Astim Winthrop and the sapphire of eternity.

"PSST hey grape!" George said in a rough tone.

"What?" I replied


This was a tease ever since I got that haircut. My hair was low and I was sad. I hated having low hair. So i got my wish! My hair grew back right away! My mom got it cut again but it just came back! One more cut, still came back. This happened so many times. Then the day came where my hair grew back just it was purple instead! Strange things always happen to me instead of others and it's all my dad's fault. He was a wizard at Hogwarts. A Prefect to be exact, He was The highest ranking wizard there ever was and ever will be, he was even more powerful than Dumbledore! I wanted to be the best wizard!, even better than my dad! Once I turn 10 i'll finally be able to go to Hogwarts.

"Amazing" I said sarcastically to George

"Are you dis'n me grape?"

"Sure, bring it on fat-boy." I said courageously

He threw a punch at my face, I dodged my head left and kicked him in the family jewels. He grabbed the jewels and lowered his head in pain. This was an advantage point I threw my knee into his face, blood splashed behind him. I stared in disbelief as the bloody mess laid there groaning as the red death liquid shuddered down his burley neck. "RRRRRRRRIIIING!" the bell rung to end recess, I dragged the moaning body into the cloakroom and shoved him under the shelves and pushed some boxes with old school stuff in front of his body. I walked out of the cloakroom and looked down at a little blood that remained I grabbed the mop that laid next to the sink and started mopping it up off of the marble floor. The teacher Mrs' Chan saw me mopping.

"What are you doing Astim?"

" washing the classroom for a good clean healthy learning environment!"

"Wow that is very impressive Astim... even though it doesn't make up for your terrible grades in everything."

"oh well... um"

Crowds of people smashed inside and shoved themselves in their desks.

"Okay class get your French books out!" The teacher screeched in an annoying tone.

The class groaned, which was good because it covered up Georges painful groan.

"we're going to practice numbers in French, Un"

The class said Un and George said "Uhhh"

The class said Deux and George said "Daaah..."

The class said Troix and George said "Twaaa..."

The class said Quatre and George said "HELP ME GOD DAMMIT!!!!"

The whole class shot their heads toward the cloakroom and Mrs' Chan stomped over to see what was the matter. While everyone was distracted I booted it out of the class room and hid behind several big recycling bins. I heard several screams and moans as I curled up into a ball in fear of getting caught.

"WHERE IS ASTIM!!?" yelped Mrs' Chan as I squeezed myself even tighter in fear.

She jumped out of the Classroom and I heard hear her hard footsteps come toward me, I heard her stop as I closed my eyes tightly and was a little shivering ball of fear. I then heard her walk away. I opened my eyes cautiously, I felt strange. I uncurled and looked at my hands, I was invisible!, literally! My dad said that only high class wizards could perform this spell! I am totally pro. I did a victory dance and booted out of the fire exit.

I felt the cold wind fly around my body as I carefully stepped down the black metallic fire stairs. I reached below and ran toward my house which was just across the street from the school. I shoved my golden key into the keyhole and turned it pushing hard on the doorknob. I heard a loud click and pulled the door open. I grabbed the key, closed the door and jumped onto the living room couch.