Hey Everyone! Ninetailedcontestshipper222 here! Here's a special treat for something for welcoming me warmly!!!! It's not what I'd usually do but what the hell.

It's been two years since Tohru Honda-San has lived with Shigure, Kyo, and Yuki Sohma…

Tohru Honda woke up one Saturday morning with a bouquet of cherry blossoms on her bed.

"Oh I wish I knew who you are, mystery boy," Tohru squealed. Kyo heard her and walked into her room.

"Tohru-Kun, what the hell are you constantly squealing like a pig about?" he said in his hard voice, with a smirk on his tan face. Tohru looked up at Kyo and she smiled broadly.

"Oh Kyo-Kun!! This is the 10th bouquet of cherry blossoms!!! Someone in this house must have a secret love for me!" Her brown orbs sparkled along with the bright morning sunlight that shown on her pearly skin. Kyo saw how happy she was and he sat next to her.

"Tohru-Kun, you know it's not me, right. Because Arisa-San is my girlfriend," Kyo said ruffling her hair and she giggled.

"Oh but I do wish I knew who sent them to me!" Tohru pouted. Kyo smirked at her and held the secret of the identity of Tohru's secret admirer in his eyes.

"PLEASE! Please tell me!!"

"That's for me to know and for you to figure out." Kyo winked and left her room. Tohru put the cherry blossoms in a vase and stared at them.

Meanwhile with Yuki and Shigure…

"Shigure…do you think that she got them?" Yuki asked with eagerness and such happiness that he hadn't felt in years since he left where Akito lived.

"Yuki…don't you think she did? She squeals like Kagura every morning when she gets them," said the oldest of the Sohmas , reading the morning paper. " I've always wondered where you get them."

"Shigure…please…"Yuki said, rolling his amazing violet eyes.

**~~** Tohru is now looking at the stars and Yuki is behind her…**~~**

I have to do it…"Honda-San."

"Oh Yuki! Isn't it a beautiful night?? I mean come here and look at the stars!" Tohru said in her bouncy voice. Yuki slowly went over to her and sat next to her. Jesus…I do wish I had the courage to…

"Yuki? Are you alright?" Tohru asked , interrupting Yuki's train of thought.

"Tohru…you know those cherry blossoms that are on your bed every morning?" Tohru nodded.

"Well…they're from me. I love you," Yuki whispered. Tohru's heart had skipped a beat and she smiled.

" I love you too, Yuki," she blushed. Yuki leaned into her and kissed her gently. Tohru wrapped her arems around Yuki's neck and kissed him back with the same amount of love in her kiss.

"I've waited so long to do this," Yuki breathed out and kissed her, caressing her bottom lip with his tongue, pleading for entrance into Tohru's sweet mouth. She gladly accepted and their tongues tangoed.

"Yuki…how long have you loved me?" Tohru moaned.

" As long as I can remember…" Yuki said and he continued to kiss her underneath the stars and full moon.