Topaz eyes watched his movements from across the room. Anyone could tell that the dark haired man was three sheets or more to the wind, his path erratic as he ricochetted off of people, a glass tumbler held precariously in his hand. It could have been the lights making his eyes play tricks on him but Hunter swore that he seen glistening tracks streaking his cheeks. Curious he watched as someone grabbed the back of his loose black cargo pants and pulled him close, groping the firm backside as they ravished his mouth. From his spot he couldn't see who it was but he could see that the elder Hardy was trying to pull away. With stride that was both quick and steady Hunter moved over, his brain screaming at him as to why he even cared, it wasn't as if he had a claim to the dark southerner.

"Hey Orton, I don't really think he wants you to touch him." He called out when he got close enough to see the arms that looked like they had been rolled in dirt rather than covered in ink that were wrapped vice like around Matt's thick waist.

Randy looked up from the throat he had been biting on and smirked, licking his lips as he released Matt, backing up even with his hands raised in a defensive manner.

"Hey there big guy, I didn't know you had him picked out for tonight." He purred, his silver eyes flicking over the silent man and glowing as he reached up and trailed the back of his knuckles over Matt's cheek. "Course we can always share. Matty don't mind tag teaming, do ya sweetcheeks?"

Matt didn't say anything, he just stood there with his head hung; his loose curls framing his face and keeping it blocked from nosey onlookers, his glass shaking terribly in his hand. The posture both concerned and fanned the deeply buried flames in Hunter's belly, making his gut tighten slightly as the sudden unwarranted image of Matt on his knees with his head bowed flashed before his eyes.

"You, of all people should know that I don't share." He growled as he stepped closer to the two men, dropping his voice even lower as he continued. "After all, you seen what I did to Dave when he tried to muscle in on what I had marked. You remember, dontcha Randy..."

With a self satisfied smirk Hunter watched as Randy's face went crimson, his eyes dropping back to the table in front of him at the reminder of the fights that used to happen almost nightly in the Evolution stable. Taking advantage of the distraction Matt moved away, mingling back into the crowd before Hunter could say anything. Randy let out a snort and turned back to his table, his eyes roaming over the blushing man across from him; his own slight embarassment pushed to the back of his mind. With an eyeroll Hunter moved away, what Randy did was really none of his buisness and his brain snarled at him for even butting in in the first place. He was heading back to his corner when he seen the mop of dark curls whisking from the hotel bar, the glass nearly slipping from his hand as he weakly pushed his way through the double doors that led to the lobby. Looking around Hunter seen Glenn detatch himself from Mark and head the same way and he quickened his pace to reach the glass before the bald man, hissing at him to find himself some other entertainment for the night.

He caught up with Matt at the elvators, growling at anyone that looked like they were going to engage the dark haired man in conversation while his mind bellowed at him to return to his table in the bar and forget all about whatever mission he had set himself on. Hesitantly he placed a hand on Matt's arm making him jerking around so hard that he tumbled to the floor, the amber liquid in the glass splashing over his face and leaving glistening trails on his skin as is coursed over his cheeks and down this neck. With a head shake Hunter reached down and pulled Matt to his feet, frowning when Matt pressed close and ran his tongue over his lips, his brown eyes hazed with alcohol.

"Well, looks who we have here." He drawled, his accent deeper due to the poisoned brew flowing through his veins. "N'er image-imagin-thought Ah'd have the Game after meh."

"Look kid," Hunter stopped and steered Matt into the elevator when the doors opened, sighing when he felt Matt's hands wandering over his fly, groping firmly and practically purring. "Hey, stop that." Hunter slapped his hands away, frowning when Matt laughed throatily.

"What's wrong blondie? Ain't n'er got head in an elelator?" A loud hiccup ended the question, making Matt giggle again as he dropped down to his knees and teasingly pulled the zipper down on Hunter's jeans.

"Get up." Hunter growled as a ding sounded moments before the doors slid open.

Matt tried to comply but in the end Hunter had to help him, wrapping his arm around Matt's waist to keep him from falling over as he wobbled. As one shuffling entity they started down the hall, Hunter ignoring the looks of the few members of the roster they encountered, the whispered jeers not as quiet as the owners of the cutting remarks thought they were. Matt's hands were everywhere and Hunter had to stop for moment as his blood started to congeal in his body, his brain shutting down and his baser instincts taking over.

"Where's your room Hardy?" He gruffed, his eyes starting to turn molten as he stared at the drunken siren next to him.

"Why?-Why mah room?" Matt pulled away shakily, staring up at Hunter with a lopsided grin on his face that Hunter fought hard to ignore. "Wouldn't you-yer room be bettah?"

"Kid I don't know what you're playing at..."

Hunter was stopped in mid sentence by Matt pressing close and crashing their lips together, his body flush against Hunters as one hand snaked down to rub again at Hunter's fly. The sweet, heady taste of what Matt had been drinking filled Hunter's mouth with each bold stroke of Matt's tongue. He tried to take control of the kiss, but Matt pulled away, running his finger down the center of Hunter's chest and stopping only when the digit caught on the waist band of his jeans.

"Ya ain't gotta pretend Hunner. Ah know what ya want." Matt gripped Hunters' crotch tightly, running his thumb over the slowly stretching fabric and leering as he stood on tip toe to whisper in Hunter's ear. "An Ah can't wait to taste ya."

"Hardy the only thing you're going to be tasting tonight is going to be the alcohol making a return trip through your mouth." Hunter sighed as he disentangled himself from Matt's arms. "Look Hardy, just tell me where you're room's at..."

"Why? We're juss gunna end up in yer room Hunner, why play these games?"

Matt's slurred sentence was cut off by him pulling Hunter close and slamming their lips together once more before his hands delved down the front of Hunter's jeans, cupping and rubbing as they stumbled back against a wall. Hunter felt as if he was choking on the tongue being rammed down his throat so he did the only thing he could think of, he fisted his hands in Matt's hair and switched their positions, a loud growl clawing it's way from his throat as he threw caution to the wind and practically devoured Matt, his hands now gripping large handfuls of ass and dragging him as close as he could before basically slamming Matt up against the wall.

"Is this what you wanted Hardy? Hmmm, are you the rough cum slut that I hear about?"

He didn't give Matt time to answer the growled and snarled questions, he just forcefully took Matt's lips again, his tongue snaking in and boldy roaming around; tasting the dark sweet recess and groaning when he felt Matt push back against him. The movement brought their bodies even closer and to anyone that walked by it looked like to two lovers making up for lost time; hands twisted in hair and hips grinding against one another in a need too strong to wait until they were behind closed doors. Hunter couldn't deny the throbbing that seemed to vibrate through his body and with a deep rumbling grumble Hunter pulled away and stood glaring at Matt; his brain fogged from the kissses and Matt's still wandering hands.

"Follow me." He barked as he turned on his heel and started down the hall, his hand digging in his back pocket for the card key to his room. He didn't have to look back to know that Matt was following, it was something he could feel, almost as if the burning drag of Matt's eyes as they flicked over him were an actual phsyical caress and he was thankful that his room was only a few doors away. Warm hands wandered his back as he slipped the card into the device, the light blinking green as Hunter reached around to pull Matt in front of him. As one they slammed into the room and Hunter pinned Matt up against the wall, growling as the dark haired man panted and moaned; his back arching from the hard impact and his hands gripping Hunter's biceps for leverage.

"Hardy I didn't in--"

"I have a question Hunner." Matt breathed coquettishly, his eyes half lidded as he wetted his lips suggestively.

"And what's that?"

"Do you sleep on your stomach?"

"..........No." The absurdity of the question made Hunter blink and Matt laugh, the sound echoing lowly in the room.

"Well do you mind if I do?"

"Depends on what version of sleep your're talking about there Hardy." Hunter leered as he planted a hand on either side of Matt's head; caging him in. "Because the version I'm thinking of has you face down with that pretty ass in the air..."

The leer on his face intenisified when he felt Matt tremble, the fleshy petals of his kiss swollen lips moving despite no sound coming from them.

"What's the matter Matty? Cat got your tongue?" Hunter jeered mockingly as he leaned in, holding Matt's gaze hostage with the burning topaz of his eyes. "Or perhaps you're just playing at being a slut. I think you're nothing more than a sweet, mewling little cock tease; you make all these boys think you're gunna offer up that sweet ass of yours but when push comes to shove, you go quiet and find a way to weasel out of it." He brought one hand down and grabbed a handful of Matt's ass, squeezing hard enough to make the Southerner yelp. "So which is it Hardy, are you the easy lay I hear about or are you just a cock tease that hasn't yet been taken to task for his slut-like ways?"

Hunter couldn't help but growl lowly as Matt wiggled between him and the wall; effectively stuck between a rock and an extremely 'hard' place as it were. Matt's airy pants transformed into harsh gulps of air as he eyed Hunter's lips, the pale pink glimmering from where Hunter flicked his tongue out to wet them. The air was electric between them and Hunter was only mildly surprised when jolts ran through his fingertips as he ran the fleshy pads up from Matt's rounded rear to skim under the nearly skin tight shirt that Matt had on.

"Your silence is telling Hardy. a true slut wouldn't be holding their tongue when asked, just the opposite in fact, they'd be putting those dirty little tongues of theirs to work to get what they want." The hand under Matt's shirt drifted upwards some more until it came in contact with one of Matt's already hard nipples, clamping down on it then twisting cruelly, "I think it's time I showed you Hardy what cock teases get when they tease the wrong person."

The trailed off sentence hung heavy in the air, making Matt's stomache knot up and Hunter used his free hand to capture both of Matt's wrists to wrench them up, the action wringing another gutteral whimper from the ebony haired tempter. His big brown orbs closed and Hunter's guts twisted and lurched when he heard Matt muttering softly.

"What was that Hardy....." He barked, not daring to believe that the soft words had left Matt's mouth.

"I said yes sir."

"Answer me Hardy, are you calling me Sir because of my clout in the back or because you know what saying it means?" His hand tightened on Matt's wrists, grinding the bones together and the pleasured whimper that followed solidified at least one of Hunter's thoughts about the elder Hardy.

"I know what it means."

The excitment in Hunter's gut exploded and he let Matt's wrists loose, reaching up to grip his chin and hold Matt's head still, his eyes boring holes into Matt's as he searched for something in the molten chocolatey depths that would either back up Matt's words or disprove them. Instead all he found was a deep sorrow cloaked by shame and a thin layer of alcohol. While his body was still turned on to the point of painful Hunter banked the feelings and talked low and slow so that even in Matt's liquored up mind he couldn't misenterpret the words.

"Are you sure you know Matty? Cos I don't think you do. I still think you're just a cock tease."

"No sir. This ain't mah first go round with this."

"You say that real pretty Hardy, perhaps I should see what else you do pretty....."

Hunter purposely left the sentence hang, watching each move of Matt's body as he twisted and shifted in his confinded spot, his breath coming is soft exhales.

"Ah can do plenty purty sir."

The defiant and mouthy answer made Hunter smile; letting him know that while he shook Matt up he didn't intimidate him. With a low growl that sounded like a purr he moved away from the wall and pulled Matt with him, landing a sharp slap to the rounded globes that were encased by the cargo pants.

"Well I hoped one of those things is giving head Hardy, you're mewling slut mouth has left me in a quite a perdicament."

The leer that was on Hunter's face fell when Matt dropped to his knees and within minutes had Hunter naked from the waist down and buried down his throat; the tight, hot muscles constricting and squeezing the sensitive head as one of Matt's warm hands cupped his balls. Wide eyed Hunter looked down, watching as Matt bobbed slowly at first, the hard suction twisting Hunter's guts tighter and tighter the quicker Matt moved. He could see Matt's throat stretched, the swallowing motions making it look like Matt was trying to gulp down an orange whole and it caused him to groan out as he reached down and fisted his hand in Matt's hair, pulling him away and back to his feet.

"So I was wrong. You're not a cock tease, ain't no tease I've ever ran across that sucked cock that well."

With a decidedly slutty smile Matt licked his lips, reaching his hand out to fondle and stroke the hard flesh, pulling hard and twisting his hand on every other downwards stroke. It was enough to make Hunter shove Matt towards the bed and press his face into the sheets, pawing at the cargos until he managed to practically tear them off. If Matt was uncomfortable it didn't show, he was arching and moaning as he wiggled and pressed back against Hunter; his cries falling like the sweetest music to Hunters' ears as he laid a few rapid fire slaps to the bared backside.

"I'm in too big a hurry to play with you right tonight Hardy, but what I'm going to do is fuck you hard Matty."

The growled sentence was puncuated by Hunter sliding home completely, his teeth bared as the tight sheath hugged him mercilessly. The sudden invasion made Matt yelp and buck, forcing Hunter deeper and his face into the blankets.

"Take it Matty, you know you want this...." Hunters lips peeled back from his teeth in intense pleasure as he started a quick, brutal pace not giving Matt any time to adjust to his size or speed. "Ohhh shit Matty, so fucking tight for a little slut....feel me deep inside Matty and know, know that you can't get this anywhere else....."

The words flowed so quickly from Hunter that he wasn't aware of what he was saying, his mind completely blown by the torturous tightness that had him ensheathed. Each long hard thrust was met by Matt pushing back, his olive tan skin covered in a light sheen of sweat; his back arched beautifully as he lowered himself down to his forearms, giving Hunter access to the sweet hell he was trapped in. Hunter placed his hands on either side of Matt's head, thrusting down with every ounce of force in his body, angling himself just right so that each stroke brushed across that special bundle of nerves that made Matt cry and writhe wantonly under him.

"Mine Hardy, this is mine now." Hunter reached down to tug at Matt's arousal, groaning against the salty skin of Matt's neck when he felt the silky feel of the dripping liquid against his skin.

"Ye-yes sir, you-yours..." Matt wailed as his body stiffened, the flesh that was held tightly in Hunter's grip expanding more before he exploded; the pearly hot cream hitting the sheets and dribbling over Hunter's hand.

Matt screamed hoarsely, the bulk of the sound smothered by a pillow that he shoved almost all the way down his throat as he rode out his orgasm. The clenching on Hunter's aching erection proved to be too much and with a howl that shook the ceiling he clamped his hands on Matt's shoulders and pounding into him, the snapping his hips stilling as he fired deep in Matt, some of the thick essesnce leaking out of the stretched and abused hole before he even pulled out. Breathlessly Hunter collasped on Matt's back, his arms wrapping loosely around the thick waist and holding him tight as Hunter then pitched to the side, not even bothering to slide free from Matt's body.

"Fuck Hardy...."

The words trailed off when he felt Matt struggling to get loose, his body pushing and shifting against Hunter and making him stir back to life.

"Jesus kid, lemme rest up some before we move on to round two." The struggling continued until Hunter pulled free and pinned him on his back, settling down between Matt's thighs to keep him still. "What's with the fight kid? I wasn't that bad..."

"No, you were perfect, it's juss time for me to go." Matt mumbled.

"Go? Go where?"

"Back to mah room. Ya got what ya wanned, so now Ah'll leave."

Hunter shook his head and blinked, the slightly slurred words not making sense to his pleasure warped mind.

" in getting up from my nice, warm bed and vamoosing off."


"Why would you want to do that?"

"That's juss hows it goes si--Hunner. You get wann an Ah leave."

Hunter yawned and settled down more firmly, his arms once more moving down to wrap around Matt's middle; hugging him close as he stared into the now shimmering coffee colored orbs.

"Kid if I wanted you to leave I would have thrown you against the wall, or bent you over a chair. Besides, in case the alcohol has clouded your brain, I clearly laid claim to you. You are now mine and you'll be staying in my bed."

"What about m--"

"What did I just say, you are mine, you're not to leave this bed or this room without me or my permission. At least not until I get you collared up so everyone knows that you're off the market."

"C-collared?" Matt stuttered as his body went still, his large doe eyes wide.

"Yea, you said you understood what calling me Sir meant.......were you lying?"

"No sir."

"Well then, I've never been one to let a good potiential sub go to waste."


"No butts." Hunter said firmly, one of his large hands coming up to cup Matt's cheek as the thumbed the satiny smooth skin. "Look kid, right now I'm toasted, you wore me out. So we're going to talk about this in the morning. For now just rest, sleep well because if I'm not mistaken you've not had a good nights sleep in a long time."

Matt shook his head and closed his eyes, the forlorn look on his face making Hunter's guts twist again; only this time it wasn't a pleasurable sensation. No more words passed between them, Hunter just kept Matt wrapped tightly in his arms; holding him close as sleep drifted down and enshrouded them, a contented smile on one face and silent tears coursing down the other.