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Author's Note: Written extremely early in the morning. So, sorry if the quality isn't quite up to bar. Anyways, this is written with some of the lyrics from Colbie Cailat's Bubbly. I really liked this song, and it was on replay last night so I decided to write something based on it.

Warning: Yuri, femslash, whatever you want to call it. FangxVanille.



Wind Alias


Fang loved Vanille.

She wasn't sure when it started. Perhaps it was a recent thing. Perhaps it had started all those years ago, back in a time she could hardly remember and, quite frankly, didn't want to.

What mattered to her was Vanille.

Vanille. The sweet girl she'd come to know over time unmarked. The endearing young woman she'd explored with so long she'd become lost in all they'd done together.

Vanille made her feel special.

Not just any kind of special; because anyone could be special. Anyone could have an ability, or have someone tell them they're special. But Vanille didn't tell her. She showed her each and every day. With a smile. With a giggle. With a chuckle.

And…and the way Vanille made her feel. The jump of her heart, the spark in her veins, the skip in her step. Simply being around the rose haired girl set her skin ablaze.

But all these had nothing on the butterflies.

Because they began in her toes, and when she crinkled her nose, and she knew that wherever Vanille goes, she'd always know.

Because Vanille made her smile, even just for awhile…

Even just for awhile.

Even just for awhile.

And, hopefully, longer.