Title: -A Winchester's Heart; the good, the bad and the unexpected

Author: me & Superslayer & Lolaann73

Status: WIP

Rating: NC17 and above

Summary: Dean Winchester is used to getting women to fall at his feet, his brother had just married the 'love of his life' when Dean met her. She was everything he never knew he wanted and more. The life and times of the Winchester Clan and Dean learning that sometimes opening your heart can bring you more than you ever dreamed.

Genre: Crossover BTVS/SPN. Alternate Universe

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Supernatural and all related characters are copyright The CW Network. (Eric Kripke) No infringement intended. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon. No infringement intended. Thank you to Superslayer for making my Idea a readable story and Lolaann73 for beta and also coauthoring when my muse died.


"Big Day."

"A very big day," Sam repeated.

"That's what I said. It's a big freakin' day. And somehow, if you gave the word, I'd have the Impala ready in five."

Sam shook his head sadly. He leaned casually against the wall, peering at his brother with part suspicion and part wonder.

The stained glass glowed while the lowering sun's rays slanted in from the west, dripping gold paint across horizontal layers of pale rose, buff, and salmon from the intermingled picture of the crucifix painted on the glass. Sometimes, Sam had to wonder if Dad had destroyed Dean's soul altogether. Dean had been forced to be both protector and surrogate dad to Sam all his life. "Dean, I'm lucky to have a wonderful woman like Jess…I've spent my entire life looking for what I see in her eyes."

Dean turned slowly, fixing Sam with a steady glare. From the way his mouth curled into a mischievous grin, Sam knew he'd been had. "Just because I didn't go to Stanford doesn't mean I'm a complete idiot, college boy," he said

"I didn't say . . ." Sam paused, stuck. Dean loved to give him crap about having attended Stanford—and graduating Pre-law—while Dean carried on the family business.

"Look, Sam, I know what it means to have somewhere to care about. I know about love. I even get why you want to marry her—."

"I love her."

"Oh for the love of…What did I just say? Dude, are you even listening to me?"

When Dean got in this kind of mood, there was no winning. After his years at college, away from his big brother, Sam had to learn Dean's habits and quirks all over again. These last few years, spending time with Dean and Dean's precious Impala, he believed he had reacquainted himself with most of those traits, good and bad.

"It is pretty spectacular," Sam said, hoping to change the subject. Another glance at the opposite wall showed that in just minutes, Sam Winchester would be marrying the girl of his dreams. The music played heavily on the organ from downstairs while hints of roses tickled Sam's nose from all the arrangements that donned the church auditorium below. "I'm glad you decided to be the best man."

"Me too," Dean said. He scratched his head, mussing his short brown hair and stood smirking at his younger brother, "You're kinda cool for a wuss."

"Jerk" Sam snickered.

"Bitch… You know Jess is really way out of your league," Dean snorted. "Am I wrong?"

"More like . . . not a clue," Sam replied.

"You can give me detention. Oh, wait, that's right . . . you aren't the boss of me. So, I guess you can just bite me."

"That's not happening," Sam said. "Maybe we should get downstairs; they'll be waiting on us." Even as he said it, he recognized that Dean might take it as giving orders again. That was something he and Dean struggled with.

Dean shot him a dark glance but didn't say anything. He pushed off the wall. "Let's hit it."

[i]Three days Earlier…[/i]

The soft music played in the background at Asoro, the most exclusive restaurant in Canopy Springs. Leave it to his brother to pick a boujee place like this to eat. Dean tugged once again on the tie that his brother had called and told him to wear. According to Sam, he was supposed to dress nice and be on his best behavior. He was meeting with Jess's family and because Dean hadn't met them yet; Sam didn't want Jess to change her mind after her had family met him. Dean had politely reminded him that Jess had met him and not run away.

He swaggered to the table while winking and leering at the waitress that dodged by him quickly, "Hold on there sweetheart, where's the fire?"

The waitress just blushed and composed herself, "Did you need some help, sir?"

"Looking for the Winchester party."

"Right this way." The pretty, young girl with the short-cropped brown bob flushed while leading Dean to the adjoining room.

"I'll follow you anywhere, princess."

This remark was met with another blush and nod, and then Dean spotted all the luscious females sitting at the table. There were redheads, blondes and brunettes 'oh my'. The nervous waitress scurried off as Dean checked out her backside. Then he turned to survey the undiscovered land that lay before him.

Sam scowled as he watched his brother rove his eyes over the table, "Dean, you remember Jess."

The glowing blonde smiled deeply at Dean and held out her hand, "Of course I remember him…"

"The offer still stands if you want to run off with me and leave Sam here," Dean winked.

Sam shook his head as he made introductions around the table, knowing that Dean was silently listing all of the females in his head; Dan...Sheila-check redhead big boobs…. Chris… something or other; then Diane…sultry brunette. Dawn- brunette and off limits from the scowl Sam sent him…relative…too young…Isabella…hot, young, firm and blonde…check. The list continued without fanfare.

Dean was just giddy with the cornucopia spread that lay before him. Did he just hear Sam say someone or two someone's were missing? Dean was so caught up in the plans he was making it barely registered.

"I'm afraid Buffy had an emergency and won't be able to make it –so you won't get to meet her until the wedding," Jessica relayed.

"That's okay. She can't possibly be more beautiful than you." Dean returned Jess's smile with a cordial grin.