"You're awfully quiet today." Her comment echoes throughout my head. "I'm just trying to concentrate." I replied lifelessly. I couldn't get any sleep last night. My head hurt, and my fingers are blistered from holding the damn guns wrong. "You're not hitting any targets today." Sheryln noted. "Something on your mind?" I nibbled my bottom lip for a second. "Sort of. It's not important." I tried to shake it off like it was nothing. This was a bad subject. "Tell me." My mentor sat down and looked at me intently. "Let it off your mind."

Well, what's the harm in telling the truth? I'll get nowhere by lying.

"Well, I herd this rumor that the top 16 players have this power that cheats them into being powerful." I muttered. I peeked at her, waiting for a reaction. Her shoulders stiffened, her posture frozen, yet her smile still pasted on her face. "And what kind of 'power' is it?" she asked me. I shrugged. "They said that a red cursor-like light flashes in your eyes when you aim and hit a target." Sheryln breathed a sigh. Of relief? Of defeat? I couldn't be sure. She took her own guns and aimed at the target. "Look at my eyes." I stared. She shot once, the target smashes into pieces, and she lowers the weapon. "Well?" she smiled. It was my turn to sigh (in relief). "No red flash." I grinned, the weight that has been on my shoulders lifted and I felt one hundred times better. "I shouldn't have worried myself." I smiled, chipper once again. "Thanks, I knew I shouldn't have doubted you!" I stepped up and pulled myself together. "I'm going to get a drink for both of us, so I'll be right back."

"....Stop hiding, I can hear your breathing." Sheryln spoke out to the seemlingly empty stadium. A figure stepped out, no doubt Perception, snickering. "Smooth lies." she said, flipping her cascading blond hair. "I had to." defended Sheryln. "What am I supposed to do, tell the truth and break her heart?" The blond woman picked up a revolver and played around with it. "That's a start. You gotta stop associating with others." She set the gun down and started out the door. "You do realize that one day she's going to find out sooner or later, right?" Sheryln shrugged. She knew, but now wasn't the time. The kid was only just a newbie...

"By the way, isn't it around time to change your contacts?"

Perception's voice cut through her thoughts.

"Oh. Right." Sherlyn blinked a little, leaned over and smoothly, her contacts fell out on her palm. After all, they were just a cover-up. "I wonder who started that stupid rumor. Anyway, change it for me?" she asked. "You wish. Feeegggggggg." Perception stuck out her tongue. "I'm not your personal servant." "Funny how I'm the one being called fag." The brunette threw her contact case at her. "'O-rly? I don't know what you're talking about. Feeeeegggg." The other female caught the case easily and skipped away. "Dip." Sheryln muttered under her breath.

Here I was, holding two cans of peach juice, heavily breathing.

What... what the hell? I didn't just hear that... did I?

But I did... and oh god, what...

So is the rumor true or not? By the sounds of it, it's totally true.




*flips the bird at Perc*

yes, its your fault that i'm writing this.