"Last Wish"

Summary: Three men... One had her. One has her. One wants her. What happens when the one who has everything he could want and more loses it? Can she over come her grief and confusion about wanting someone else? Will she give way to the man that gave her pleasure in the past or find out what she can have with someone new?

This is AU/AH. There is both Canon and Non-Canon couples in this story. Multiple POV.

Chapter 1-A Miracle


My feet hurt, my back was killing me, I had just peed for the tenth time of the night and we still had hours of work ahead of us.

I plopped down on the couch of my Seattle hotel room, papers scattering everywhere.


"Hum?" He popped his head up from the papers he was going over while sitting in the overstuffed arm chair.

"Promise me the next time I say I want to have a baby, I get a surrogate or something. I so can't do this again."

He moved from the chair to the other end of the couch. He pulled up my swollen calves into his lap. He started massaging the tender flesh melting away all the aches and pains. God, his hands feel good.

"Don't worry. Only three more weeks, then you'll have a beautiful baby boy, and an excuse to take a break. I can't believe you actually made it up here this weekend."

"We need to get this stuff done so I can take some time off. My final draft has to be picture perfect by Monday for Esme." I huffed as the stress of it all was catching up with me.

"Just calm down. Getting yourself all worked up is not good for you or the baby. Besides, we are pretty much done. I can take care of the little stuff we have left. Why don't you go lay down."

"I don't think I can even walk right now. You're making my legs feel like jello, but my back still feels like I'm being stabbed repeatedly." I tried to rub some of the pain away by pinching and kneading the muscles in my lower back.

"How long has your back been hurting like that?" Edward sat straight up on the couch.

"A couple of hours. Why?"

"Hate to tell you this, but it's probably back labor. Didn't you have it last time?"

"Oh hell." I realized I had the same symptoms just before I delivered my little girl just five years before. "I can't have this baby in Seattle. We have the birth plan all set up. This can't happen now."

Just then I felt a swift kick and a gush of fluid. My face scrunched up with the severe pain.

"I'm calling down for a car. I'm taking you to the hospital, now."

Edward got on the phone, and I resigned myself to the fact that my baby was coming whether I wanted him to or not.



I turned my head to find those familiar green eyes staring at me. "Edward." I smiled as I felt more of the drugs coursing through my veins.

"Feeling better?"

"Much. I need to kiss the guy who invented the epidural."

"That good, huh?" I nodded as I rubbed my belly. "They don't think it'll be much longer. I hope he gets-"

We were interrupted when a doctor entered the room.

"Hello there, little mama."

"Carlisle," I sighed. If I couldn't have my doctor from Forks, at least I knew I would be in good hands with Dr. Cullen.

"I hear we are just about ready to have a baby. You're wanting me to do the honors?"

"I trust you. I don't know any of these other doctors." I felt a slight twinge as another contraction came on.

"Fine, then I would be glad to help." He turned to Edward. "I just need to check her now, so..."

"I'll be right outside." Edward patted my belly before getting up to go out into the hall.

The door opened and a fury of blond hair and blue eyes rushed in.

"Oh, thank God. I made it." He was at my side in seconds. "I thought I was going to miss our little guy's entrance."

"Little Mikey would not make his appearance without his daddy here." I took Mike's hand and brought him down to my belly. "Now that you're here, I'm ready." Mike brought his lips to mine. I savored every one of my husband's kisses as if it was the first.

I turned my head just in time to see Edward give me a weak smile before closing the door.



The fucking hardest day of my life. I had no right to her, yet, I felt so cheated out of one of the most intimate experiences of her life. Bella giving birth to her son. Not my son, like he had been in so many of my daydreams. He was a new member of the Newton clan, Micheal Alan Newton, Jr. They joked how he was now their little man and her husband, Mike, would be her big man.

Another problem was I actually really liked Mike. He was already an amazing father to their daughter, Jessica. I knew he'd have no problem slipping into the role of father of two. Plus, he supported Bella whole-heartedly. It was that support that lead her to me just six months before.

Bella was an English teacher at Forks High School, living her middle class life in their small town. She and Mike had been married for almost seven years. They had five-year-old Jessica and little Mike on the way.

Bella had always aspired to be more than what she had turned out to be. Her little free time was spent typing away on her laptop, creating a fantasy world of other worldly creatures begging to come to life. She never intended to do anything with her writing, but once her best friend got a hold of it, her greatness was taken out of her hands.

Mary Alice Whitlock, Alice to her friends, was the ying to Bella's yang. Spunky little thing had been gossiping and creating everlasting memories with Bella since the first grade.

The story goes that Alice was babysitting for Jessica one night when she accidentally found Bella's completed manuscript on her laptop with notes on story lines for several more. Alice was transfixed after just the first chapter. When she was caught after Bella and Mike returned that evening, she begged Bella for a copy. That's where I entered the story.

Alice's husband, Jasper, just happened to be the brother-in-law of my brother, Emmett. Rosalie, Emmett's wife and Jasper's sister, got a hold of the manuscript then turned it over to Em and me. We ran our own literary and publicity agency in Seattle along with our mother, Esme, and a dozen other employees.

I joined The Cullen Agency right out of college. It gave way to let Em and I handle the clients while mom got back to her true love, editing. Our clients loved us; it was like one-stop shopping. Bella was no different.

I was transfixed by her character configuration, the tale her story wove made me a part of it from the very beginning. I was on the phone getting her number, while I was typing up a contract, before I had even read past chapter five. It was to be the best thing our little family business had ever been a part of.

The first time I talked to her on the phone, I thought I would actually melt from the dulcet tones of her voice. When I met her in person for the first time to finalize her contract, I fell in love instantly. A love that could never be returned, but I never cared. Being a part of her life and success was enough. At least I thought it was until the day little Mike was born.

I worked with her to release her first novel within two months of signing her. It was heavily publicized and she did a tremendous amount of traveling. All needed to be done in accordance with her pregnancy. It also seemed to be a plus that she was a young mother, with a wonderful family from a small town.

Needless to say, she had quit her teaching job. Mike took leave from the Forks Police Department to be a full-time dad, selfless guy that he was. I became Bella's agent and publicist, spending many hours driving back and forth between Forks and Seattle, even spending a night or two in the Newton's guest room.

The best part of it all was that I was the one who traveled with Bella. Mike always stayed behind to watch after Jessica. I was the lucky one who went with her to all the big cities for book signings and interviews. She put the both of us on the map when she made it onto the New York Times Best Sellers List. In all that time, it just got worse.

Bella was everything I had ever dreamed of in a wife and mother. Beautiful. Brilliant. Selfless. Compassionate. Not to mention sexy as hell, even if she was pregnant. Her smile set my nether regions on fire. One brief whiff of her scent had me hard for hours.

Even though she never said it, I knew I affected her too. Her lovely blush and the way her eyes smiled just for me was proof enough. Yet, she was utterly devoted to her husband and family.

So, there I was typing up little Mike's birth announcement to post on her website while the woman I loved oohed and aahed over her child with another man.

"Hey, Edward?"

I looked up to see Mike, in his proud papa persona, coming over to me in the waiting room.

"What's up? Is Bella doing alright?"

"She's fine. I'm just going down to the gift shop to get a few things then meet Charlie. He's supposed to be here with Jessie in just a little bit." Mike gripped my shoulder firmly before continuing. "Bella's really lucky to have you in her life. I always knew you'd look out for her. Thanks for everything you've done today."

"You're welcome. You know I would do anything for her... for all of your family."

"Why don't you go in. I'll be back in a little while."

"Sure." I gathered up my things and headed off to the room.

I entered after a soft knock to her door. Her mahogany locks were wildly gathered at the nape of her neck. Her deep chocolate eyes full of exhaustion still had the ability to smile for only me.

"Your fans are already sending you well wishes and begging for pictures."

"No pictures of me yet." She gazed at her son asleep in her arms as I took the seat beside her. "The epidural hasn't quite worn off yet, and I have got to take a shower before any flash bulbs make their way in here."

"You're breathtaking. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise."

Her blush graced her cheeks as she took my hand. "I know I've already said this about a million times, but thank you for everything. Not just today, but everyday since we met. This might sound kind of strange, but besides Alice, you've become my best friend. I'm so grateful everyday that you're part of my life."

I knew in what context every word she said was meant, but in my fantasy they meant so much more.

"Other than my family, you've become the person I'm closest to. I'm honored to share any part of your life that I can." I smiled and brought her hand up to my lips to place a kiss on her knuckles as I winked at her.

Little Mike started to squirm in Bella's arms. "Do you want to hold him?"

"Sure." Bella passed the blue bundle to me.

For a moment I got lost in my daydream of holding my own son for the first time. The tuft of blond hair and bright blue eyes definitely brought me back to reality. There was no way anyone would mistake him as mine. I still dreamed of taking him home and changing diapers in the nursery my mom would of helped Bella create. I wouldn't even mind the late night feedings or lack of sleep if Bella was right there with me.

"Edward," Bella's voice whispered.

I looked over to her to find her sleeping with a soft smile upon her lips. My heart speed up with the thought of her dreaming of me too.

About twenty minutes later, the pitter patter of two five-year-olds met my ears.

"Seth, come meet my little brother." Jessica dragged her best friend over in front of my chair. I pulled the blanket down from around his face to show them. "He looks just like me. Daddy, look. He's got yellow hair too."

"I know, baby." Mike entered with Bella's father, Charlie, and Seth's father, the biggest douche bag I'd ever met, Jacob Black.

Why Bella would even let that prick anywhere near her family was beyond my comprehension. He was her ex. Not just ex-boyfriend, her ex-husband. Her high school sweetheart who left her broken, after less than two years of marriage, for Emily, who at the time a seventeen year old girl. Emily ended up marrying him before the ink even dried on his divorce papers with Bella. Eventually, Bella hooked up with Mike ,who'd been one of Jacob's best friends, and then she and Emily ended up getting pregnant at the same time. Jessica and Seth were only a few months apart, and for some strange reason, they were the best of friends. Before Seth was even out of diapers, Jacob got served with divorce papers while Emily frolicked with her new toy, Sam. So Jacob ended up with sole custody and a hankering to have Bella back in his life. Bella being Bella, welcomed him back. I was told Mike was apprehensive at first, but gave in for Bella and the Kid's sake.

Bella woke as Mike laid a kiss on her forehead. "Hey sunshine. Look who came to visit."

Jessica hopped into bed with Bella, as I handed over little Mike to his grandpa. I stood to give Charlie my seat to find Jacob's outstretched hand.

"I hear we have you to thank for getting Bells here so quickly," he uttered as he took my hand for a firm shake.

"Just making sure the newest little Newton arrived in style." I removed my hand from his, wiping my palm off on my jeans.

That was the extent of my interaction with Jacob. Thank fucking God. He went over to give Bella's hand a squeeze.

"Please tell me you left the camera at home, Jake." Bella's words pleaded.

"Nope, it's right here." He patted the bag he had at his side. "I've already gotten calls asking when we'd have something to publish."

"I don't know if I'm going to be up to it any time soon. You can take pictures of Mikey, but let's wait to do the family ones until we get back home."

"Whatever you want, Bells."

I rolled my eyes as Jacob tried to give her his God's gift smile. It was shitty enough that he was her ex-husband, but worse that he was the only photographer she would let near her. He took all he promotional photos and even the one for the jacket cover. I hated spending a minute with the guy, but because of Bella, I bore his existence.

"I better get going. I've got some things to finish up now that my partner is on her official break."

I went to Bella's side, giving Mike a handshake. Bella pulled me down into a tight hug then whispered in my ear. "Come back soon. I want Mikey to get some good bonding time in with his Godfather from the beginning."

I stepped back out of her hug and looked at her and Mike in shock. Mike nodded. "We'd be honored, Edward, if you would be our son's Godfather."

Bella's breathtaking chocolate orbs smiled at me as she squeezed my hand. "I would love to."



Mikey was only a week old, but we had gotten Father Tom from Queen of Angels to go ahead with the baptism. I knew everyone's schedules would just get worse on down the road, especially Edward's, so I just wanted to get it done.

Alice had been overjoyed when we asked her to be the Godmother. Jessica's Godparents were Mike's younger sister, Angela, and his best friend, Tyler Crowley. So with Mikey, I chose my two best friends.

Mass went quickly that Sunday morning and we were soon standing by the baptismal font. Edward held Mikey while Father Tom blessed him with the holy water. When he started to cry a little while later, he was passed to Alice who had him cooing in no time.

We had a dinner back home to celebrate our little man. Mike was glowing he was so happy to finally have a son. Not that he loved Jessie any less, but Mikey was really the blessing he never knew he wanted.

Everything was falling into place. I had my husband, my children, my father, and my best friends. My career was finally taking off, and I was looking forward to getting my next book published.


I turned to find Edward's emerald eyes searching mine. He always looked like he was searching for something every time he looked at me. Every once in a while, he'd find what he was looking for and total relaxation would sweep through him.

"Yes, Edward."

"I hate to do this, but, ummm... I have some shop talk to go over with you."

"Go ahead. I'll keep everyone entertained." Mike leaned over and kissed my forehead.

"Okay, we'll just be in the office."

Edward followed me into our old formal dinning room that we'd converted into an office. I closed the French doors for a little privacy before I joined Edward on the couch.

"So, what is it?" He looked really nervous for some reason. I really couldn't imagine why.

"It's about chapter seventeen. It just kind of stops, then chapter eighteen starts the next day. I just feel there is no real transition."

"Oh, I thought if you noticed you would have said something by now. There is something missing."

"I thought so."

I walked over to my desk and booted up my computer, pulling up the ten page document that was intended to be the original beginning of chapter eighteen.

"You can read it. I just wasn't sure how it would flow with the rest of the story, that's why I took it out. I know the audience for my work has a very young fan base, so I wasn't sure if it was umm... appropriate." I could feel my face blushing before he even sat down in front of the screen.

I sat back on the couch as I saw many different emotions flow through him. I could swear I even saw a bead of sweat develop on his brow as I bit down on my nails.

He sat back in my desk chair taking a long deep breath. I could no longer imagine what was racing through his mind as he tugged at his bronze mop.

"That was... It..."

"I know. Too much, right?"

"No, of course not. It's just, you're right. It's too explicit for some of our younger readers." I blew out the breath I was holding as he came back to sit on the couch with me. "Becca and Ian are two of my favorite characters and the way you've written their first time together, so much want and longing, it's just perfect."

"You really like it?" I loved writing it. The two characters that I had wanted to weave together since the beginning of the first book having sex for the first time was such a prolific experience for them as well as myself.

"I loved it. Was any of it from a... personal experience?" It was now Edward's turn to blush. Edward and I had never really discussed sex before, but he was my best guy friend, so why shouldn't I.

"Not in real life, but I have had varying fantasies similar for as long as I can remember. Some of it is just being so physically compatible with each other that certain positions can work."

"So you never even tried to do what you wrote on page four?" Edward looked excited yet terrified at the same time with a slight grin trembling across his lips.

"Nope." I popped my 'p'. "I always wanted to, but Jake was really too big and Mike, well, he's just really not into that kind of thing."

"And they're the only people you've been with?"

I knew this was really uncharted territory in our friendship, but for some reason I felt comfortable talking so freely about sex with someone I trusted completely.

"Yep." I knew I had no right to ask what I was thinking, but my deep seeded sex kitten wanted to know. "Have you ever... done page four?"

"I've thought about it, but no. I haven't had anyone to be that compatible with either. I know Em has made me out to be some sort of a man-whore, but I'm really far from it." His head fell back and his eyes concentrated on the ceiling. I noticed his Adam's apple bob up and down as he swallowed hard. "It just seems like when I find a woman I think could be the one, she's a lesbian, celibate, or married." He looked strait into my eyes when he said married. Could he mean me? No, of course not. Edward was my friend. My incredibly hot friend, but friend none the less. I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks as I felt a little tingle thinking of him and I on page four.

"Oh." I shook myself out of my thoughts. "I'm sure she's out there. You're way too gorgeous to be alone for long."

"Well." His eyebrows rose practically up to his hairline. "On that note, I have an idea."

"What's that?" I asked as I licked my lips.

"If you think you might be able to come up with some other extra stuff to tuck in here and there, we could release it a few months later as a special edition. That's if Esme and the publisher approve of course."

"Are you serious?" He nodded with a grin from ear to ear. "Oh my God, Edward." I launched myself into his arms. "I have a ton of stuff that would be so awesome." I breathed deeply tiring to contain my excitement. It was the absolutely wrong thing to do. I took in Edward's scent and became almost faint. I pulled away weakly.

Edward lifted his hand up to my cheek to tuck a piece of my stray hair behind my ear. "I'll make it happen."

Oh, I'm so going to hell.