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..:Chasing Darkness:..

by fantacination




Roxas, stop! You can't take them on your own yet!

The cry echoes through his head, sharp and urgent. For a moment, Roxas takes his eyes off his opponent and looks around. Because it's her, it has to be her! And he can almost, almost remember her name, if only he could see her! If only he could remember what face was behind her voice.

But there is nothing around them but empty concrete and pounding rain seeping into his hair, dripping down onto his neck and the cobblestones.

And then suddenly the imposter, the guy with the silver hair, is beside him.

"I'm taking you back," that voice says. Roxas turns, but before he can react, the blow lands on his neck.

The darkness snuffs the light.


Doors open when windows close

It was eerily quiet when Riku got back.

Roxas was in his arms like a kidnapped princess- if they came blonde, feisty, and capable of running up buildings and knocking you over with the blunt side of a Keyblade. He had never expected the Nobody- Roxas- to be so strong, easily levels above...her.

Grimacing when the side of his ribs and his arm twinged, Riku carried Roxas' limp, unconscious form to the dusty, unused bed in his room. His muscles protested every tug, the weight of Roxas' body, but somehow, he managed to bring him to the edge of the bed, sliding him onto it. Pain spiked through the bruises and cuts from Oathkeeper, insistently informing Riku that he had come far too close to losing. Far too close to having no other choice but to use the Darkness.

But now wasn't a time for that.

Riku made his way to the tiny closet in his room, rummaging and unearthing a few dusty potions. He cracked the seal on one, swigging it down without tasting the medicinal tang. The other bottles he slipped into his pockets for later.

After a moment, he breathed easier, the potion dulling the pain to a faint throb. He carelessly dropped the empty vial on the table, wincing when the glass rolled straight over the edge and crashed to the ground, glass fragments skittering over the ground. The sound of it jarred, breaking the silence.

Silence. Why was it so quiet? There was hardly ever any noise at the Diz's base, not between a caged artist and a fallen scientist.

Still, it was strange, this almost deathly quiet. DiZ wasn't one for excess noise, but he couldn't avoid breathing any more than the next person. One of the few assurances Riku had that the man was actually alive rather than a sentient mummified corpse. Sometimes, he'd hear Namine singing softly to herself, too.

"DiZ?" Riku frowned, stepping out of his room. He spared a glance for Roxas, sleeping dreamlessly on the bed, before deciding that the blonde probably wasn't going anywhere. He had to find the others first. He had to tell Namine that Roxas was here.

"DiZ? Namine?" Riku repeated into the dimness, his footsteps echoing like bones clacking in a mausoleum. The entire manor never seemed to have enough electricity for light, relying instead on huge skylights and windows to illuminate the ancient wooden floors and dust-heavy tapestries.

He opened his mouth to call again, to tell them about Roxas-but his mouth dried before he could form the words as he entered DiZ's laboratory.

The mansion laboratory was empty. Not a single soul- or even a fragment of it- to be seen. Papers were still strewn on the table. The computers that had been humming with DiZ's incomprehensible programming were shut down and silent.

The coffee pot Diz had salvaged from some unknown world was still where it had always been, the murky brown liquid inside it cold and stale.

Heartless? Nobodies? But it was too neat- no tables overturned, no tell-tale marks of claws on the furniture nor faint lingering taint of Darkness or Nothing. Nothing to indicate that a non-existence and two that might as well be, had been living here.

An icy, strange fear was starting to creep over his senses, dread and suspicion forming a hard little knot in the pit of his stomach. Without quite meaning to, he ran into the sleeping chamber, already knowing what he would not find.

"…No," Riku whispered harshly.

The pod that had contained his best friend yawned open and empty at him, mocking.

Sora was gone. Namine was gone. DiZ was gone. Sora was gone.

"DiZ! Where are you?! Where is everyone?? This better not be one of your stupid mind games!"

But no answer came. Not even from Nobody.

And Riku's world was starting to fray, edges unraveling like a spool of thread, deep into a dark abyss.

Riku wasn't sure what happened next. Just that suddenly the room was suffocating, the world spinning and spinning in his head. Anger, confusion, wherewherewhere? Why? – What had DiZ done now? And the whispers in his head was getting louder, the cloying sweet dark-tainted lies of Ansem trying to pull him in, trying to take advantage of his confusion and amplifying weakness. Give in, give in, what you want you will get when you give in to me.

"STOP IT!" Riku yelled, throwing his arm out. Darkness lashed around him, barely controllable, and Ansem was laughing and laughing, his deep voice reverberating between Riku's ears. He shut it away, throwing that laughing Darkness as far back into his own head as he could. But it was never far enough, the taint of it leaving hooks in his mind, ever-present, only waiting.

Like the tick tock of a clock in the pit of a monstrous belly.

Riku steadied himself on a table, willing the rampant Darkness to disappear. He needed to do something. He needed a plan. But nothing was coming to him, his mind failing each turn of thought when once they would have come tumbling into existence, ever since he could remember. Ever since he had been a headstrong brat at the top of the island food chain.

Damn it, he needed to do something. There had to be a clue. There had to be something. Anything at all!

He searched the papers, DiZ's and Namine's room, the empty pods in the chamber. But there was nothing that hadn't been there when he last came back to replenish his stash of potions.

Papers- the same as ever. Obscure reports in numbers and DiZ's spiky, neat handwriting. Drawings- Namine's, each one as cheerfully colored as the next. His extra supplies- untouched, in the brown bag that the King had given him before they parted ways.

It was almost as if they had all disappeared into thin air.


Riku slammed a fist into a table already broken by Ansem's attempt to take over him. He'd been tricked. Sent out so Diz could make his escape, taking both Sora and Namine with him. What other explanation could there be?

Finally, Riku stumbled dazedly into the perpetual twilight, standing at the manor gates with nothing but questions and a single tiny stub of a color pencil he couldn't even remember picking up.

It wasn't until he heard the footsteps behind him that he remembered the boy he'd left in his room.


Call it a hunch, but Axel had sort of figured that hey, if he were a temperamental blonde best friend (Dark only knew how it was even possible, sans heart), there was really only one world special enough to go to. Familiar enough that your feet led you there without you knowing, before you knew where to go.

There was always something about the place you were born that called you back to it.

He'd slipped one hand into his coat pocket, fiddling the worn pale bit of printed wood in his pocket and ignored ice cream stores and running misfits, nonchalantly searching every nook and cranny of a town that seemed to sleep even when it didn't.

It was a simple process of elimination that had made him duck through the crack in the wall and cross an abandoned orchard.

But he hadn't thought he'd meet Riku there, clutching the brick façade of the wall like it was the only thing keeping him upright. Riku with his bright, slightly annoying heart, like a signature if you knew where to look. If it was pulsing, rife with emotions, like a desperate scream in the night.

And suddenly Axel knew. Pieces fell into place. The 'Impostor' was right in front of him. And there was something else. A friend who had acted strangely. But Axel had only ever had two friends, one had forgotten his heart. The other had left.

"You been busy, lately, Riku?" he drawled carelessly, walking up to the teen. The grass had withered in the perpetual summer heat, crunching helplessly under his boots like so much kindle. Very good kindle.

Riku turned, looking at him with blindfolded eyes.

Axel raised an eyebrow. Interesting accessory choice. Not really what he'd recommend for your aim.

"Prick your eyes on a spindle, princess?"

Riku scowled, a sword materializing in his hand with a flash of Darkness. "Did you want yours done?"

"Is that any way to talk to the guy who saved your best friend?" Axel heaved an exaggerated sigh, feigning disappointment as easily as the practiced motion of his grins.

"You mean use him to assassinate your buddies," Riku said flatly. The Darkness was starting to gather around him, now, obscuring the brightness of his heart, wrapping tightly around it until the light disappeared.

"One good turn deserved another." Axel shrugged. He weighed the merits of summoning his weapons… But no, not yet.

"But hey, let's not talk about you. Any chance you've seen someone I know? Short, blonde, and angry as hell?"

Riku's shoulders tensed. Bingo, give yourself a prize, because He-Who-Can't-Get-Over-Things knows something. Axel's even willing to bet that it's several somethings.

"Since when did you get so careless as to lose things?" Riku sank into a distinctive ready stance, subtly moving away from the wall so he could get a little room to swing.

Dark spirals of flame collected in Axel's hands, whirling tightly in the center of his clenched fists. "Since they started leaving, I guess." Heavy silver weighed against hands as his chakrams materialized.

Suddenly, a Corridor burst into existence at the edge of the dying lawn, the Darkness flaring like the end of a comet briefly before stabilizing into the threshold of a portal.

When in doubt, shoot first.

You might not be able to ask a corpse questions, but a corpse couldn't ask, either.

Axel flung the heavy wheel of a chakram at the portal. He barely had time to register the spiky blonde hair before his chakram clanged off of the side of a Keyblade, sparks flying.


Roxas had woken to an unfamiliar room, feeling vaguely sick and probably concussed. He had been on a bed, but it hadn't been one he recognized. The sheets had been covered in a fine layer of dust- like it had never been used. Or not in a very long time. But he hadn't been tied up and the building had been quiet. So he had created an exit from the Darkness and made his swift escape…

Headfirst into a heavy spiked, wickedly sharp, and vastly familiar chakram.


"What- Axel?" Roxas' eyes hardened, the betrayal too fresh to be kind. "So they sent you?" He fell into a defensive crouch, the Keyblades he had instinctively materialized gripped in both hands.

The warm rays of twilight struck Oathkeeper's gleaming metal, an illusion of fire chasing down it's blade. Oblivion, on the other hand, simply absorbed the light, an eternal black hole. Both Keyblades hummed with energy, their weight almost as comforting as nearly a year's battle experience. He had never fought Axel. Hadn't even thought of the possibility until the day he'd left.

But trust, like glass, cut deep when broken.

"Saix was still knocked out, last I checked. You really did a number on him," Axel remarked conversationally.

Roxas frowned. "So you're not on Saix's orders?"

"I'm not on anyone's orders, Roxas," Axel said simply. "I'm just here," he added, one leg stepping back and body curving low, "to bring you back."

Roxas should've expected it from the moment Axel had appeared but he barely reacted in time anyway.

Axel burst forth, swinging heavy silver chakrams at Roxas' head, aiming to knock him out. Roxas sprang back, dodging the swing and spearing light in his former best friend's face. Axel faltered, momentarily blind. And then fire roared to life all around them, ringing them both in a personal arena. Heat scorched Roxas' back, searing straight through the black leather. Nowhere to run but by portal. And nowhere safe to portal that wouldn't get him skewered with the arc of a thrown chakram.

"Two can play the elemental game, Roxas." Axel swung, the chakrams a deadly, razorsharp airborn chainsaw.

Not bothering to reply, Roxas ducked underneath the first wheel, charging forward and striking just below Axel's chest with the dull back edge of Oathkeeper.

Axel winced like he'd been stung, but he cocked his arm back and swiftly brought his fist down on the back of Roxas' head. Roxas jerked his body sideways, but the blow still landed on his head, though not on target.

Stars burst in front of Roxas' eyes. Staggering back, he felt Axel's hands close around his shoulders before he could fall.

"Told you. I leave the opening on purpose,"Axel snorted.

"I'm not…" Roxas gasped," going back!" Blinding white light erupted from the ground around them, spearing through Axel's body.

Axel's stunned body landed awkwardly on the grass. "Shit," he cursed, unseeing eyes staring straight at the sky as he clutched his torso and rolled to his knees. He coughed, speckles of dark blood almost invisible on his gloved hand.

Roxas fell to the ground next, murmuring a quick healing spell until his vision cleared, the throbbing in his head vanishing. He looked warily over at Axel, the betrayal still thick in the air.

Axel stared right back, blood speckled around his lips. "You don't get to look at me like that. You're the one who left." Slowly, the fire faded away, leaving trails of charred vegetation where it had been.

"Because you wouldn't tell me anything! Nobody did! I know I don't have a heart, but I don't even have anything else! Why? Why am I the only one..." Roxas shook his head. "And it feels like I've forgotten something. Something really important. And I can't remember anything but the Organization!"

"And? What then?" Axel sat up slowly, careful not to strain anything. "You're just going to leave like this? Hope you'll run into something while you're running away?"

"…I'll decide that when I find it."

"Find what, Roxas? The end of the line? A past you can never go back to as you are now?"

"There has to be something! I want to know the truth! About me. About my memories- who was I? Who am I?"


Green eyes looked sideways sharply. "You make a pretty good shadow on the wall, Riku."

Riku. That name… Roxas knew that name. Had woken with it on his lips. Right after… Castle Oblivion.

"You're Sora's Nobody."

The Impostor- Riku, his mind reminded, stared straight at him, eyes still shrouded in black cloth. There was something tense in the line of his back, a too-tight piano string.

"What....? Do you… Did you know who Sora was? My Somebody?"

And that seemed to break something.

Because suddenly, Riku laughed. It was brief and empty. The sort of laugh that was all air and nothing else. The sort of laugh that Roxas sometimes heard in the Fortress, when anyone there laughed at all.

"You could say I knew him. But he's gone, now."

"What?" Roxas blinked. "Of course he's gone… I'm here, right?" Nobodies were born after their Somebodies….died. Got their hearts ripped out. He'd known at least that much. From the books in the Library That Forgot. After he got sick and tired of not knowing anything and Saix had suggested he try to not be so dim in a tone so condescending it was almost as though he expected no more of him.

"He was just sleeping. Until he disappeared. They all did."

"All?" Axel interjected.

"DiZ and Namine. DiZ is some sort of scientist. He must have taken them."

Axel quieted a bit after that, thinking. Then he stood. "You heard the guy." Axel jerked his head in Riku's direction. "Your Somebody's gone."

Roxas refused to look at him. Someone knew. And for the first time, it seemed like he could actually get some answers. "He's gone, not dead. He- and the truth- are still out there somewhere. I'll just have to find him!"

"What? Do you have any idea how much longer we have before the Superior finds out?"

"I don't--- ...We?" Roxas echoed, losing steam and distracted.

Axel's chakrams vanished in a smoky imprint of Darkness.

"Damn it, Roxas. I'm still your friend!"

"Are you?" Axel had done all sorts of things. It was funny, how Roxas couldn't remember them anymore. Some of the things that he was angry about. Were they really such small things? So small that he can't even remember anymore? But they hadn't… He didn't think he would have been so petty.

Whatever Axel saw in his face, it made the redhead's jaw tighten.

Roxas continued. "A friend wouldn't have kept so many secrets about me from me."

Axel looked away. "What good would knowing do?"

"It's my choice, Axel. I'm going to find it on my own ."

"Not on your own."

Blinking, Roxas looked up at him. "What?"

"I'll go with you. I don't care what you think, Roxas. I'm still your friend. I don't exactly have so many that I can give you up. If... " Axel ran a hand through his hair exasperatedly. "If you're going to do this. I've got to make sure you don't die on some godforsaken backwater world. If you really have to do this, I'm in."

Roxas looked at him carefully, trying to find out how much of Axel's words were true. "I don't know… if I can still trust you anymore," he said slowly. "But if you won't try to stop me, anymore… I could use a friend."

Offering a grin, Axel agreed. "Deal."


"If you're looking for Sora, I'll come with you," Riku said suddenly, lowering Soul Eater as a plan finally came to mind. There was no way he was letting these two go unsupervised. Not when Sora still needed... his Other.

Both Nobodies turned to stare at him.

"You need me," Riku said grimly. "I'm the only one who met DiZ."

Axel hadn't been sure if he heard right, but it sounded kind of like Riku wanted to come with them.

Riku walked up to them, posture tense, clearly knowing full well just how crazy he sounded and determined not to let it look like it bothered him.

"It's not like either of you have any leads."

"That's what recon's for," Axel pointed out.

"There's nothing left in the mansion to make anything out of. And do you really think either Sora or Namine would come near you?"

"Hey, the little miss didn't have a problem before."

"You were going to attack her," Riku said flatly.

Axel's eyes deadened. But before he could speak, Roxas did.

"If we're going, let's go."

Meeting Axel's gaze, Roxas said simply. "He knows where I came from."

//If I can't get answers here, I'll get them somewhere else. Somebody knows where I came from. That'll be the person I trust.//

Axel folded his arms and shrugged, acquiescing. While surprising, Riku did have his merits. "Right," he rolled his eyes a little, wondering how he was supposed to feel about the lack of protest on Roxas' part. But hey, it wasn't his quest to find the missing Savior of Worlds and if nothing else, Riku had dedication. That and "At least he's easy on the eyes."

Riku glared, but relaxed the tiniest bit.

Which was kind of funny, actually. Axel kind of thought the guy ought to be used to teaming up with the Forces of Dubious Darkness by now.

It never ended well.


Axel had been seeing far too much of Oblivion, lately. More than he ever thought he would, when he first left it, empty and in ruins. In fact, his first time back, he was kind of surprised the world still existed. He'd half-expected it to fade away, just as its former inhabitants had. Well, most of its former inhabitants. But even that time had been one time too many.

"So tell me, why'd we go here again?"

"I met Diz here." Riku said shortly, banishing the remains of the portal.

With any luck, the Organization wouldn't catch on to their missing members (traitors, officially, but then what was another title?) until a couple of weeks down the line. But that didn't mean they couldn't try to hide their tracks anyway. Zexion's gift for sensing Darkness wasn't completely unique in the Organization.

"Right. The guy with the red bandages all over his face. What tipped you off on the 'possibly not trustworthy' again?" Axel flapped a hand at Riku. Given the summary of the' snap, our savior of the worlds is gone' and the general appearance of the missing suspect and possible casualty of savior-napping, Riku had been desperate when choosing his allies.

Then again, Axel had been dancing to the tune of a silver haired megalomaniac with a fondness for swirled black and white print, chained black leather, and a massive blob of collected hearts. Not much room to talk there.

Clearing his thoughts, Axel tilted his head to one side. "So how did that sweet little hook up story happen again?"

Riku scowled, obviously not appreciating the side comment. Axel gave him his widest grin. He figured he had about two weeks before he drove Riku completely insane or hammer some humor up that spike in his ass. Either way, it was going to be interesting.

Grudgingly, though, the teen started to explain. "Diz must've gotten here somehow… maybe there's a portal to his home world or a bolt hole. He might've taken Sora and Namine there."

As an in-between world, Castle Oblivion was particularly easy to get to. There were even random rips in the dimensional fabric surrounding it connected to different worlds- which was how both Riku and Sora (plus two sidekicks) had gotten in here in the first place.

Axel looked around at the bleak landscape. Apart from the castle dominating most of the world, it was pretty barren. Dull gray and black fields, their color leeched away in the perpetual night, rolled as far as the eye could see and then stopped, suddenly, its cliffs facing the boundless expanse of star spangled space.

"There aren't any other buildings above ground that we know of." The redhead shrugged. " Marluxia made sure he got to live in the biggest, tallest pointy thing in the entire world."

"I… might not be able to go inside," Roxas said.

"Why not?" Riku asked, frowning slightly as he knelt on the grass, one hand outstretched like he was trying to conjure something out of the ground. Or trying to sense something.

"Last time he was in there, he passed out," Axel replied.

Roxas frowned. He never had found out why. "It's fine. I'll try again."

"The last time you tried, you spazzed and fainted," Axel reminded helpfully.

"I know that," Roxas said grimly. "But I have to find out. Maybe this time, it wouldn't hurt so much." Roxas turned to Axel a little warily. I want answers, he'd said. Axel almost missed the silent killing machine he'd first partnered up with. At least he hadn't asked any unnecessary questions back then. Boring as hell and zombie-like, sure, but easy to work with. Of course, the bastard had to go and grow on him. Had to remind him of someone he'd known. Of course he had to have a fragment of a heart still inside him.

"I'm going to try," Roxas said, brooking no room for argument.

It seemed unlikely that Roxas would get another mental memory migraine from the same stimulus, but Axel privately decided that he'd haul his best friend's ass back to Twilight Town if he had to again.

Riku straightened up, standing and dusting grass from his knee. "I found a couple of portals, but they don't feel like they've been used in a while." Riku frowned. Darkness clung to his shoulders, dancing around him and lovingly trying to get under his skin, wanting to join with him.

But as Axel watched, Riku tensed slightly and the wisp disappeared, winking out of existence.

Interesting. What had Zexion said about this kid? He felt like Darkness, all right, but the heart was still there, too, strong and bright.

It was the sort of heart that made Axel's hollow chest ache in phantom pain; his fingers twitch, wanting to grasp it in his own hands and feel it burst.

But he was used to repressing that urge. It was what made them different from the Lesser Nobodies, after all.

"Only one way to find out," Axel said, and swept a hand towards the Castle.

To be continued…

Author's Notes:

Next up, Castle Oblivion proper.

It seems a lot of people might not know this and the fic can get confusing for the first chapter or two because of it, so I'M LEAVING THIS SUMMARY OF DAYS HERE.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER FOR DAYS THAT ARE RELEVANT TO FIC:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically, Xion, that new 14th org member girl, was an important part of Roxas' and Axel's lives. To the point that Axel interceded on their behalf for Saix lots of times, they worried/took care of her when she went into a coma, and Axel actually brought her back and also let her go again. Roxas, on the other hand, was pretty much implied to be infatuated with Xion (but can be taken to just consider her a very good friend) and he was angry when Axel used force (I think he attacked her and perhaps a neck chop) to bring Xion back the first time around. Later, Xion escapes again and Xemnas tells everyone that Xion was actually never human. That is, she was a replica, or a puppet.

Axel knew about this. Axel also knew that the longer Xion stayed 'alive' or with them, the worse it was for Roxas, because Xion was absorbing Roxas' strength and powers (she didn't mean to, it just happens). When Roxas realizes what Axel had done (he kept Xion's nature secret (and many other secrets (e.g. Sora) besides), and he also LET Xion go- he did nothing to make her stay the second time she leaves) he is further enraged at Axel and tells him that he cannot trust him anymore. That, basically, friends don't let friends go and friends don't keep secrets about friends. So yes, then Roxas confront Axel and he STORMS out of the castle, like nobody's business. XD; Before that, he leaves behind that one quote:

"If I can't get answers here, I'll get them somewhere else. Somebody knows where I came from. That'll be the person I trust."

Which, of course made me, the RikuRoku fangirl, squee "OH YOU MEAN LIKE MAYBE YOUR SOMEBODYS BEST FRIEND??" lol, it was like the time Roxas woke up after fainting in Oblivion, screaming Riku's name.

BUT when Xion 'dies', she also gets reabsorbed into Sora's memories- memories that she is 'made of' (hence her resemblance to Kairi) as far as I understand it. When Namine puts those memories back, the memories are gone- and so, XION is gone. Nobody can remember her.

So Roxas and Axel, who had been friends with her and done so much for and to her, are confused suddenly about what's going on. Why they're fighting (Roxas was angry cos Axel hurt Xion, kept her true nature hidden, and let her go- Xion and Axel couldn't bear to see Roxas 'die' because of Xion.) It makes them very , very confused. But at the same time, the feeling of distrust, of having been betrayed, is still there. For Axel less so, since his 'feelings' are based on memories and he can't remember Xion anymore.

At the start of this fic, Riku refers to 'her', which is Xion (he fought her and won, at one point- but he also 'saved' Xion). But after that, he can no longer remember her. None of them can. Xion's existence gradually disappears (during the Deep Dive fight, Riku and Roxas are already in the process of forgetting her name- this is canon.)


About the story: This is a What If AU meaning it's set sort of in-game and yet twists the story. Drastically. What if Sora had gone missing before Riku could catch Roxas and bring him back? What if Riku, Roxas, and Axel start a journey to find him? There will be old worlds and new worlds, and a lot of cross-over-ing (because that's what KH is all about).

ROUGH. I recently rebooted the fic because I finished Days and realized my timeline was wrong. Way wrong. And that screwed up my entire setting, really. XP Annd yeah I won't have time for a bit, so I decided to finish this up now before I get demotivated again.

This takes place right after an alternate ending to the Deep Dive Riku and Roxas fight (Xion talks not to Riku, but Roxas, and thu distracted, left an opening for Riku to do that karate chop he used on Xion earlier in the games- I kind of thought it was strange that Xion spoke to Riku but not Roxas, anyway.). There will be a few vague spoilers and a handful of inside jokes/quotes (but only for the first two chapters, I think). Considering KH2 gave away all the secrets except for Xion, though, maybe not so much.

Warnings: It'll start off slow, and there will definitely be a lot of fun scenes, but there will be: deaths, a bit of gore. And what it really means to be heartless. Swearing is a given. :P Really, all three of them are screwed up enough that it'd be harder not to let them. Some parts might get a little M. Will up the rating at that point.

This is future AkuRikuRoku, meaning AkuRiku AND RokuRiku AND permutations thereof. It's more Riku sandwich threesome, not triangle. ;P I know, I know. Any sex scenes will probably be not as explicit as I would otherwise make them. At least, on FFN. Other pairings may be included. Definitely a strong Axel+Roxas friendship. As a romance, it's kinda undecided.

Soo, like it, hate it?Think it could use some work? (True.) Please review and tell me what you think! :) Feed the writer!