Chapter one

The Fleeing Phantom

"Why don't they understand," Danny though, tears streaming down his face as he flew throe the sky away from the ectoblasts that followed him as he fled "I protected them all from ghosts why can't they understand," his thoughts plagued him as he ascended higher in the sky still nursing his left arm that was covered in scorch marks. "I can't live hear anymore," The shattered boy thought as he flew from his hometown. "But where will I go," the fleeing Phantom thought as he flew with all his might.

The day of Danny's bane started when his parents came up with a new invention the Fenton blazer it was the equivalent of a flamethrower but it shot Ectofire. Danny thought it was yet another one of his parents strange attempts to show that they "love" him. But after it was completed his dad was ready to test it and he wanted to show off so he dragged Danny, Jazz and Maddie out of bed to show them.

After the three of them dressed Jack started showing off. "This right hear is the Fenton Blazer it is designed to hone in on a ghosts signature and fire a condensed blast of Fenton Ectofire at the ghost. You see Ectofire is very effective agents cold ghosts it will beat down that freak of a ghost Danny Phantom," Jack beamed as he showed off his new toy. Danny just looked tired as he tried to grasp what this thing what this thing was made to do. Jazz looked very mad that she was woken up for another of her parents weapons that was going to be used on her little brother. Maddie looked ecstatic that they had a new weapon to use ageist the rising ghost threats. "It locks on to the nearest ghost energy and fires. Just then it beeped and aimed at Danny and a green plum of fire show at him.

Danny out of instinct jumped out of the way and transformed before he could think about what had happened. "What you dare to posses my son," Jack boomed as he fired a second blast at Danny. Danny dove out of the way and tried to reason with his dad. "N-No dad it's not what you think it's me Danny," "LIES," Jack boomed as he fired at Danny. Danny rolled out of the was only to be caught by a shot from his mother who had finally sprung into action. Danny flew into a wall and looked at his parents in their eyes held a hate that show that there was no reasoning with them. their eyes were ice cold like a execution preparing to kill his whimpering victim. "Wait," Jazz cried as she ran in front of Danny " That's Danny ever since the accident in the lab he became this," She cried trying to get their parents to accept their son. "If that's the case Jazz we no longer have a son and we're sorry," Maddie said as she leapt tackling her daughter to the ground.

Jack without missing a beat fired a plum of fire at his former son. As Danny watched the flames come at him his body took over turning him intangible and he sunk into the safety of the earth. "This can't be happening, this can't be real, this must be a mistake, they love me, they have to love me, I'm their son," Danny thought as he watched blankly at the ground around him. Then he heard something that made his blood run like ice. "Come on Mads we have a Phantom to catch." Jack boomed and Danny heard the Fenton Assault vehicle start up.

Danny knew he had to move but he didn't want to he just looked stunned as he heard he vehicle run over the spot he was at. Then he realized that this was no mistake they would kill him if they had a chance so he flew out of the ground and past them. There was no turning back he now knew he was no longer a Fenton he was now just a target to his parents.

As Danny flew he watched streaks of green fly by him until he realized what they were. His parents were firing at him he flew higher as the RV gave chase. "I can no longer live hear, I have to get away but to where I cant go to Vlad, He'll just kill Da-Jack and I cant go to the ghost Zone, I'll be killed so where can I go," Danny thought as he flew higher into the clouds to louse the RV. By the time he came close to the City limits he lost his homicidal parents he just blew by the sign saying "AMITY PARK a nice place to live," "I wish that was the truth," Danny thought as he flew.

Danny flew for hours but eventually grew tiered and had to land. He landed at a truck stop and went inside. After using the bathroom and getting some water Danny decided to keep flying. "I can't go home and I know that I have to keep moving but where can I go, Homeless shelter, No they will ask too many questions, And I can't be expected to get a job because I am too young," Danny pondered as he flew.

All the while a figure watched from a old tower in the middle of the ghost Zone. "Danny I hope this is for best," Clockwork said as he watched the Halfa fly away from his old life. "what do you mean Clockwork don't you know what is going to happen to the boy." A very irked observer said. "Yes I know what is to come but the way branches into two in a few months, Danny will have to decide what he will become," Clockwork said as he turned to his unwanted guests. "this will be Danny's deciding moment." Clockwork with a grave face "and this time I cant help him,"