"Ok it's not that hard let me help... That's right, position your aim… and shoot when you think it will absolutely hit the target..." I trembled and tried to aim right at the sentry. I was so sure it was going to hit… and so I pulled the trigger. It missed, and hit the wall directly next to it. I groaned and crumpled to the floor in defeat. "Let's face it; I'll never be as amazing as you Sheryln." I said to her. She gave me a wan smile, and shook her head. "You'll get it. Here, try again." And Sheryln reloaded my gun and left it in my hands. "Trust me, I'm not that great." She stared at the doorway of our practice room, and I noticed a figure there too. It was Perception, the only female gunslinger that was more powerful than Sheryln. She turned her back to us and said "With you wasting time on a newbie like that, you'll never become better. Stop wasting your time and hurry up and level! ~" She left the room in a huff. Sheryln shrugged and turned to me, only to see me shaking with rage. "How can you let her talk to you like that?" I complained. She shrugged, and proceeded to direct me to aim correctly again. I'm beginning to think that shrugging is her signature reply. Oh well, I'll confront Perception later. It's not like she's going to get mad or anything.

After a few more shots at the practice sentry, I gave up for the day and thanked Sheryln. "I need to run a little errand, so please excuse me." I said to her as I skipped lightly to the exit. She waves back at me, smiling. I keep up this peppy energetic emotion until I reach the end of the lobby, and dropped the act. Dead tired, I trudged myself to the high-level pros room. That itself was a risk, I could be shot down any minute or kicked. I rushed myself, hoping no one would notice me. "What do you want?" Perception asked as I approached her. "Stop bullying Sheryln." I replied. She raised her eyebrow. "I'm not bullying herr!!~" she said. "I just want her to level up so I can clash with her." She gives me a smile, but I don't budge. "You seem like you are." I said to her. Perception sighed. "You, newbie, don't know anyyythinnng about Sheryln~ or me." She nods and jumps up, her wings take flight. "One day you'll see." She flew off, probably to play another death match. I groaned and gave up. This woman will never understand what I mean.


I stomp around, annoyed. Someone binds me and I stop suddenly, almost snapping my ankles. "What the fu-" I stop as I see Sheryln look at me with an expression I really don't want to confront. "Is it true that you confronted Perception about me?" she demanded. I avoid looking at her eyes. "Err... sort of?" I mumble, crossing my fingers. She lightly smacks my forehead. "Don't ever do that again. I know I should be doing what she says, and she's the only one who knows most about me." I stare at her with disbelief. "No way!" I said, wishing I could shout. "How can that be? And you're nicer than her anyway, training newbies like me." She shrugs, and she pats my shoulder. "Newbies like you shouldn't be in a place like this. Don't ever lie to me." Then she kicks me out. Tired of the whole day, I decided it would be nice to talk and take a break in the lobby. As I sit down on the nearest soft seat, a group of girls and boys, both newbies and pros, gossiping in hushed voices near where I was sitting. I leaned in as close as possible, wondering what was so hush-worthy.

"Didja hear? That woman Perc levelled up again!"

"Damn right! She's mighty fine, that lady with her guns. She should be the angel of death or something."

"And the Chocolates, those crossdressing gunslinger siblings are like gods of death..."

"Oh yeah, those guys are so finnee."

I lean back, disgusted. They're just talking about the high-ranked players. None of my business. And no one mentions Sheryln. What a bunch of assholes. I was about to doze off when I heard a much more raspy and quiet voice than usual from the group.

"Did you guys know? Apparently all the top players are really cheaters! They have mystical powers to help them aim and attack accurately everytime!"

"No way! That's crazy man!"

"How could you say that? That's just a rumor isnt it?"

"Even if it's really a rumor that's way too far-fetched right??"

A shiver goes down my spine, and suddenly everything seems far away. If what the guy said was true, then Sheryln...

"So it's like, all the top sixteen players?"

My ears perk up and suddenly I can hear from miles away.

Sheryln's one of the top sixteen.

"Yeah. They said that to prove that they cheat with their powers, their eyes have a small target-like curser that turn red each time they align up with their target!"

"That's bs man, I've stared at one of their matches and their eyes never glow red in a cursor-shape."

"It's hard to see because it blends in the eye, but if you look carefully you'll see it."

I feel cold as I hear the last bit, and fall backwards in my seat. The group moves on to some other topic (I didn't catch on what it was), but their whispers keep echoing in my ears. If what they said really was true... no. I don't believe it. I can't. There is no way they have powers or anything... do they? A tiny doubt comes by my mind, and it takes me over. I freeze in place, remembering Sheryln's most recent match. I was watching her every move, trying to be as good as her... and remembering that tiny red flash that glowed within her eyes as she aimed.


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