not to kill me, than I will make you."

"What do you mean?"

"I won't leave you a choice!" I could see what I could do now. I could go hunting maybe, though any blood but hers would pale. There were many things that I could do that would expose us.

"Edward that would be very unwise."

"Well what could you do?" I chuckled. "Kill me and give me what I want, or let me go and risk me exposing us again?" His jaw tightened and I knew that I was winning, Aro could see that he couldn't win this situation.

"I will not kill you now Edward."

"Well I warned you." Than I spun on my heal and ran from the castle, through the way that I had come. It was four o'clock now and I was glad to know that at this time tomorrow, I wouldn't be on the earth. Now I just had to think about what I was going to do. There were different scenarios running through my head, so many possibilities.

I could go hunting again, that would cause a stir and definitely anger the three brothers. I would have to kill more than just one person, no children though, and no women. Just men, probably older people but there was no guaranteeing that I would be able to stop once I got started. But that would be the easiest way.

But than I started to think about Carlisle, how sad he would be that I was dead, but how he would be disappointed that I had killed so many innocent people just so that I could get what I wanted. I didn't want to disappoint him, no I couldn't do that to him.

Hunting was not an option, killing people was not an option and I was disgusted with myself for even trying to convince myself that I could.

'You're not a monster.' Carlisle had said.

'How dare you even think that! You're not a monster, you're my angel.' Bella had told me, trying to defend my soul. I gasped again.

Oh, how I loved her, and I knew that she loved me too. Just not enough, I had argued with myself. She didn't love me as much as I loved her – she was just a human, how could she? Was I wrong about that though? Could she possible love me with the intensity of a vampire, or even more with the intensity that I loved her? Was I the sole reason that she jumped off of that cliff?

'No! Don't think about that stuff!'

I could do something else. There had to be something else that I could do that would expose me that didn't involve murder of inflicting any kind of bodily harm.

I could throw a car thru a wall, but that could be seen as some kind of stunt. There had to be something that couldn't be described as a parlor trick. I could run round the square, maybe bare my teeth to a few people. But there would be the sun to worry about.

Oh. The sun.

I could keep this simple, easy. I could just walk into the light, they would automatically know that I was not human, there would be know way to describe that. I would do it at midday, when there were bound to be more people about I just had to last that long.

Just eight hours. I lost myself in my memories.

Just seven hours. She filled my thoughts, her voice, her smile, her scent.

Just six hours. I was surely a monster.

Just five hours. The sun had risen but I was safe, the shadows that surrounded the alleyway that I was sitting at were hiding me. There were red banners and flags everywhere, people wearing red cloaks. Somebody rose banner over the top of one of the buildings. I translated the sign.

'Saint Marcus's Day'.

That was good, they would be very unhappy if I screwed things up for them on such a special holiday from them.

Just four hours. I could wait for her, I would wait for her.



How could she take herself away from me?

Why couldn't I have just gone back earlier, I had been so close so many times. Why couldn't I have just stayed with her the whole time, to think of all of the time that we could have had together. The heart beats that I missed, the countless nights that I could have held her, watched her as she slept. There were so many smiles and days that I could have seen, that I could have spent with her but I didn't, instead I threw that all away. I should have listened to Alice, every time. She always knew, I never should have resisted the first time, when we first met, I should have allowed myself to love her straight away. I should have stayed with the woman that made all of my senses sing. I loved her so much, I wanted to give her everything.

But she was dead.

I groaned at that, unable to keep the sobs at bay.

'H-how do you know my name?'

'I think that everybody knows your name.'


She had been so strong, so brave, so innocent. I broke her, I made her give up, I made her stop trying, I made her feel pain.

I broke Bella.

I groaned, no, how could I, I was a monster.


Just two hours, just two hours until you might see her again.

Why had I left, had I really doubted that she would ever have a soul? Surely she would never be forsaken. But hadn't I forsaken her? I had, by all rights, abandoned her, disappeared seemingly without a trace, she had probably never found the things that I had kept for her under her loose floor board. What would her reaction have been if she had found them? Would she have cared, would she have thought that despite these items of affection from not only my family but myself, that I still harbored no romantic feelings toward her? Would they have confused her? Made her sad or happy. Would she have wished that I had taken them with me, or left them some where that she could find earlier? Would she understand that I still loved her, still wanted her everyway? Would she have tried to find me and my family? Obviously she would know that we weren't going to L.A., but would she have any idea? She knew that we had a family up in Denali, would she have started there? The Denali's would have helped her, they knew all about Bella and what she was to us.

I thought back to the day that we had given her those things, her birthday – the day that everything went wrong. How happy we had been in the first photo, how she had failed to see her beauty and folded the picture in half, hiding the part the showed me her glorious features. The flight tickets so that she could go and see her mother, and I could meet her under happier circumstances. The CD full of my compositions that she claimed that she loved so much, that she had shared tears of joy over more than once. I groaned again, she had loved me, I knew that, and I had thrown her away in the forest like trash. I growled. How had I been so foolish! Why had she believed me so easily! Did she really believe that my love for her was so fickle? Did she really believe that I didn't want her, that she was no good for me?

Of course, I had spent days analyzing this over and over again. Trying to grasp why she did that, why I did that, why we couldn't just be happy together. I messed everything up, she was the main point of light in my life and I let her dull, I watched as the light faded from her eyes and she began to except the lies that I spoke to her, the woman that lit up my life, that made my miserable existence worth living, that gave me the best almost year of my life.

'She wanted to say goodbye but I convince her that a clean break would be better for you.'

Alice, I should have just listened to her all along.

You never bet against Alice.



'I am betting on Alice.'

Alice was right though, she had only seen to outcomes for Bella. Death or Vampire. She died, though not the way that Alice had predicted.

A tiny part of me wanted to hope, if Alice was always right, and she saw me killing Bella, maybe she wasn't really dead. Alice's vision had been so clear and even when I tried to ignore Bella, those futures were always there, not always as clear but still there. The last time that I had visited them those visions were still there. Alice had marched straight up to me and told me, shown me all that she could see, which wasn't much, she was loosing Bella.

Bella that was screaming in her bed as she slept, plagued by nightmares that I wasn't there to wake her from.

Bella walking thru the forest.

Bella eating pizza with Charlie, looking miserable but trying to look happy, trying to fool the man.

Bella crying.

Bella throwing out her music.

Bella crying, screaming, constantly.

The clock chimed eleven and the people that had started to swarm the plaza covered their ears and eyes and they looked up at the clock tower that stood boldly above the plaza. Little children screamed and laughed. Older people spoke about the events of the day, told their children the stories and talked about the noise.

One hour, just one hour until I could revel myself to the humans and be killed by the Volturi. How keenly I looked upon the death. I gave a sparing thought to the family, what would they think when Alice told them what had happened? Would she see what I was doing, did she dare to tell the others. Were they going to come and try to get me, to take me back home. Did they accept m decision and decide to let me be. I hoped but knew that they would not do that. Esme was be so sad, her first new son taking his life, just like she had tried to do, just days after her daughter too took her life, the exact same way that she had. She must be in such a state. Carlisle would be devastated, but hold himself together for the rest of the family. Carlisle would not want to leave his wife during her time of need, but if she gave the slightest hint of desire for him to come and help me, to get me, he would be at the airport faster than any of the others.

I hoped that they would be alright, that they could forgive me for this. Part of me wished that I still had that mobile phone, or muster up the will to go and get someway of communication to tell them that I needed them to let me do this, that them coming was to dangerous, and that they should go back home and get over me, that they should be happy with their mates and their family and live their lives basking in the joy that a mate bought to your life.

I had given up all hope of falling in love, of ever finding the woman that could make my heart sing. But I did, after so many years or loneliness that I never tried to acknowledge. She had lit my whole world up, she had made everything better and made my more than mundane life so wonderful. And what had I done? I had given her up so that she could live happily, I practically tried to thrust he into the arms of another man, warred between wanting her for me and only me and fighting off anybody else that tried to claim her as their mate and knowing what was best for her, what was natural for her, wanting her to marry and love and have children, than grandchildren and than to die. And I had planned to follow her after she had died. That was the only part of the plan that had worked, only much sooner than I had expected. The urge to go back to her had been so strong, if only I had followed, we could be happy right now. I could be watching her slepp or kissing her senseless, not that that had ever been hard. She had always wanted more but taken happily whatever I had given to her. And I had wanted to give her more, so, so much more.

I had wished that I had the strength, or really, the lack of strength, to take our physical relationship to a higher level but knew that I never could. I would bite her or crush her or both. And that was why I had needed to leave.

I had wanted to be the one that she married, that grew their children within her and that watched them grow up. I wanted to be that one that grew up with her, that grew old and that died with her. But I wasn't human, I wasn't natural, and so I couldn't offer her what was right for her.

I knew that I would always remain hers, but wondered if she had continued to be mine after I had left. Had she given her touch or her heart to another? Had they been with her in ways that I had not, could not?

The thought caused me to growl.

'And so the lion fell in love with the lamb….'

'What a stupid lamb.'

'What a sick, masochistic lion.'

I made a noise, part groan, part sob.

Bella, Bella.

The clock started to chime again.

One the first chime, my body started to relax, it was time.

The second chime, I started to stand up, I would finally be dead, so close now, so close to seeing her again.

The third chime, I started to walk to the end of the ally.

The forth chime and I was just there, just so close now.

The fifth chime and I undid my shirt, took of the white material and let the material drop next to me. I could hear her screaming, she was here with me. "Edward!" Her voice rang again and again, did she not want me to do this? Did she not want me with her or was she worried about me again? I smiled slightly, even with death she still worried about the wrong things.

The sixth chime, I stood still, still hearing her. "Edward, no!" Yes, my love, this must happen now. I could see her behind my lids, and she was a vision to behold.

The seventh chime, and I smiled slightly, again, happy that her face and her voice where the last thing that I would hear, that I could see. The sunlight was very warm to me and I could feel it from here, it warmed me slightly. "No! Edward look at me!" Oh but I am, my love. Don't you know that, don't you know that I always see you? I took a step forward, and now I was a step closer to seeing the real thing, that real Bella. Oh, how that though gave me hope.

The eighth chime and smiled slightly again, that was more than I had in months. I went to take another step, this one would put me in the light. But something stopped me, something soft and warm, something that felt right with me. Something that smelled like flowers, like freesia.


I automatically caught the angle, she hadn't stopped me from entering the light, she had just met me there once I had.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at her, her deep brown chocolate eyes, her heart shaped face, so, so beautiful.

"Amazing," I said quietly, knowing that she could hear the awe in my voice. "Carlisle was right."

"Edward," The angle gasped. Why was she breathless, had she run to me? Or had my still hard chest knocked the breath from her? "You've got to get back into the shadow's. You have to move!"

'Why?' I wanted to ask her. 'We were both dead now, we were both in Heaven, why would we be punished here? Surely I could stand in the sun.' But I didn't want to talk, no I wanted to let her talk, wanted to absorb everything. She was pressing against my chest, maybe trying to get me to move, but I was happy here, we were together again, so why did she look so worried. But there was something else In her eyes, something that I craved to see. There was love in her eyes, a hint of joy even. I hoped that I was really seeing this, that I wasn't just imagining things again.

"I can't believe how quick it was. I didn't feel a thing. They're very good." I said quietly after she didn't say anything. Maybe by speaking to her, I would get a response. I pressed my lips against her hair. Her scent was still amazing, still so tempting but I could resist, I could always resist. "Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath, hath had no power yet upon thy beauty." Would she see the symbolism that came with my words? Would she remember the day of her eighteenth birthday? The day that we watched the movie together, wrapped up on her couch. Her scent still hurt my throat, but I could manage,, I could always manage to control the beast. "You smell just exactly the same as always, so maybe this is hell. Don't care. I will take it." I said jokingly, how could we be in hell if she was here. She was good and pure, she could never go to hell.

"I'm not dead, and neither are you! Please Edward, we have to move. They can't be far away!" What did she mean that we weren't dead? But the angle started to struggle in my arms, why was she struggling, did she not want me to hold on to her?

"What was that?"

"We're not dead, not yet! But we have to get out of here before the Volturi – " I didn't let her finish.

The words that she had spoken made everything come crashing back; The still chiming clock in the background, the thousands of thoughts, two of which were heading our way.

.Aro says not to kill Edward, but what if the boy starts to struggle, we must not cause a scene….

.was that a girl that was with him?...

I spun her round and put her back up against the wall, spreading my arms and crouching defensively in front of her. Oh no no no, I had led her to her death. I had just gotten her back and now she was facing death, once again, because of me. Will the catastrophes never end? How did my love even find me? Surely one of my family embers must have brought her here, but didn't they know how dangerous that was! She would surely be killed, or changed – neither of these things were preferable. I wanted her forever, of course, how could I not, but I was not willing to risk her soul.

The two vampires slithered their way into the dark ally, sticking to the walls until they were sure that no sunlight would catch them, even in their dark cloaks.

"Greetings gentlemen." I kept my voice calm, pleasant, as if they were acquaintances. One of these men I recognized as the man that had snorted when I had said 'strength of the average vampire', the other was the one that had taken me to see the brothers when I got here earlier today. "I don't think that I'll be requiring your services today." Still calm, I must remain patient, they can't see how much they affect me. "I would appreciate it very much, however, if you would send my thanks to your masters."

As if

Felix wants the girl, I know that look, she does smell divine though. I am glad that we get to feed today, it was been to long.

"Shall we take this conversation to a more appropriate venue?" The bigger one, Felix whispered menacingly.

"I don't believe that will be necessary." I was more forceful now, I would not risk her anymore. They would want to take her,

We must in force the rules Edward, you must know that.

"I know your instructions, Felix. I haven't broken any rules."

You told that girl, the one that died.

I winced. 'She is alive, not dead, don't think like that Edward, you need to protect her.'

"Felix mealy meant to point out the proximity of the sun, let us seek better cover."

I wasn't stupid enough to fall for that.

This can be peaceful Edward, as you said, you have broken no rules.

"I'll be right behind you, Bella, why don't you go back to the square and enjoy the festival?" I told her, not putting emotion into my voice. Maybe they would think that she didn't know?

"No, bring the girl." Felix leered, thinking of her taste, of the scent.

I growled, the monster would never get his bloodstained hands on her.

"I don't think so." I replied, my voice cold and firm. I shifted my stance slightly, ready to defend her should Felix or Demetri make and advance.

"No." I saw Bella mouth the word, concerned again for me. Did she not get the danger that she was in front of, why could she not grasp the enormity of this, why does she have no sense of self preservation?

"Shh." I murmured to her, wanting to offer the angel any sense of comfort that I could.

"Felix, not here." Demetri said. He was the more responsible one, he knew that we could not fight or cause a scene with so many humans around, there were families that had a clear view of what was happening, one in particular that was becoming increasingly alarmed. Demetri turned to me again. "Aro would simply like to speak with you again, if you have decided not to force our hand after all."

"Certainly, but the girl goes free." Aro was interested in her and disappointed when he became aware that she was dead, he thought that her possible gift was intriguing and was interested to know if she was immune to his power, as it was so similar to mine.

"I'm afraid that's not possible." No you're not. "We have rules to obey."

"Than I'm afraid that I won't be able to accept Aro's invitation, Demetri."

"That's just fine." Felix purred, we can take you both right here. You may be a struggle but I can get the girl before she can even scream.

"Aro will be disappointed." Don't make this difficult.

"I'm sure that he will survive the letdown." They knew that I would not go with them, so they started to come closer, in hopes to force me deeper into the ally. They did not want to cause a scene. I would easily follow them, but not with Bella here, the girl must be safe. Then her thoughts hit me.

Don't back away Edward! I'll be right there! Shit, why can't I see! Countless visions started to flash in Alice's mind. Bella dead, all of us dead, Alice returning home alone, distraught. Bella as a vampire. The three of us with the Volturi, Jasper eventually joining us. Bella and I as members with red eyes, mine filled with disgust but love. Us back at Forks, going to school again, with Bella in my arms, looking away from the people that were staring at us.

Yes! Now lets just try to stick with that one.

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