"Ah sorry Muzzle, I knew how much you wanted to destroy those bad guys," Colleen said

Muzzle whimpered sadly

"Ah I wanted to bite some more tousies to," Blitz said

"Today must just be your lucky day Blitz cause two more cano-muntaints are coming over here fast," Exlie said noticing Sasha and Bess charging at them at full speed

"Hey wait Rovers, those are the two dogs Annabelle was taking about," Hunter said

"But then where's Shag?" Colleen said

Just then a huge explosion was heard and a small mushroom cloud formed far off behind Sasha and Bess

"Shag!" the Rovers cried

"I wouldn't be worrying about your friend right now," Belledonna said suddenly appearing near the Rovers with her devil majic

"You must be Belledonna, what did you do to Shag?!" Hunter demanded

Belledonna just laughed evily

"Muwhahaha, soon I'l be rid of the rest of you Rovers, and Chuchy and his friends"

"For cano-muntaits they still look like very pretty dog girls," Blitz said as he and Exile began to battle the two cano-muntaints

Soon enough though Muzzle used his eye bean to freeze the two dogs

Sadly Belledonna just used her magic to free them

Meanwhile Charle and Ichy were still running around Parvo's base trying to find the exit

"Ugh, short legs, short legs," Ichy complained

Come on Ich," Charlie urged his friend

"Hold on," Ichy said

"Hey look a window," Charlie said "We can bust it and escape,"

And soon enough the german shepard was charging full force at it

Belledonna continued to laugh evily a bit more as Sasha and Bess continued to battle with the Rovers

"Hey ugly witch," Colleeen said

"What did you call me!?" Belledonna said turning toward the collie

Only to see that now Muzzle was standing next to her (in his straight jaket of course)

"It's Muzzle time!" Collen said freeing the crazy hound and etting him jump into the air at the evil dog. Sadly Belledonna used her devil majic to freeze Muzzle in a block of ice.

"Silly dogs, nothing you do can defeat me," she said as she laughed a bit more

Yet just then Charlie and Ichy had smashed truogh the window and were now falling straight towards the devil dog, and before she new it.


The two dogs fell upon Belledonna

"Ugh I thought those nimrods had you caged up," Belledonna said while in obvious pain.

Just then an explosion came from Parvos base, and everyone there could clearly see Groomer, Killer, and Scarface begin fshot of into the sky. It kinda looked like when Team Rocket from pokemon "blasted off again"

"Useless, as usual" Belledonna said as she then passed out

With Belledonna now temporarliy out Exile froze the two dogs again

"Hey wait," Charlie said "That gizmo that changed the into those monsters was in there,"

"And now it's probably destroied," Ichy said as he began to sob for his beloved Bess

"Plus we lost Shag," Exile sobbed

"And what about muzzle to?" Colleen said, a tar forming in her eye to

Just then their was a flash of light and Annabell appeard.

"Don't cry everyone," she said "I'm here to fix just about everything."

And with a wave of her paws, Shag was alive again, and Muzzle was free from his Ichy prison. Plus Belledonna was gone, probably bacy to heck where she belonged...For now.

Yet Saha and Bess were still monsters.

"Hey Annabell can't you change them back?" Charlie said

"No, but don't worry Charles the Rovers will take care of it,"

A short while later the Rovers were at Road Rover Headquaters. And, using their transdogmifiers changed Saha and Bess back to normal.

"Wow that Sasha is a very pretty dog girl," Blitz said, small hearts frming in his eyes

"Sorry big guy," Hunter said "She's taken,"

And they all lived happily ever after

The end