A Dragon's Breath

Chapter 1: A Viking's Voyage

This is a little appetizer for you guys. I watched 'How to Train Your Dragon' a few days after it came out and have become completely addicted to it, I tried to quell it by reading fanfiction on it, but until recently there has been none. And since 1, there is very little of that amazing movie, and 2, it is in 'HIGH' demand, I have decided to start a short little fic about it, around my usual aim of fifteen thousand, hopefully well written fic for you guys. Let me know what you think, leave ideas and most of all, REVIEW AND SUBSCRIBE!

"Hiccup wake up!" a voice called loudly and woke the sleeping teenage viking from his slumber. The Dragon tamer of Beck, Hiccup, slowly rose from his bed and yawed heavily. He glanced around his room groggily at first but quickly gained his senses as he realized it was morning.

Letting out a loud sort of shriek the young viking jumped out of bed, the fur blankets falling to the floor partially as he began pulling on his shirt and furs as well as slipping into his boots, pulling the strings tight as he hurried over to a certain spot near his door. Opening the leather bag he scanned it's contents.

Knife, yep, rope, yep, spark rocks, yep...and as he ran through the contents of the little bag he heard a soft yawn followed by the creaking of the rafters above the roof. Glancing up Hiccup smiled up at the waking form of his best friend, the Night Fury, Toothless.

As the large form of the black scaled dragon roused itself, hearing it's master moving around below it, it's two massive wings unwrapped themselves from it's form and then it's two clawed feet released the wooden rafters of the chiefs home and landed softly on the floor, falling back on it's haunches, looking almost wise as it sat there and stared at him, the ruse only fooled as it tried, once again, to copy Hiccup's loose grin.

As he closed the bag, Hiccup moved towards his dragon and scratched at the fastest dragon on Beck's neck. Careful this time not to knock it out by hitting the pressure sensitive spot right between the neck and jaw bone as he tossed the bag onto his back, slipping one arm into the strap. "Come on boy" he said and headed for the door, opening the wooden slab as it's hinges creaked. Which was rare, or use to be, as Beck might be a old town, but it usually always had new houses.

He honestly was glad that the Dragon-Viking war was over. No more fighting and deaths, for either side. As he walked out of the house, his dragon right behind him, he saw that the sun was just barely starting to rise over the breath taking view of the massive and unending ocean. Below the hill he was walking down was the island of Beck, dozens upon dozens of wooden and stone houses, and now a few dozen dragon roosts of all shapes and sizes, with the massive fish bowls spread around the town. Beck certainly had changed in the few months after the battle with the massive dragon, which had been named the Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus Class of Dragon.

Looking down at the metal replacement for the foot and thigh he had lost Hiccup sighed, yes Beck had changed, in more ways then one. Even as he thought this he felt Toothless slip it's head between his shoulder and chest and then move it so that he was resting against the Night Fury as he walked towards the village square. He no longer required the dragon to help him walk, he had gotten used to walking with the prosthetic over the past few months rather well, but Toothless had simply kept doing it every time he looked at his leg. For a smart dragon, he was rather thick sometimes. Of course, Hiccup didn't really mind the comfort the dragon offered. Since as long as he could remember the tribe had despised him and thought him nothing more then another mouth they would have to feed, his own father too!, but after he had helped save the village they had come to accept him as part of the tribe, not the admiring kind of acceptance, like they had given him when he had been the star dragon trainee, but the kind a family showed to one another.

Needless to say, after the dragon incident, everyone, or mostly everyone, had felt a bit bad for how they had treated the young boy. Toothless had made that very clear at least. The Dragon seemed to already know what he had gone through and had snarled and growled at almost everyone in the village after the first few days, angered at them for how they had treated it's master.

After the first few weeks though, Toothless had calmed down towards them and only bristled if they got close to him, however by now he rarely got above a low growl when anyone came in contact with him.

And of course, most of the Dragon's success at calming down had been due to the dragon trainees, now full vikings. Ever since they had returned the small group of Vikings in training had started hanging out with Hiccup, riding their dragons and playing games among other things. But the fact was that while the Vikings and Dragons grew to stand each other, Toothless had grown to stand everyone as well.

The only person that Toothless let near him or Hiccup at all during the first few days had been...Astrid. The name alone had brought a sort of lightheadedness to the young viking's head.

He had long carried a torch for the female warrior, but even in his wildest dreams he had not expected the blond haired dream girl to ever even glance at him for more then a few seconds. And it had been that way for most of his life until he had got good at dragon fighting, then it had developed into a rivalry and finally into a sort of attraction.

While helping Toothless adjust the two had bonded the most. Astrid had seemed to spend most of her time with the brown haired clutz when she wasn't helping her mother, training or doing what ever she did with Ruffnut, shop or something.

They had gone all over the island of Beck, sailed around it and done all kinds of adventures together as Astrid kept finding ways to punch him before kissing him, whether it being him not walking right or just flying to fast. Of course he would take all the punches she could give him if it meant he got the kiss at the end.

Suddenly he was snapped out of his day dreaming when a fist hit his shoulder. "That's for day dreaming about me"A voice said as he snapped out of his foggy mind like state. He was just in time to feel warm soft lips connect with his own. "And that's for day dreaming about me" Astrid said as he opened his eyes.

There was a faint blush on her face as she backed off him and he saw that most of the others were there. Ruffnut and Tuffnut were busy knocking each others brains out as their Hideous Zippleback tried to pry the two apart, each head of the beast trying to push the bickering siblings apart.

He also saw walking up with Snoutlout and his Monstrous Nightmare was Fishlegs and his Gronckle. Both vikings appeared to be in a conversation of some sort while both of their dragon's walked or floated, respectively.

As they got closer Hiccup winced as he heard what they were talking about. "Im telling you there was tounge!" Snoutlout shouted, causing both Thorstons and their dragons to stop their fighting and look at Snoutlout in disgust, shock, amusement, ect. However the always frightful and annoying Fishlegs only added to the embarrassing situation.

"No way! There is no way Hiccup could get his relationship up to level three so quick!" he said in his normal dorky way. This only caused Snoutlout to roll his eyes as both Thorstons started laughing uncontrollably, their fight long forgotten.

Astrid herself was livid, her face looking like it might just turn purple as she let out a angry roar and threw a very sharp knife, which landed right next to Snoutlouts face, going half way into the wooden wall of the house he had just started to lean against. "Shut up or it goes lower" she seethed, reminding everyone why she was the best of the viking teenagers when it came to combat.

Both Snoutlout and Fishlegs gulped as they instinctively moved their hands to protect the one area that all viking males were vulnerable at, no matter how fat or fit.

Toothless, and a few of the other dragons had either fallen to the floor or were somehow still standing as they laughed, chuckled or just roared with laughter. Even as the two teenage males looked heavily embarrassed, with Fishlegs hiding his hands behind his back and whistling and Snoutlout trying to strike a manly pose, causing the entire group, even Astrid, to start howling with laughter, a voice spoke up. "and that, students, is why you never make a female viking mad" Gobber said with a amused spark in his eyes as he walked up towards them, his wooden peg leg making a clicking sound as it connected with the wooden platform of the square.

As the large viking stood before them, a large bag strapped to his back, his small Terrible Terror perched on his shoulder, he scanned the group with his eyes and nodded reprovingly. "Ok then! You youngsters better hurry up and get on that boat!" he said laughing as he headed back down towards the stairs that led to the docks below the village.

Sighing Hiccup started walking after the blacksmith as Astrid and the two Thorston's grabbed their bags from the floor and started heading after them. Snoutlout and Tuffnut and Ruffnut talking about blood and fighting while Fishlegs hung back as he tried to avoid being seen by Astrid, or more pointedly, her knives. Even as they walked he noticed her plucking the weapon from the house, leaving the wood with a rather impressive hole. As for Astrid herself. She was walking next to the 'wannabe viking' as she so often teased him, however over time it had become friendly and playful from the old scornful and distaste.

Hiccup was smiling at her as he felt her hand slip into his and the two of them watched the sun rising over the sea as Gobbler led them down to the boat they were using.

He remembered how his Father had told them all that they were going to go for a weekend vacation to the nearby empty island of Tarkus, which the others had taken to with glee. Hiccup however had actually been the orchestrator in all of it. He had managed to convince his father to allow them to go to the island for two reasons.

One, Astrid's birthday was in two days and while they were enjoying themselves on the island his father and the other vikings would be preparing the village to celebrate her fifteenth birthday. Normally something of preparing the entire village on such a scale was reserved for the village chief coronation, funerals and holidays. But since the three very large factors of him being the chiefs son and he had saved them from both the massive dragon, Red Death, that he had also ended the Dragon-Viking War, and that they still owed him a favor for how they had treated him, well needless to say they had agreed whole, or at least half, heartily to the idea.

Once again he was pulled from his day dreaming as Astrid elbowed him, "i would say to stop that, but it makes a girl feel good to know that her man can't stop thinking about her" she whispered softly as his face went red. "Anyways it's time to stow the gear" she said and that's when he noticed everyone was on the boat, Dragons included, and were putting their packs and other supplies on the floor near the edge of the boat, tying them to the framework of the inside of the boat so that they wouldn't get lost or knocked off if a wave hit them or something else happened.

Hiccup nodded and moved to get up on the boat. And started stowing his own bag when he felt a slight punch against his back. Turning around he opened his mouth. "Wha-" he barely even got those words out before Astrid's hands had grabed his fur vest and pulled him into a rather heart stopping kiss, the teens only managed to break out of it when someone, probably Gobber, coughed loudly.

Both teens blushing they pulled away and stared at Gobber, who was grinning rather slyly at them while Snoutlout glared at him, still sore about losing Astrid obviously. "are ya gonna do that all the way to Tarkus!" he shouted, part groan part bitter.

Astrid grinned slyly at the buff, yet rather stupid, viking. "Maybe..." she replied, her grin still there as Fishlegs made a gagging sound and Snoutlout went red, though if it was anger or embarrassment no one could tell.

Gobber smiled. "Well as amusing as this all is Astrid im afraid that dear Hiccup is go'in to have to stow his own gear" he said and stared pointedly at the boy. Then he turned around and stared at the three larger dragons. "if you would be so kind" he said and gestured to their wards.

Groaning or sighing the dragon riders of Beck moved over to their dragons to place the ropes around their dragons, the Monstrous Nightmare, the Night Fury and the Hideous Zippleback, all of which started flapping their wings as the ropes and harness were secured. Once that was done they took off, flying ahead of the boat and pulling it easily as they got their exercise.

Hiccup watched it with a bit of pride. One of the things he and Gabber, putting their minds together, had come up with was a sort of harness that allowed dragons to pull boats by the use of ropes. Gabber himself had made a crude version at first when they had pulled what remained of the destroyed boats back at the Dragon's Nest and had used the dragons fire to meld them a few platforms before using what rope and leather they had to have the dragons pull them back to Beck, Hiccup had taken that inspiration and immediately began devising a better and more effective version.

Now most of the boats on Beck used this method, of course the Vikings still pulled their own weight by rowing when the dragons grew tired, but this was viewed as a way for the dragons to work for the food they were given, one of the many reasons and things Hiccup and a few other Vikings had put forth to make the Tribe and Dragons accept one another.

Finally after stowing his own bag, Hiccup stood up and waved with the others to the Village of Beck, where a good many Vikings were standing as they saw their children off.

Sighing he turned around to Astrid. "So what was the punch for?" he asked, as she hadn't even said the reason, unlike how she normally did.

Smiling she punched him again, softly. "For being late" she said slyly.

"and the kiss?"

"do I need a reason?" she asked.

"do you?" Hiccup said, a small grin on his face as both of their faces reddened a bit.

"Nope." she said smoothly before sliding up to him again and kissing him deeply.

Well I hope you enjoyed that. After watching this thing in the theaters, I just knew this would have a large amount of potential. Im sorry for taking so long, but inspiration is hard to come by for me, I need to be either in pain, hunger or in need of sleep, all three were accomplish during this chapter.

For those of you who are wondering. It didn't exactly say that Gabber had a dragon, but he had one at the end, it was either a nadder or a terror. Either way I think it turned out well, more then my other fics.

As for Astrid's birthday, they look like their 13-14, so im just winging it on their age, sorry if you believe they are older.

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