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Chapter 20

A Badge wearing, BS Detecting point of view…

It was a few days later, things seemed calm to us for the moment. I mean Edward seemed back in the regular routine after the big commotion over Prom. I mean was it that hard to ask a girl to a dance?

If it is the right girl, I guess it is. Now he's gone on several trips to Port Angeles for shopping? Well, I guess he's a planner and detail oriented; that's a skill I never applied to my marriage, so I guess he got my instincts and Renee's smarts as how to use them.

I had noticed the piano tuner truck here too. I guess the old upright in the basement survived the years of neglect. I came home and had heard him playing the other night. The basement was really organized too–I guess some of the Cullen kids helped. Now they have a place to "hang" closer to school. Never thought I would see the day. It makes me happy. I had never allowed myself the luxury of imagining my son here on a long-term basis.

Maybe I'd see him a couple of weeks, here and there, in a year. Perhaps I would have a chance before he leaves for, or after he's in college. That is all I'd dared hope for before he came to Forks. Now nearly every day I get to see my son.

Ah, nearly, nearly as in Bella. I can't complain. She seems nice, level headed. She's a pilot; I learned a while back from Jack, my deputy, that she flies a lot of the Angel Flights for the hospital.

That's the way the Cullens work; generous to a fault. I finished changing and securing my weapon and headed downstairs.

Bella and Edward were in the kitchen, Edward was cooking fish and Bella was setting the table, for three.

"Dad, Bella's going to join us for supper, OK?"

"Sure Edward. It smells good," I answered as I watched Bella lightly roll those, well, those amber eyes? I listened to Edward's chuckle.

Dinner was pleasant. Edward can cook and he didn't seem perturbed that Bella ate like a typical girl. We got on to talking about choices after high school; Edward was still planning to apply for pre-med at a couple of places. I also encouraged him to consider Julliard. He could always do a transfer if it wasn't for him, but I know he has talent, so it's worth a try. I know I surprised him with that. He's not a small town boy. He's been all over and I know he wants to spread his wings. That he got from his mother. I'm content if the farthest I have to travel is Olympia.

I listened to them talk noticed that Bella was pretty non-committal. Edward was so excited about so many possibilities. Dr. Cullen was going to recommend him for a scholarship. I let him know I had funds for the college tests and applications.

It was a pleasure to see his smile. I observed Bella some more. She could sit still as stone when she was thinking. Sometimes she would almost glow as she spoke – that was when I saw what Edward saw in her. She was so unconscious or unaware of her beauty, it was almost as if she hid it. She'd look at Edward and almost transform. I thought beauty was in the eye of the beholder, but maybe that's the mark of something more than a high school crush.

Still, at the end of the evening I had a feeling that things were in a sea of change.

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