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Warning: Implication of Lucy/Master.

A/N: Story inspired by the so called Random Pairing Generator. This time luckily not shippy, at least not Lucy/Davros wise. Also, since written before End of Time not exactly Canon compliant. Enjoy!

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Davros / Lucy Saxon


There are some things Daleks can't do, some things that require hands, and so he got himself a random human to do those small works, once they had stolen Earth.

Several random humans as it was, because each of them tended to freak out at one point.

Not her, however, not his latest acquisition.

He doesn't know why his Daleks brought her, of all available people, but he is glad they did. Maybe she is as insane as a human being can be, but she does as she is told and her hands are small and nimble and she never, not for one moment, panics. She almost floats through the room, like she is dancing and he thinks on a very superficial level that she is rather pretty, with her blonde hair and empty eyes. She does her work and waits for his next orders.

Such a sweet servant.

She only gives short answers when he questions her something, which he has no need for most of the time and she rarely talks on her own. Sometimes she does and her voice is dreamy and far gone. She tells him about her husband, Harry, how he promised to destroy Earth for her, that she shoot him, but that that is okay, because he will be back. He will reward her then for being loyal to him, for being a good girl. Sometimes when they are in the same room as Dalek Caan she talks with him and although his babble doesn't make sense most of the time for everyone else, she seems to understand what he says and answers in her own cryptic words.

Maybe that is the reason why Davros dares not to leave her out of his sight once they are alone in a room. At one point he calls himself paranoid, and deliberately turns his back to her, there are no weapons for her to use here, and he has work to do.

The nagging, unsettling feeling only grows with every second until he can't concentrate anymore and so he turns around to her again. Something about her is off and it drives him slowly mad. Perhaps he should get rid of her soon, but at this point he doesn't really want to.

Maybe it is the constant tapping of her fingers, whenever she doesn't have work to do.

It slowly drives into his mind. Like drums of war.


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