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I tried not to pass out.

A vampire was pretending to be my mother – the only reason for anyone doing that was because my mother couldn't talk at the time, or because she wasn't allowed to.

I shook as I stood by the answering machine, headphones connected and replaying the message again and again.

The three Whitlocks were gathered in the lounge, but I hadn't moved from the hallway after Jasper put Charlie to sleep where he sat and then carried him upstairs to his bed – Jasper had brought down my headphones silently after that, and then called Peter and Char. They were currently planning some kind of reconnaissance mission.

"What do you want?" I muttered quietly to myself, feeling some kind of strength well up inside me – it wasn't Jasper either, it was me. "What could you possibly have to gain?"

I mulled it over, locking away my pain and considering the situation clinically.

It was highly improbable that a random vampire would come across my mother unexpectedly, especially in Phoenix – so that meant that they were looking specifically for her. I was connected to vampires, so that would mean that it had to be someone who knew the secret and me – a vampire. Who was the vampire with the biggest grudge against me?

It wasn't hard to guess, especially with Alice's earlier theatrics.

I nodded to myself – it was Alice, I could see that.

But what vampire did she get to find my mom?

I sighed – there was an entire world of vampires that I didn't know. She could have gotten anyone.

It wasn't any of the Cullens – that much I knew, because Jasper, Peter and Char would already be on their asses.

I pulled out the headphones, letting the message finish before I ghosted into the lounge – Char and Peter were bickering quietly about something on the couch, and Jasper looked bone-tired in the recliner. His earlier anger had disappeared and it just looked like everything was catching up with him – I mean, we had had a lot of obstacles in our relationship so far. I couldn't blame the immortal for looking so very human right then.

I went to Jasper quickly, placing myself in his lap and curling up to him – his arms came around me automatically, clutching me to his cool body. He always made that purring sound to comfort me, and I wanted to do the same for him – but I couldn't purr for the life of me.

So I settled for something almost as good.

I hummed softly, nuzzling his neck as I did so – I felt his muscles gently relax and our bodies eventually melt together.

Jasper sighed into my hair, "I'm so sorry, darlin' – I'm just sick of all these things keeping us apart."

"You think I'm not, Cowboy?" I teased gently.

He smiled – the action turned his lips in a beautiful way, and I couldn't help but kiss the corners of his mouth. Jasper moaned softly, his hands clutching at me – I smiled against his cheek, nibbling my way down to his neck. I could feel his excitement pressing insistently against me, and I held back the groan that wanted to burst from me – I shivered lightly and pulled away, knowing that Peter and Char were now avidly watching us.

When I turned to look at them, my suspicions were proved correct – Peter was grinning and Char was smiling as they both stared at us.

Jasper sighed, "No privacy anywhere."

"Well, you were making out in front of us," Char pointed out, making me smile.

"Enjoy the show?" I asked.

"Most definitely," Peter breathed out, stretching back on the couch.

But the light-hearted moment was over, and now it was back to business.

Jasper sat up a little straighter, his face looking a little livelier as he clutched me to him, "So, who's decided they're going?"

That was what the two must have been arguing about.

Char sighed, throwing a glance at Peter, "You know I'm faster and have better senses…but we've decided Peter's going too."

"I don't mean to make it look like I'm saying you won't do a good job, baby – I know you will. I just don't like you going and meeting new vamps all on your own," Peter told Char softly, showing that rare tender side.

Char nodded, "I know."

Jasper shifted beneath me slightly, leaning us both forward – Peter and Char took the cue and leaned forwards too.

"Now, we need to know who it is, who sent them and why, and where Bella's mom is and how she's doin' – I know you two will do good, just make sure you keep me updated," Jasper said sternly, his accent sounding suddenly.

They both nodded and stood.

Char came to me and gave me a kiss on the forehead, "It won't take us long to get there, sug'."

Peter picked up a couple of pieces of paper with scribbles all over them, "We've got the info we need, and we'll find your mom." He took Char's place and leaned down to kiss my cheek, "Take care of yourself, Bells. Make sure you keep the house warm for us."

With that, they were gone, into the night to rescue my mother.

We didn't move nor speak for a while – we sat in the darkened room, only illuminated by the small lamp giving off a little yellow glow beside us and the brighter lamp off to the side in the hallway.

I moved to face Jasper, needing to just look at his face in the dim light and to know he wouldn't leave me – I already knew the answer, but I just needed his reassurance and the feeling of his emotions flowing through me.

Jasper didn't disappoint.

His love rushed up my spine; his want and need drowned my body; his lust and desire pinned me; his regret and guilt gave his love a needy edge; his possessiveness wrapped all his emotions around me tightly, fusing them to me…

Finally, I felt the Major give me a longing embrace through Jasper's emotions – I knew it was the Major, because I could practically feel the darker energy that came with his presence. His embrace was seductive, possessive, wanting…but above all, unconditionally loving – before that moment, I had assumed that Jasper and the Major were two entities that occasionally worked together. Now, I knew better.

They were the same man – they were twisted up and twined together every which way, and they could never be parted. The Major wasn't the 'bad' side of Jasper, he was the same person – the Major loved me just as much as Jasper did, he was just a little more extreme in his views. He was Jasper's guide – he helped him survive, helped him win…and he helped him love.

Because I was sure that if Jasper had never gotten in touch with the Major, never understood what it was like to be a real vampire and tap into his inner-animal…he would never have found me. He wouldn't have taken one look at me – he would have stayed with the Cullens, he would have loved his wife, and he would have remained oblivious.

But he did have the Major – the Major was the one who gave Jasper to me, who told him to follow his gut feelings, and I was in love with both of them now more than ever.

Jasper moaned softly, obviously feeling my realisation and overflowing love and acceptance, "No one else has ever or will ever feel like that about me – you see me and love me for all I am…you understand me... I can't thank you enough for that, Bella – my Bella…"

"Show me," I sighed, smiling softly. "Show me how much I mean to you."

His hands pulled at my clothes slowly, peeling each layer back from my body like I was the most precious present the world had ever seen – I revelled in his touch, his love…

His mouth climbed my throat, "You're perfect, Bella – unbelievably perfect… Everyone has flaws, but yours are so beautiful, so much a part of you, that they can never be called flaws ever again…"

I gripped his shoulders as he pulled the last of my clothes from me and had me perched naked on his lap.

Jasper smirked up at me, lifting me slightly and urging me to sit up higher – his hands crawled along my thighs, turning my breathing ragged.

"You part for me, so beautifully," he murmured, kissing my sternum as his fingers brushed my hot core.

I moaned breathily, "Jasper…"

"You're always so wet for me," he breathed, his voice hoarse and gravelly. "So ready… You want me so badly… I feel it."

I nodded, looking down into his black eyes, "Always."

He petted my sex, parting me and pushing against my little nub – I cried out, rocking on his hand eagerly and wanting to feel more of him. I tugged at his clothes, mewling softly.

"Your voice…your love…your generosity…your kindness…your noises…your face…your body… Everything about you is so perfect, so entrancing…so…mine…" He growled, his fingers swiftly entering me and causing me to spasm around his invading digits.

I moaned and rocked faster, needing more…more…more…always more…

Jasper growled and purred beneath me, kissing the undersides of my breasts longingly and lovingly – but when I felt his teeth oh, so gently scrape against my tender skin…I broke.

My back arched, sending my hair flying back and causing Jasper to rub that special spot within me as spots flashed over my vision – he curled his fingers hard, making me scream out softly into the darkness as my pleasure trebled.

I thanked God that Jasper had put Charlie into such a deep sleep.

I trembled above my vampire, my inner walls clutching at his fingers greedily – I panted and sighed, rolling my hips as fresh waves of electricity shot through me.

Jasper removed his fingers, circling my trembling button on the way up to bring them to his sinful mouth – he licked them clean, his black eyes flashing and looking for all the world like the darkness surrounding us.

When he was finished, I kissed his lips – when I pulled back, I whispered, "Thank you, Major Jasper. I love you."

His answering smile was soft, "I adore you."

My hands pulled at the rest of his clothes without another word – Jasper lifted himself so I could rid him of his jeans and boxers and free his throbbing erection.

I kissed his neck as my hand circled his flesh and stroked him with increasing firmness – I ate at his skin teasingly, making him grab my hips and arch his back as he offered me more of his body to feed on. I hummed and nipped, circling his rising nipples with my free hand – Jasper moaned as I pinched the puckered flesh, and I smiled as I felt him twitch in my grasp.

"You like that?" I asked lowly, my voice husky.

Jasper smiled and gasped, his eyes shutting in pleasure as my hand flexed around his length, "Yes…"

Jasper was usually the one who initiated any dirty talk, whereas I stuck to teasing innuendos, but I knew what he wanted and I knew it was my mouth forming filthier sentences than they usually did.

"You feel so good, Jasper – hot, hard and heavy in my hand. I love feeling you inside me too – you get so deep…and you fill me up until I can't think straight…" I breathed against his ear.

Jasper moaned deeply as the fingers of one hand flicked over his sensitive tip and the fingers of the other pinched his left nipple – he shivered beneath me as I continued, his length twitching more insistently in my grip.

"When you come, when you fill me up, I always have to hold onto you more tightly…grip you…because it feels so good…" I groaned, rolling my hips down so my core brushed the length of his hardness.

"Please, Bella," Jasper pleaded on a long moan. "Please…"

"Please, what?" I asked into his ear teasingly.

"Please let me come," He answered, growling and bucking his hips as his hands gripped my hips more insistently.

I smiled wickedly, softly asking, "Where?"

He growled and thrashed, opening his eyes and letting me see just how black his irises were – God, he wanted me.

"Inside you," he hissed, "So deep inside your hot, wet, clutching, tight little pussy."

I gasped as I felt pleasure ricochet through me at that word – we hadn't gotten to those kinds of words before, and it just made me so much hotter for him. I could practically feel a new quick burst of wetness coat my hot core.

I moaned and let go of his erection, tightly grasping his broad and muscled shoulders – he watched me through his tousled blonde curls with hungry eyes, as his hands pulled my hips down to meet his. As I dropped down, he thrust up – I cried out as he filled me so completely, and he growled and bucked as he sealed our bodies together.

His mouth dropped to my breasts, biting and licking roughly as we began moving together harshly – his thrusts were hard and the rolling of my hips was verging on extreme grinding. As I rolled and he thrust, he slammed against my pulsing nub again and again – I screamed out each time, throwing my head back and pressing down harder.

Jasper practically roared as I changed the angle, letting him slide in deeper – I felt every inch of him grow within me at that moment, and I knew that the ride was reaching its climax. Quickly we ticked up that rollercoaster incline, every second furthering our ecstasy and pleasure, until…a second – it was a long second, stretching on forever and keeping us in stasis before Jasper's last thrust and my last roll combined and imploded causing a chain reaction throughout our bodies.

Then the second ended, and the rollercoaster rolled down sending shuddering spasms of pure pleasure rushing through us – I trembled and screamed, panting out breaths, as Jasper gasped and growled loudly beneath me. I felt his coolness his me hard, emptying within me – I shivered at the wonderful sensations, letting my body drop onto Jasper's.

My head nestled in the crook of his neck and my arms circled his middle as I let myself come down from my high – Jasper was breathing as heavily as me as he caged me in his arms protectively and possessively.

Just like before our coming together, we sat quietly and absorbed everything – I closed my eyes and listened to Jasper's breaths rolling through his body.

It was perfect.

I had needed everything Jasper had just given me – I needed reassurance, release, and for him to clear my head.

A single tear rolled down my cheek.

Jasper wiped it away swiftly, "Don't cry, Bella."

I smiled, "Sorry. I'm just worried for my mom."

"I know," he breathed. "But I promise we'll do all we can – we're the best."

I nodded, snuggling closer, "I know."

After a few more moments of silence, Jasper broke the mood – he grinned and blew out a long breath, "Well, that was something else, huh?"

I laughed against his neck, "It was amazing. Thank you."

"I think you're the one who deserves thanking," he murmured, stroking my back sensually. "You were unbelievable."

I just smiled.

"And…that…turned you on?" He asked tentatively, a moment later.

I furrowed my brow, "What – having sex with you? Of course it does."

Jasper laughed, his chest vibrating beneath me, "No. I meant talking dirtier."

I felt my cheeks heat up slightly, remembering how hot it was to hear Jasper say those things, "Oh. Yeah, it does… It really does…"

"What about when I said 'pussy'?" He grinned cheekily.

I nodded, smiling back.

He growled and leaned in to lightly bite at my neck – I felt one of his hands move and the very tip of one of his fingers brush my nub and where we were still connected.

I shivered and Jasper growled again, "God, I love you, Bella."

"It's mutual," I sighed, before drifting off into a light sleep.


I looked down at my girl, smiling as her heart beat against my bare chest – the sun was rising, and we were still in the position we were in when Bella fell asleep.

Her naked body, glowing from the dim sunlight filtering through the clouds and the windows, was so tempting – when she had fallen asleep, I was still inside her warm confines but my length inside of her was distracting her from sleep. She wiggled and moaned until I had to slip from her to allow her some rest.

She needed to sleep, she needed to be able to not think about anything for at least a while.

While I watched Bella sleep, I considered the phone call – even though vampires could mimic any voice, there was still a trace of their own in the sounds they made. Neither Peter, Char nor had I ever heard that special unique tone to the voice that the vampire mimicked on the answering machine, and we knew a lot of other vampires.

Which meant it was definitely a nomad; one we hadn't met before – we knew of practically every coven in the world, and all of their members, so if it were any of them we would know it.

It was either the most fucking impossible coincidence ever – that a nomad came across Bella's mother and decided to play actor – or someone had hired them to.


That name was one that brought a shit-load of hate.

I would be seeing her soon, to question her – I had no doubt in my mind that it was her that called in a random nomad to kidnap Bella's mom and do her dirty work for her.

Alice's warning rang through my mind and made me growl…

Bella suddenly shifted, pulled out of her sleep, "Jasper?"

I sighed, "I'm sorry, darlin' – go back to sleep."

She shook her head, rubbing her eyes, "No, I'm awake now."

I softly rocked her in my arms, "I'm going to have to go to the Cullens soon – it can't wait any longer."

"I'm going with you," she stated firmly, and I smiled at her.

"Of course you are – you're always welcome to go with me, no matter where."

She nodded and leaned back to slip off of my lap and the chair, "Give me ten minutes, and then you can go and kick Alice's ass."

I smiled, "Seven – I'm eager."


Bella had hopped into my arms, dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, and we had taken off running.

The forest was quiet, almost standing completely still…waiting, for the fight that would ensue soon.

It took us less than ten minutes to reach the Cullens' land – it felt strange to be one more jumping over the river that used to act a my boundary line. It had been the line that I looked at every day and wondered what it would be like to jump over it once more and not go back – not see Alice; not feel their constant pity; not be the caged man that I once was.

This time, I was jumping over that line with my one true mate – I felt so goddamn invincible with Bella in my arms.

When we cleared the river, I saw them file out of the house – Edward, Alice, Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, and Emmett. They all looked surprised to see us – except for Alice.

I tasted their emotions and found some of them to have better poker faces than the others – Edward wasn't shocked.

I glared at him as I set Bella down on her feet by my side, at least thirty paces from my old family.

Carlisle smiled, "Jasper, Bella… What brings you both here?"

"My mother's been kidnapped," Bella stated bluntly, straight away – I took up her hand and gave her a tiny dose of the confidence she needed to see this through.

They all stared and gasped, yet Alice and Edward were not surprised in their emotions – in fact, they were down right gleeful.

I growled at them, "You motherfuckers. What have you done?"

Alice smiled, turning it into a sneer as her gaze passed over Bella, "I haven't done anything, Jazzy."

Bella snorted, "Would you please stop fucking calling him that? He's not a porn star."

Emmett snickered, getting him a whack to the back of the head from Rose – who was snickering herself.

I stepped forward, Bella falling in behind me, "Tell me what you did."

I could feel my eyes darkening, blackening, and I was ready to tear her fucking head from her shoulders…when she answered again.

"I told you – nothing."

I pounced, dropping Bella's hands and reaching for Alice – I moved so fast the family had no idea what was going on. I forced her to her knees as I stood behind her, one arm pinning hers behind her and the other holding her in a headlock.

She keened as I pulled, bending her in a way she wasn't meant to bend.

"Nothing! Nothing!" She screeched over and over, while the Cullens stood shocked and staring at us wide-eyed.

Until I put my foot to her back.

Something within her snapped, and she screamed, "Edward!"

My gaze flicked up at his name, and I looked into his eyes – they were black and he was filled with so much fear.

"What about Edward?" I asked Alice, who was sobbing in my hold, but never taking my eyes off of Edward.

"He saw the future in my head," she hissed out. "There were nomads – three we don't know – and they were coming to Forks. Their course changed when they passed a pay-phone – it rang."

I growled at Edward, the sound coming long and rough, "You saw her visions and called them – why? What could you have to gain?"

Lust and love flared within him and his eyes flickered to Bella.

It was enough for me to snap Alice's spine and tear Edward's head from his shoulders.

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