Chapter 34- Winchester's Girl

The bar was just starting to liven up, the music played off a jukebox in the corner while the clack of balls, surrounded the tables in the rear of Alibi's. Dean leaned down to take the shot. He only came here out of boredom. His girl was going out with one of her friends. So Buffy told him, he should go and have a guy's night out. He personally wasn't bothered, but when he had gone home and tried to lie down, his body reminded him of how long he had been without Buffy. He had too much nervous energy. That and the fact maybe if he made an appearance, his nosy friends, would get off his ass, about trying to figure out whom he was spending all his time with.

He stood back up, lost in his own thoughts; it took a few minutes for him to realize that his friends were talking to him.

"Where ya been hiding, Winchester, didja find a nice piece and get lost in it?"

He had known Richie for years, he thought himself to be a player, and usually it ended with Dean having to save his ass from the angry boyfriends/husbands that wanted to pound him. Dean frowned. That just didn't feel right to him, but these were his friends and they were always crude, so he shrugged it off. "I've been around," he said simply.

Richie raised his eyebrow, "Darla said she aint been to your place in months, and you don't return calls, What gives, ain't gone religious like one of them monks have ya?.

"Not hardly," he said with a sly grin. "Darla just ain't on the menu anymore."

He stood back to observe the game when Caleb just back from the restroom, whistled to a waitress to bring over another round of drinks. "So, Whatcha been up to?" Caleb continued, it had been pretty much a conversation between all his friends, how Dean had practically disappeared off the grid. "Find something more interesting than Darla to tap." He snorted, "Don't be holding out man, we're friends."

Dean narrowed his eyes at Caleb and took a shot. He put too much force behind it and scratched. "Dammit," he cursed. Thus far, he had kept his girlfriend away from his friends. It wasn't that he was ashamed by any means. It was just Buffy, was not something he wanted them anywhere near, he would hate to have to beat his friends' asses, for making crude remarks or offending her somehow. Then there was the fact, he didn't want her around any other men. She was his dammit, and he didn't like to share even her attention with any other male.

Caleb's eyes widened when he glanced toward the bar's front door, he whistled and grinned, "Dam, what time do you think those legs open? I'd wait in line for days to tap that."

Dean didn't look. He was too focused on how irritating his friends seemed tonight. Besides, he was a one woman man, amazing how that happened, but with Buffy, it was easier than he would have ever imagined and most women couldn't hold a candle to his woman; so whatever new flavor they were jacking off to, held no interest for him.

Richie straightened and zeroed in where his friend Caleb had been staring, "I could see myself doing some math with her; we could go back to my place, add some oils, and subtract our clothes."

Dean snorted and took a drink from his beer. "Seriously? What are you, twelve? That's pretty lame, dude."

Caleb laughed, "Yeah man, sides you failed math. Dean's right...something like that would take more than a stupid line ...she looks kinda lost, wonder if she need'sa ride or somthin'?"

The grin returned to Richie's face, "Maybe I aught ask?" He threw his pool stick on the table, walking toward the front of the bar.

Dean glanced toward the doorway, mostly because he was interested to see the train wreck Richie's pick up line was about to create. He almost dropped his beer when he saw the obvious focus of his buddy's attention. It was Buffy! He quickly caught up to Richie and hauled him back by the back of his coat. "I don't think so, Chuckles. Eyes off my girlfriend, Go take your shot and tell Caleb to keep his eyes on the damn game too."


"Yeah GIRLFRIEND. Now shut it before you piss me off."

Richie held up his hands, and backed away, "Sorry man."

Buffy turned and spotted Dean, she waved and got off the stool and walked toward him, "Hi," Her eyes brightly met his, they met as he walked toward her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in for a kiss.

Dean had to admit, he put a little extra into the kiss because he wanted it known, especially to the men in this bar, that the woman, they all were obviously ogling was his and sniffing around his territory would result in loss of limbs. He pulled Buffy closer, His lips were warm and firm, like rough silk brushing against hers, and his teeth nibbled gently. When his tongue pressed against the seam of her lips, she opened for him and he swept inside like a marauder.

Both his friends stood back at the table, dumbstruck. So this was what Dean had been spending his time with, she didn't look like his usual flavor, she was hot but had an air of classy too, they couldn't blame him for wanting to keep her to himself.

When he pulled back from the kiss, he instinctually took off his jacket he was wearing and slung it around her bare shoulders. As far as he was concerned, these jackasses had gotten more than an eyeful of his girl's cleavage.

Buffy bounced in her step, seeing her boyfriend was a bonus to the bad luck that had plagued her earlier today. She returned his smile, "I didn't know you were here, this was just the closest place for a phone, mine decided to die about an hour ago...Ummm am I messing up your guys night?" She frowned with guilt across her face.

Dean shook his head. "No... It's just... there's a bunch of dumbasses in here," he said with a glance toward his friends. "I was just surprised. Is something wrong? You need to use my phone?" He rubbed her shoulders absently, just touching her shoulders was sending heat to his groin.

"No, the bartender," she hooked her thumb behind her, "He let me use his, My car decided it was tired and refused to budge, so I called Bobby, he should be here soon, " Buffy glanced behind him to spot the guys who were intently watching them, "Are those your friends?" She added, "I haven't met any of your friends yet." She was hoping that Dean might let her meet at least one of his friends; she hadn't had an opportunity thus far to meet any of them. Anytime someone would show up where they were, and seemed to know Dean; she was usually whisked away by her adoring boyfriend, who was currently meeting her eyes with a mischievous glint.

Dean glanced back at the table, internally not wanting to expose his beautiful, but still slightly naïve girlfriend. He found her innocence endearing but, he was a bit afraid, they may say something to his girl which would result in possible bloodshed friend or not. They had a tendency to run their mouths, and as much as he had changed from his playboy ways, he didn't want them to have an opportunity for them to regale her with tales of his so called glory days, as the 'king of the mattress realm'. He was also not comfortable with the way these men including his friends were openly gawking at her either. "You sure? I mean, they are some goofy bastards..."

"Of course, they're your friends," She continued, "Unless, you don't want." She crossed her heart with her fingers, "Promise not to spoil, all your guy-bondy fun. Afterwards, I'll even go back to the bar and wait for Bobby."

Dean sighed. "Baby, it's not that. Besides, you really think I'm gonna let you sit at that bar all by yourself when every dude in this place is making eyes at you? Come on, I'll introduce you. Just don't expect too much. They've been acting like stupid asses all night."

Buffy looked confused for a second, "Why would they stare at me?" her eyes did a quick sweep around, "I'm not the only girl here..." She laughed, "I don't mind; besides they must have some good quality, they are your friends, and you're full of wonderful boyfriend goodness..."

"Trust me. You may as well be the only one here. And I totally mind. Just make sure you don't get too close to these idiots. They might drool on you."

"Promise, I'm allowed to stand close to you, right?" She teased.

"Hell yeah, the closer the better." He led her over to the pool table where his friends were still openly gawked. Glancing hard to each man, the silent warning shot from his eyes, 'Say anything crude, and your ass is mine.' Not sure if they got it or not, he reluctantly made the introductions, "Buffy, this is Caleb and Richie. Guys, this is my girlfriend, Buffy."

Buffy gave each man a smile, "Nice to finally meet some of Dean's friends... Sorry for interrupting your guy fun...So what do you guys do? Are you mechanics like Dean?"

Both males would have had to been idiots to not catch the deadly glare their friend gave them, this was serious. What was surprising that neither man could ever recall Dean introducing a girl as his 'girlfriend' he usually referred to females as his 'work out buddy' or some other generic term? They would also have to be idiots to not notice the tight proximity of which Dean was keeping said girl.

Caleb cleared his throat, he nodded to the shorter man beside him, "No, Richie here works at my gun shop two blocks from Dean's garage...nice ta meecha..." He cleared his throat caught up in the woman's warm smile, "Gotta tell ya your dam beautiful...Dean ever treats you wrong you gimme a call."

Dean smirked at his friend and cut Buffy off before she could respond. "Yeah, well, don't you worry about that? I'm bowing out guys. Buffy's car broke down and she's waiting on a tow. I'm gonna give her a lift home."

Both men nodded silently to Dean and Buffy. He grabbed his wallet throwing two tens on the table to cover the game.

"You don't haveta, Bobby will come get me... just gonna head home, Dawn's spending the night at Janice's' and since Tara had to bail, just gonna have a night in."

"Don't worry about..." Dean trailed off as he registered the part about Dawn being gone. "So," he remarked with a devious smile. "Dawnie's out tonight and you're all alone... Damn. Think I better take advantage of that."

Buffy gave Dean a sweet smile, "Yep poor little me all alone..." Buffy perked up, "You wanna come over, spend the night...we could find something to do."

Dean's grin widened. "Something to do, huh? What did you have in mind? Cuz I know what I have in mind." Dean pulled Buffy into his arms, and wrapped them around her waist.

"Anything you want, I'm all yours..." Buffy grinned playfully.

"Wow, baby, you really shouldn't say that to a man like me. You have no idea what might happen."

"I trust you... I love you."

Dean smiled happily. "Love you too... but that don't mean you're safe with me," he teased. "I have a very dirty mind."

They barely made it to Revello when Buffy slipped out and Dean quickly followed suit by smacking her bottom. Buffy blushed telling him to behave, but Dean was so lighthearted, he didn't care who saw. He loved this woman. He was going to get him some pie, and it would be no rush, since Dawn would be gone. After the door closed, Dean kissed Buffy passionately, while caressing the back of her head. "Go upstairs, I'll lock up."

Dean watched her walk up the stairs; he was going to be in that all night, if he had his way. She better be prepared, because he wasn't getting off her pussy till the light of day. He flicked the switch and made his way upstairs, turning off lights as he went. When he made it to her bedroom, there she was on the bed, looking up to him, Dam, she was the incarnate of sex and innocence. He had been with her on as many occasions as he could, not nearly as much as he wanted. If he had his way, he would be in her/on her, at least three times a day, and six times on Sunday. He slowly walked to the bed, leaning forward and she met him halfway as they met with a slow languid kiss. The kiss intensified as Dean moved closer and his tongue swept inside her mouth and suddenly he pulled back. "Hold that thought sweetheart. " Dean quickly shed his clothes.

Buffy felt the bed dip and she leaned forward, the light cover she had slipped from her unclothed body. Dean smiled at that; chuckling with his deep voice, "I believe I was offered anything I want…" his eyes glinted with mischief.