"Eeeeeedddddddwaaaaarddd." I whined as he was suckling on my earlobe.

"I know you want to, baby. Come on." His lips traveled down my neck as his hands settled on my hips.

"Of course, I do. I'd be crazy not to." I rolled my eyes as the tip of his tongue circled all the little bumps going up my neck.

"Then what is the problem?" I felt his hardness press between my ass cheeks.

"I'm just not sure I'm ready. Do you really think I can do it?" I turned to pull him as close as I could without causing bodily harm while my arms slipped around his neck.

"Love, you've been preparing for a chance like this for years. You have to do it."

I bit my lip in concentration as I lowered my eyes to my ever expanding belly. "But the baby will only be three months old by then and I have deadlines to meet. How will I ever be healthy enough or have enough time to do all that needs to be done for three movies?"

I huffed and puffed as the little one who'd been inhabiting my belly for eight and a half months gave me a swift kick. Edward lead me over to the comfiest chair in existence that had been my haven as my body expanded.

Edward sat on the ottoman before grabbing my feet and beginning the daily ritual of rubbing them.

"You have spent years working your way to this point. The 'Redemption' series is being made into three movies, you're a producer, and now an Oscar winning director has asked you to play the character that's closest to your heart. I know you've only done a few cameos and television, but I know you can do this. They will accommodate you and the baby in every way. Plus, I'll be with you every step of the way. Come on. Say yes."

I sat in deep thought as my feet received the royal treatment. Since Edward and I had married over four years ago, our lives have been in constant chaos. My third book hit shelves before our first anniversary. Then the acting offers started pouring in. For some reason, one of Edward's director friends, Garrett, thought I would be perfect for a cameo on his new hit television show. So I did it and I loved it. It was bringing words to life, letting people visualize the written word. I did several other guest spots, my favorite being a former addict-slash-biker babe on one of those law shows who was accused of murder. I actually was nominated for a prime-time Emmy. I didn't win, but it was an honor to be nominated. All the while, I was raising my kids with my dead sexy husband and working on my next series of novels. The first had been published when I was five months pregnant with the yet-to-arrive Cullen.

Now I was faced with the dilemma of whether or not to play Rebecca Swift, my character from my first trilogy of novels. I knew her better than I knew myself and they wanted me to bring her to life on screen. I was terrified.

"I just don't know. They are thinking of guys like George Clooney and Josh Duhmel to co-star. That's a lot of pressure. Plus I've packed on a good forty pounds with your Cullen offspring. I'm not sure it will come off easy this time."

"Stop." He stopped rubbing my feet and rolled the ottoman forward so I could wrap my legs around his waist. "I know you can loose the weight with no problems. I know when you were writing you always saw a version of yourself as Becca. I can't imagine a more perfect person to play her. No more excuses, love."

"Damn." I pffted and blew a chunk of hair away from my face. "I hate it when you're right."

He slid off the ottoman to kneel between my thighs. "You love it." He leaned in and brush his lips against my own.

"I know."

A few not so chaste pecks later, we heard a pair of footsteps barreling down the stairs and into the living room.

"Mommy, are the cupcakes ready?"

Mikey, with his sparkling blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair, stoof anxiously waiting for an answer.

"They're cooling. I just have to frost them. They will be ready for your party, I promise."

I got a quick peck on the cheek from my birthday boy. "Thanks!" Then he ran off in search of his next activity to waste time on until he was ready to celebrate his fourth birthday.

"Help a pregnant lady out, Cullen." I held my arms up for his assistance. "I've got frosting to do."


I was working on the last minute details while the party was getting into full swing. The cupcakes were frosted, the punch was made, and I was just placing the last gifts in the goodie bags as I heard a set of footsteps coming into the kitchen.

"Bella?" The soft, unfamiliar voice startled me.

I turned to see a boy with dark cropped hair, beautiful russet skin, and warm brown eyes. My breath caught in my chest at the realization of who was standing before me.


"Yup. Hope it's okay that I came. My aunt brought me." He stood nervously with a small wrapped present in his hand.

"It's more than okay." I swallowed hard, fighting the tears that were about to escape. I hadn't seen him or Jake in almost four years and I'd missed them terribly. "Come give me a hug."

He set the present on the counter and gently wrapped his arms around me. "I've missed you so much, little one."

He looked up to me. "I'm ten now. I'm not little anymore."

"I know" I gulped as a few tears ran down my cheek. "You'll always be that gorgeous little boy to me. Jessie is going to be so excited. Let's go see her."I took his hand and followed him out back to the party.

The second Jessie saw whose hand I was holding, she ran and tackled him to the ground. Their enthusiasm for their long stalled friendship radiated throughout the crowd of friends and family.

"Love? There's someone else who'd like to say hello." I turned to find Edward standing with a nervous Jake at his side.

"Jake? What are you doing here? Seth said he came with your sister."

I reached out for Edward and yanked him to my side.

"I called and talked to Edward and asked if we could come. He didn't mention you were expecting."

I smacked Edward in the arm.

"What? It didn't come up. He just wanted to come make peace. Seth is starting at Hale in the fall and he and Jessie will be in the same class."

I turned to Jake. "So you're really moving to Seattle this time?"

"Yeah and I needed to make amends to both of you. I was a douche."

Edward snorted a laugh.

"I know. I know. I was wrong and because of that both Seth and I suffered. I can't do that anymore. So I'm here asking forgiveness from both of you for being such an ass for so long."

I looked to Edward who must have had a long talk with him before even considering letting Jake set foot on our property. Maybe it was time to forgive even though I would never forget.

"We'll see. Let's just see how it goes." I held onto Edward as we made our way over to all of our friends and family.

The amount of children in our once tight knit group had grow significantly in the last few years. Alice went a little overboard having her daughter Jaslin, and son, Alistair, only eleven months apart. I felt for her having a two year old and a thirteen month old both running around in diapers. Rose and Emmett had their bundle of joy in eighteen month old Peter. He was a dickens that followed his cousin Mikey and tried every stunt and trick that he was able to copy; not so successfully most of the time. Angela and Ben welcomed little Brandon Micheal into the world just three months ago.

Even though I was overjoyed for all of my friends and family, I was dying to meet the little Cullen in my belly. Edward didn't want to know the sex of the baby; since we already had a boy and a girl he wanted it to be a surprise. It was driving Esme so crazy that she made me close my eyes at my last sonogram so she could get a look at what our little one was sporting between the legs. Since then, she'd been noticeably calmer while secretly working on the perfect nursery.

The kids stuffed themselves full of chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and vanilla ice cream after we sung "Happy Birthday." Mikey was in the middle of opening presents when the inevitable happened.

I took several deep breaths before making my way over to Edward where he was video tapping the festivities.

"Edward!" I shout whispered as he filmed Mikey playing with his new super huge goo spurting gun.

"I know, it's gonna make a mess, but I just had to get it."

"No, Edward. Put down the camera."

He turned and noticed the panic on my face. "What is it?"

"My water just broke. We need to go."

"Fuck!" The camera was passed off to a nearby Jasper before Edward motioned for Carlisle to come over. "Her water broke. We're going to the hospital. Can you and Mom handle this and meet us there when this is over?'

"Sure, son. Go. GO!"

Within five minutes, our hospital bag was in the car, we were both strapped in and on our way to Seattle Grace to deliver the newest member to the family.


My eyes were heavy as I blinked slowly. When I could finally focus, I could see Edward sitting next to me cooing with our little bundle in his arms.

"How's he doing?"

"Perfect. We just had a long discussion about what his name should be."

"You did now? What did you decide?" I turned on my side to caress my new little boy's cheek.

"Well, we have the whole Rosalie aspect to consider. We did promise to give our first born a nod to her. So I was thinking we could call him Whit. Shortened version of Whitlock, giving Rose, Jasper, and even Alice a little bit of acknowledgment."

"It's different, but... I like it. Did he have anything to say about his middle name?" I lazily worked my fingertips through Whit's downy bronze hair.


"Whit Anthony Cullen. I love it. I love you." Edward leaned in for a kiss before I pushed him back a smidge. "You have a few calls to make."

"Most the family is waiting outside."

"Yes, them, but as my publicist and agent you need to get that contract for me. If I'm going to start filming my feature film debut in twelve weeks, I want it in writing before the workouts commence."

"I'll get right on it, love." Edward laughed a little as I sunk back into my hospital bed.

My eyes were heavy once again as I was pulled into unconsciousness, no need to dream because they had all come true.