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"L-Lieutenant Colonel M-Maes Hughes." Roy stuttered stiffly. "I require your assistance.... NOW." Roy muttered, making shifty eyes with the door to his office.

"Sure!" Hughes furrowed his eyebrows and followed the reluctant Roy into his office, who promptly shut the door and turned to him.

"Get rid of it." Roy demanded, pointing to his desk.

"What?" Hughes blinked stupidly.

"Get rid of the cockroach." Roy stuttered, voice cracking.

"C..........Cockroach-?" Hughes stared at Roy's squicked, nervous face, and then at his desk, where there was indeed a pretty big cockroach perched atop his stack of tremendous paperwork.

"EEH!" Roy squeaked when it moved. "J-Just get rid of it!" Roy clenched his eyes shut tightly, finger shaking as his voice rose to a decibal Hughes never would've figured from Roy's mouth.

"Alright." Hughes said absently, walking over to Roy's desk, rolling up a newspaper, and squashing it. "Done." Hughes went to put the newspaper down.

"Throw it out, and all of the paperwork." Roy demanded, backing up a bit. "No, let me burn it, throw them all in the garbage." Roy glared at the splattered remains of the cockroach.

"oooooookay." Hughes did as Roy asked, and watched just a bit disturbed as Roy took malicious glee in snapping his fingers with a flourish and burning the shit out of the poor unsuspecting paper.

"You okay now?" Hughes asked Roy, who was still staring down into the fire.

"I hate cockroaches."

"More like afraid."

"Yes..... I am a-afraid of cockroaches." Roy grimaced. "Gah, ew." Roy shuddered at the mere thought of it. "Now my office needs to be fumigated.

"That's a bit extreme......" Hughes sweatdropped.

"No it's not! There could be a whole nest of them just hiding in my walls, plotting against me, waiting for the most opportune moment to strike!" Roy started hyperventilating.

"Roy, Roy, calm down!" Hughes stepped closer to Roy and put his hands on his shoulders.

"They're gonna get me." Roy whimpered, and Hughes was extrememly shocked to see tears in Roy's eyes.

"They're not gonna hurt you." Hughes muttered, pulling Roy into his arms.

"How do you know?" Roy sniffled.

"Because I won't let them." Roy stopped sniffling, and looked hopefully up at Hughes. Hughes laughed nigh awkwardly and nodded his head.

"Good-EEEEEEEK!!!" Roy jumped and sent them both tumbling to the ground where he burried his head in Hughe's shoulder and started spazzing and crying about the cockroach....

".......... -.-'.. I got it."


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