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Author's Notes: Sherry was a girl Scarecrow had a crush on in comics while growing up. It doesn't end well.


He isn't like anyone else. Always sitting behind their classmates, away from the door with too many books to carry. Sherry hasn't asked why he does this. She already knows.

Except Jonathan doesn't show expressions much, making her wonder at times if he simply humors her. He'll scoff softly, smirk to himself, murmur things darkly funny the way he does.

He makes her feel guilty.

He's struggling constantly between fear and fearlessness. She sees it and the whole world sees it and they all laugh together while her insides fall out because Jonathan makes her feel guilty. When his voice rises in lessons it's a little too fast, a little too passionate, a little too aware that every eye is watching closely. Waiting to choke off cleverness with a joke. Sherry has never told Jonathan that she's in awe of him or that she's intimidated by him or that he's too brilliant for a place like Arlen. Part of her wants him to stay this way forever.

Because when they're alone he shows her a world that's different, bigger, stranger than she could have imagined. The scarecrow tells her about poisons and stories in books, places he wants to go, people he wants to study. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes it evades her. But listening to the sound of his words Sherry understands that there is something beautiful or defective in Jonathan Crane, something that doesn't care what he's supposed to be.

It's what she hates and envies most about him.

It's what keeps her waiting after school every week.

It's what makes her cry when she realizes he's not coming.