Chapter 1

"Now… any last words before you go?"

We were at our first lethal injection. We had never seen one before, so Jake decided to take us down and see one. The man (his name was Grant McGillivray) being executed had nothing to say. I heard the technician call out the different drugs.

Sodium thiopental renders people unconscious for a few seconds; pancuronium causes a fast, complete paralysis of the skeletal muscles and diaphragm and the rest of the respiratory muscles, eventually causing asphyxiation and potassium chloride stops the heart and causes death by stopping the heart.

The EKG flat-lined and we all knew that he was dead. "Yes!" A woman, named Cecilia, jumped up happily. She was smiling and clapping. Her husband's murderer was dead and she did it – she got her revenge – her way. He was dead and that was all she wanted. Her husband, in heaven, can sigh in relief for that. May he rest peacefully now.

It was the first time I had taken time to notice her. I never have taken the time to notice how damn short she was. She must have been at least 4'6". Her hair was long and flowing but somewhat curly – additionally, it was also brown and blonde – her eyes sparkled whenever she saw the technician roll the stretcher away and to the morgue. She was our boss, but we rarely saw her because she works the grave shift while we work during the day. "Hey, Rico," I tapped him on the shoulder.

"Yes, Émile?" He looked at me and then blinked.

"Check out that damn sexy chick," I grinned while whispering. "Look at her body, her eyes, her mouth, her hair, her clothes, her eyes, her body… her ass, her boobs, her shoes…"

"You said body and eyes twice…"

"I did? Oh well, sorry, I can't overlook how sexy that chick is…"

"Eh… I think men are sexier," he shrugged. "I don't have an opinion about her."

"What are you guys talking about?" Jake looked at us funny. I tapped his shoulder and nudged towards the right of us. "Oh, her, is that what you're talking about?"

"Shh!" I growled. "She'll know that I'm hitting on her…"

"Hey guys!" Cecilia grinned. "What are you doing?" I felt sweat starting to form on my face.

"Uh-uh-uh-uh n-nothing!" I muttered. She started to look a little cross.

"Yeah, right, I don't believe it. I think you were talking about me, weren't you? Making fun of my size? If I find out that's what you're doing, I'll have your asses fired. Goodbye!" She stormed off. Jake nudged me.

"Go get her, Émile," he motioned. I nodded quickly and ran off to catch up to her.

"Cecilia, wait! Hang on! I wasn't making fun of you!" I called when I saw her.

"I doubt that!" She growled.

"Cecilia, you're breaking my heart, you're shaking my confidence daily, oh Cecilia, I'm down on my knees, I'm begging you please to come home…" She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around to look at me. Her eyes widened because I started to dance a tango by myself. She smiled and clapped slightly.

"You are quite charming, Émile, I don't know whether you realise it or not," she said softly – which sounded better because it brought out her Irish accent (when she was angry, however, she sounded American or Canadian). "Do you really care about me?"

"Y-yes… it was the first time I had actually noticed you… it was the first time I noticed how short you were, how you good looked, how soft your voice is…"

"Aw… that's so sweet Émile, you're very sweet…," she smiled. "You're very cute," she was just barely able to touch my shoulder. I felt warm inside when she did that and it felt good (people rarely do that to me).

"Cecilia… you're beautiful, you know that? I don't care how short you are. You are beautiful just the way you are. I hope you realise that…," I felt warm inside and it felt like I was getting a boner. "Oh God… she's giving me a boner…," I thought. She flushed a bright red and stared at the ground while slightly nodding. "How'd y-you l-like to come to my office?" I groaned, trying to jizz myself. "W-wait, never mind! I'll be right back! Stay there!" I quickly ran off to the bathroom.

Cecilia's POV

"Okayyy…. That was strange…," I scratched my head. "I think I know where he is, though…," I walked off and headed towards the bathroom.

Émile's POV

"Oh God…," I sighed groaningly. "S-she made me j-jizz myself…," I sighed sharply. I heard a knock on the door outside.

"Émile, are you okay?" Cecilia asked. "It sounds like you're hurt, c-can I come in?"

"F-fine… but it's embarrassing and it should be kept a secret," I added while groaning. "I'm just sitting here… on a stall… embarrassed…" She quietly came in. "I'm okay, I guess…?"

"You don't sound okay, hon," she asked softly. "Are you sure?"

"Don't tell anyone or I'll shoot you in the head, you got that?" I leaned over and looked from under the stall. She nodded slightly. "You made me spunk myself… I-I do it around women that t-touch me… d-don't tell anyone…"

She just started chuckling. "Aww, Émile, why are you embarrassed about that? Niles u-used to do t-that to me a-all the time…"

"C-Cecilia?" I blinked and maybe leaned a little too far? I fell over face-first onto the tiled floor. "Oh God… t-that hurt…," I looked up at her. She wasn't paying attention to me, she was crying. "C-Cecilia, are you crying?" She looked at me finally.

"Y-yes… a-and why are you on the f-floor?" She asked.

"I was leaning over to see if you were okay or not…," I slightly shrugged. "Cecilia, how'd you like to come to my office?" I got up slowly and brushed myself off. However, I didn't have my pants down; I didn't want to embarrass myself any further. "God dang door, have to kick it to get the lock off," I kicked the door and it flung open smashingly. Cecilia blinked several times and wiped the tears away. "Shh," I hugged her tightly. "It's okay…. Your husband will live in Heaven, in peace now…"

"Y-you're right," she sniffled. I drew her in closer and tighter.

"Y-you'll b-be all right, sweetie…," I said softly. I almost couldn't help but to cry as well…