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-John POV-

I couldn't help but purr as the red demon picked me up and sat me on one of the big chairs in the library, but tilted my head as he moved back to my sire, and the man that said he was my future mate. The red one did have a point though. Why would I want a mate that couldn't even defend himself against a bunch of humans? Or break their chains? Maybe he wasn't as strong as I originally thought even though he had a very nice voice… But the red demon's voice was so much deeper, and surely if he and the blue one had free reign of this place crawling with humans they were strong… Stronger then the one named Treug. Now, I would not mate with the fish man. He would be a good protector of any kits that came from a union with a mate, and from looking around his home he would be an excellent teacher.

I looked back at the red one and Treug as I heard chains rattling. My eyes opening wide as he released my sire. Surely they wouldn't fight here!

"Let's go pussy cat." Growled the red one, causing a pleasured shiver to run down my spine. "We'll find another spot to fight."

Treug growled. "How much longer will you put off the inevitable? He is mine, and I will prove it to you." The red one snorted. "What is so funny?!"

"You ain't got claim to Scout while I'm still standin' pussy cat." He waved his hand and started walking away, his back turned to Treug to show that he didn't see him as a threat. "Let's go, I'm bored with this." He looked over to me and smiled softly. "Come on Scout." I stood and walked to him, rubbing against him and purring softly before I stepped away from him a little at a threatening growl. I followed the one named Hellboy, if I remember right from the blue one… Abe? Yes, that was their names. I frowned a little as we walked into a gymnasium.

Why did I feel like there was something I was forgetting?


I watched from the corner of my eye as John started frowning a little. I'd have to ask him later what the problem was.

Right now, I had a pussy cat ass to kick.

"Blue, take Scout to the bleachers. Don't let him get up for anything, got it?"

"Understood Red." Abe said as he gently led John to the seats.

"I tire of your games!" I felt claws rip into my shoulders and try to slice down my back. I hissed through my teeth as I reached back and grabbed onto the wrists, squeezing a little harder then maybe was fair, and threw him over my head. The crack on the floor was kind of gross.

Funny, I thought cats were supposed to always land on their feet.

I shrugged as I walked over to the slightly dazed demon on his back in the middle of the gym floor. "That was a shitty move man." I sighed, shaking my head as I yanked him off of the floor. "Really? That's all you got?" I was surprised when a foot came up and kicked me so hard in the ribs that I felt a couple crack, followed by an upper cut to my jaw that sent me stumbling back a few steps and drop him.

"That was to get your attention." He said with a growing sneer. I rubbed my sore jaw and opened it a bit, wincing as it cracked. "That was to start the fight for my mate." I was caught off guard enough when he jumped five feet in the air and pounced on me to fall back onto the floor, my head cracking on it and making me see stars for a second. "Is this the mate you want little one?" He shouted over to Scout. "He is so easily floored that we should just call this match no-"

I grabbed his head in my normal hand and smashed it into the floor, rolling out from under him and growling. Like hell I was gonna be pinned by this ass hole! And I sure as shit wasn't about to lose to an over grown cat!


That was the only warning I got before he was up and slashing at my chest with his claws. I laughed as I grabbed his wrist and twisted it behind his back. "You fight like a bitch!" I whispered. "Scout did worse than you in the van on the way here!" I groaned when he tilted his head down and rammed it into my nose before hooking his foot behind one of mine and used his weight to send us both crashing to the floor before jumping off of me and into the rafters. "Hiding now pussy cat?" I gritted out through my teeth as I pushed myself up off the floor.

"Using one's skills in a fight is not hiding you idiot." Came a growl from behind me before I felt a searing pain in the small of my back. I spun around to see him jumping back up into the rafters, disappearing into the dark spots. "It is called strategy."

"Where I'm from, you're hiding like a sissy!" I growled, shouting as I felt claws sink into my shoulder blade and ripped up as he jumped back to his hiding spot. I grunted and yanked what was left of my black tank top, damn it this was my favorite!, and looked back to the ceiling as I let it drop to the floor with a wet splat. I didn't need to look to see it was soaked with my blood, I could feel it dribbling down my back. This was getting old. I needed to find a way to end this before he got anymore hits in…

"Giving up so soon demon? How very unexpected. If you wish to surrender then I may spare your life. After all, my mate was very fond of you before I turned him." He taunted me. "I so look forward to taking him. Did you know that he thought of you often when he was alone in his room at night? I am going to look forward to making him shout my name as I shove into his ass." I could just see him licking his lips, making me clinch my fists. "Of course, he may remember you at that time. I do so love a challenge though. How loud do you think he'll scream for me?" He chuckled from the rafters. "After all, the first mating may not be consensual… but I can always break him." He dropped down landing a few feet away from me, close to the bleachers. "I had the privilege of seeing his thoughts as my fangs sank into that soft flesh. He wanted to keep this to himself… something about a Liz?"

I growled at him, my tail thrashing back and forth. If I let him think he'd beaten me, I could have a chance to snap that fuckin' neck of his. He turned and walked over to the bleachers, grabbing John's chin and forcing it up, licking at his lips and making him whimper.

"He tastes so sweet. I can't wait to have your lips wrapped around my cock little one, just thinking about that feeling is arousing." He growled, leaning closer to his face, before a blue hand punched him in the cheek, sending him landing on his side. "How dare you interfere!" He growled at Abe, who had put himself protectively in front of John.

I stared at Blue, my jaw dropping a bit. I'd never seen Abe get physical with someone before. "You will not touch him you degenerate!" He told him sternly. "Your challenge is not over!" I chuckled and cracked my knuckles, walking over to the fallen cat demon.

I'll break his fingers first. I thought to myself as I watched the cat demon stand up, ready to attack Abe. I charged at him, using my shoulder to shove him into the wall before punching him in the gut and making him cough up some blood on my arm. I leaned in to his ear and whispered. "You lose." Before throwing him across the, easily, thirty foot wide gym and into the opposite wall. I felt a strange satisfaction as I watched him drop limply against that wall and into a pile on the floor. I cracked my neck as I turned around and walked back towards the bleachers and smiled at my beaming Scout. I was only two steps away from him when he let out a unhappy yowl. I frowned until I felt a foot connect with the back of my head, sending me into the bleachers, thank God Abe had grabbed John and yanked him out of the way.

But fuck that hurt!

What the hell was this guy made of?! Titanium?!

I shoved myself up and spun around, my stone hand in a fist. I was done screwin' around with this fucker. I grinned when I felt the bone in his shoulder crack under the weight of the stone. "I'm done fuckin' with you pussy cat." I snarled. I could feel my horns starting to grow a little. "I should crush you, rip you into little pieces and stomp your worthless head into sand, and if it wasn't for our deal I would do exactly that. Now," I grabbed his good arm and pulled it up straight from his side. "say Uncle." He snarled right back at me.

"I will not surrender!" I pulled back harder, hearing a small crack. "Argh! Enough! You are not following the rules of a mate battle!" He shouted, trying to get his arm out of my grip.

"Says the guy hiding up in the fuckin' ceiling." I growled savagely. "Say it!"


"I swear to every God I know I will break your God damn arm!" I yelled, yanking it just hard enough to hear a small pop.

"AH! Fine, fine! I surrender!" He yowled. I grinned and let his arm loose, watching as it fell to the ground. He pushed himself up, his good arm clutching his broken one. He glared at me as Abe started walking over to us to get him to the medical wing. "I will challenge you again." He growled softly. I sneered at him.

"Bring it on fucker." I growled back. I watched as Abe left, guiding him to the doors and out of sight. I sighed, then hissed as I felt the stinging of the slices on my back and shoulders from his claws now that the adrenaline was starting to fade. I tensed a little as I felt a hesitant hand touch between two different cuts. "Scout?"

"I… I'm sorry." Came the soft voice from behind me before I felt a gentle tongue tentatively lap at one of the marks, licking my blood from my back just under my shoulder blade. I bit back a groan and shoved the shudder down as hard as I could before turning around.

"Not your fault John. That bastard did this to me, not you." I told him, running my fingers through his soft hair. By all rights, he was my mate now and I could do whatever I wanted to him. Hell, I could take him right here and he wouldn't say anything about it. He purred softly and pushed his head into my fingers and I smiled. "Wanna come and help me get cleaned up?"

He tilted his head and swished his tail nervously. "You... don't want me?" He started wringing his hands and looked up at me with those wide brown eyes. "Have I done something wrong?" I gulped, trying to push down the sudden rush of lust as he licked his lips. That scent… that was why I was feeling like that.

Riiiight. My brain said smugly. "No, you didn't do anything wrong Scout. I want to get all of this blood off of my back though." John, damn him!, ran his tongue over his bottom lip again and nodded.

"Okay." He whispered, his tail wrapping around his upper thigh and looked at the ground. I frowned a little, my demon side nagging at me that my mate needed some kind of physical contact. I reached my left hand out and gently grabbed his hand, smiling at him when his head shot up and he looked at me. I chuckled. I never thought his eyes could get that big. The smile that he gave me though was worth everything I had gone through.

"Come on." I pulled on his hand a bit. I never thought I'd ever walk hand in hand with anyone to my room before…

It was kind of nice.

-John POV-

I was so happy! My mate wasn't mad at me, and he was touching me! I'm not going to lie; inside I was jumping up and down. I really thought my mate didn't want me. Now I wasn't worried at all!

As we walked down the hallway I looked at the door that I had been in before and smiled, my tail swishing contentedly. I liked that room, everything was so big! I was able to lie anywhere and not be squished, plus there were so many little cats! He opened the door, motioning for me to go in before him. I blushed a little. This time walking in I was his mate, not his charge. I took a deep breath and stepped inside and listened as he shut the heavy door, jumping a bit as he placed a strong hand on the small of my back and started guiding me to his bathroom, which I knew was absolutely humongous! Although for a demon as big as mine he did need more room than most.

He walked over to his bathtub which was almost as big as one of those… what were they called? I saw something on that box about them… Jacuzzi! Only it was in the ground about halfway. He turned it on and kicked off his combat boots before reaching for his belt. I 'eep'ed and turned around, my whole face starting to burn. Why was I so shy? This was my mate! I had to see him naked at some point didn't I?! I heard him chuckle as he pulled his belt from its place on his waist and drop it on the floor.

"Nervous little kitten?" He asked in my ear, making me shiver happily and lean back into his chest. "Come on, undress. The tub's almost ready." He told me as he nuzzled my face and backed up, making me yelp a little and have to catch myself. I glared at him playfully and took my shirt off only to blush again and turn around as he undid the button on his pants and started to push them off his hips. I heard the water turn off and the gentle sloshing as he got in. I gulped and fiddled with the button on my pants. "John? You don't have to if you don't want to. I can clean myself." I took a deep breath and undid my pants, pushing them over my hips and over my feet to step out of them.

I didn't need to be scared of my mate… Right?

I heard a gasp and slowly turned around to see Hellboy staring at me, his golden eyes growing dark with lust as he looked over my body. I felt myself smiling happily that he was happy with how I looked. I walked to the tub and slowly slid in, shyly looking at him. He groaned as he wrapped his flesh around my waist and pulling me into his lap. "Fuck, I'm sorry Scout." He muttered before he slammed his mouth onto mine. I gasped and felt his unbelievably hot tongue press into my mouth, not missing a single spot inside of it before playfully liking my tongue and making me moan and wrap my hands around his neck to press my body closer to him while I pressed my own tongue into his mouth to taste him. He tasted like cinnamon and, weirdly enough, sugar. I rolled my hips a little as I felt his erection press against my crack and making him groan before he pulled back and pushing his forehead against mine to pant with me.

"Wh-why did you stop?" I asked softly. He sighed and shook his head.

"We can't Scout. I want you to remember who you are… who you are. I can't do this until I know that it's you that wants this, not this… heat or whatever the fuck this is." I leaned back to look in his eyes and smiled, glad that he knew there were things I didn't know that I was still trying to figure out and I slid back, making groan as I slid over his erection.

"Can… Can I still help you clean up?" He smiled and turned his back to me.



God damn it why the fuck did I have to be the good guy?!

I couldn't help but gasp at the instant hard on I got from seeing Scout completely naked. Then I went and yanked him in my lap and pretty much forced a kiss on him… did I regret it?

Hell no!

Scout tasted just like I thought he would, only better. Vanilla and a little bit of chocolate. When he started grinding on me though I had to stop it. I knew he didn't really completely remember me or who he was either, but when he still offered to help clean me up I smiled and turned around.

I shuddered as soon as I felt those gorgeous hands pour water over my back before leaning against me to grab the body wash I used. Bad part? His rock hard dick was pressed into the small of my back and I could feel that soft skin and his perky nipples and…

God damn it why the fuck did I have to be the good guy?!

He leaned back and popped the cap before I felt the cold gel over my shoulders. I sighed happily as I felt his soft hands start to rub the soap and lather it up. Seriously, who the hell has hands the soft after handling a gun and hand to hand for so long? I asked myself, surprised when he started to rinse my back. That didn't take as long as I thought it would… then again, maybe I had spaced out that long. I sighed a little disappointedly as he stood and got out to grab two towels, handing me the bigger one to dry off and wrap around my waist as he did the same with a smaller one. As we walked into my room and towards my bed he stopped and frowned. "Scout?"

"I… I don't have anything to sleep in…" He said shyly.

You could have him sleep naked, tell him you sleep naked and like that. My perverted side purred. I inwardly growled at it before walking over to my chest of drawers and grabbing one of my shirts to hand it to him. He smiled and quickly put it on and I chuckled as it went past his knees. I pulled the towel off and grabbed a pain of my tight sleep shorts, hey I can't be the good guy all the time!, and laid in my bed under the covers before turning over and holding them up for him. "Come on then Scout, it's cold!" I whined. He laughed and crawled in beside me, his tail laying on my waist as I wrapped my arm around his waist and pulled him against my chest with a yawn. "Night Scout."

"Good night… Red." He whispered as he fell asleep. I smiled and closed my eyes.

Get better soon Scout. I thought to myself before falling off into dream land.

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