When Chloe Sullivan walked into the Watchtower that evening the first thing she saw was the sealed white envelope left propped against her computer. Seeing as she was the only one with a key, she was slightly perplexed as to who could have left it there. Her mind drifted through all the possibilities, after all, she was accustomed to the strange and unexplained. She had several superhero friends, all of whom she hadn't seen in three weeks though, since her husband's funeral to be exact. Moving swiftly on from this painful memory she picked up the envelope for closer inspection. It was simply addressed 'Chloe'; however she definitely recognised the hand writing. It belonged to her best friend Clark Kent. Well, he had been her best friend; in all honesty, she wasn't really sure where she stood with him now. Just after her husband- Jimmy's- funeral, he walked out on her informing her that "Clark Kent was dead." She understood why, he was distancing himself from her and everyone else so he could leave to start his training. You see, Clark wasn't your average Kansas farm boy; he was one of her aforementioned super hero friends. Clark was particularly different though, because he was an alien- Kryptonian if you want to know the technical term. He also had a giant ice fortress in the arctic which held all the knowledge of his race, just waiting for him to 'accept his destiny' so it could be downloaded into him. Chloe understood perfectly why he left, it was just sucky timing. She'd always been there for him, helping him, consoling him, and just when she needed him most he'd 'turned tail and run'. Seeing as he hadn't bothered to stop by and see her in the past three weeks, she can't have been a pressing concern for him, why did he need to leave her a letter? An apology maybe? That was always Clark's style- do it in a way that made him least vulnerable. She guessed it came from years of having to protect his secret from the world, which must leave you a little worse for wear. Now too intrigued to stop, she opened the letter which read;

'I want to let you in on a secret.... I'm not who you think I am. I'm the boy who was too blind to see how amazing you are. I'm the boy who is hiding behind excuses and the boundary of friendship. Right now I want to rip off this facade, but I can't, because you've moved on and I'm too scared that you'll reject me. So I've decided to carry on hiding, because living with the lie may be painful, but it's softer than your dismissal. I'm a coward. I may have been confused in the past, my judgement clouded by girls I grew out of, but now everything is clear. I think there are also two types of boy; the ones you discard because they simply aren't worthy and the ones you grant a second chance, the ones you take a risk on. I really hope I'm the latter. I may not be the one you love today, but I'll keep you in my heart, forever wishing I could have flown to you faster. And if you ever chose to forgive me, I will be here waiting; waiting to love you more than any girl has been loved before- because I think you're worth the wait.'"