Author's note: Hey! Okay, so I saw this amazing vid on you tube and then read a fic on the livejournel thingy by that person. It had a wish list thing saying she wanted some story that was Uther/Gaius. Well, I got an idea, and basically here it is. I posted it on here because I have no idea how you use that site. So I hope you all enjoy!



Merlin watched Gaius as he sniffed that remedy and changed the temperature to this boiling. He had been watching the captain of the guards, proposing to a beautiful young maiden, a lord's daughter. She had gushed and spoken of how kind, caring loving her was.

How wise he seemed to be, generous and good. It had reminded Merlin of Gauis. Sure, the man was old and grey now, but he would have been at lest dashing when he was younger. So why then, was he never married. He head a heart big enough to fill five families, let alone one. And it would have suited him, being a husband, a father. Now a grandfather.

It did seem an absence from his life. Merlin could imagine a little blond boy with curly hair running through the door shouting 'grandad!', pure joy ringing in his voice, and he wouldn't stop running, not until he ran right into Gaius, who was ready to catch him- as gauis was always ready, and swing him about in the air, both laughing with happiness and love.

Only, there wasn't a grandchild or child. There had never been a wife. Just Gauis, in his quarters from when he took over his master, completing his apprentice position.

"Why did you never take a wife?" Merlin blurted out before he could stop. He hadn't even realised until he saw longing and sadness…and pain?… wash over the old man's face.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have…. I had no right to ask. Forgive me."

"For what." Gaius replied after a moment's hesitation.

"Merlin you have become like a son to me. Its only natural you grow curious about my past. I will tell you, you are my family, I trust you. But, you must never speak of it to anyone, and I mean anyone. These words must never leave your lips."

"I understand."

"Well then. I thought it was about time I shared my love life with you." And as Gaius sat opposite Merlin, dipping bread into a hot bowl of soup to warm him during the winter evening, he began his sad tale.