Chapter 7

The Seeking Hero

Danny walked the halls of Casper High looking for any sign of life, as he turned a corner he head a shout.

"BURN," a disembodied voice called as Danny's right leg was engulfed in green flames.

"DIE YOU FREAK," another called as his left arm was struck, suddenly he was surrounded by the football team led by Dash,

"Time to take out the garbage," he said as he pulled out a Fenton thermos.

"No, stay back," Danny plead, but it was futile as Dash raised the device and fired.

Danny bolted up panting. "Another one will I ever get to sleep," Danny moaned as he looked around the warehouse, "how long was I out," he wondered aloud he looked up throe the windows and saw it was still dark. "Well better get moving before stalker bird boy finds me," the teen said as he got up and started walking around to stretch his legs and find a bathroom.

Robin slowly crept along the roof of the warehouse, "how did he get in without hitting the alarm," he thought idly as he slunk around another motion camera, "I mean really how DID he get here so fast get over the razor wire fence, past the guard and dog then get by the cameras what a pain, I'm going to beat the answers out of him if it kills him then beat him for all this trouble," The hero thought angrily as he stalked then saw a open window and slipped in.

Danny washed his hands and walked out of the restroom and felt eyes on him, "H-hello," he called out shyly, "why do I feel like I'm about to get attacked by a psycho," He thought.

"Good morning Danny," said a voice from behind a pallet of boxes.

"Oh no, no way, how, what the hell you are really a stalker robin, "how in the, what dose he have a tracker on me or something," the teen thought astonished.

Robin walked around the pallet, "so back to where we were at the park, so do we do this the easy way or do I have to get physical," he said, "we end this now,"

"ok screw this," Danny thought as he bolted.

Danny got about four steps before he heard a whistling sound and his legs suddenly snapped together and he fell to the floor.

"I love it when they run," Robin thought as he watched robin fall after he threw the bola. "I see we do this the fun way," he said as he started walking towards the teen.

"OK no more mister nice guy," Danny thought as he curled up and phased his legs out of the bola and waited for the hero.

"Nothing to say Danny, come on make this easy on yourself," Robin teased as he advanced.

"Just a little bit closer," Danny thought as Robin got in range Danny jumped to his feet and swung. His right fist collided with the stunned hero's face he followed it up with a left cross that was blocked, Robin countered with a low kick and jab, Danny ducked and threw a couple jabs that were blocked, Robin danced back and Danny pressed forward.

Danny feinted left and threw a right jab but his arm was caught by Robins hand and suddenly Danny found himself getting his face smashed into a box with his arm stuck behind him at a painful angle.

"So you give," Robin taunted.

"Go screw yourself," Danny roared as he turned his wrist intangible and turned and sucker punched Robin and ducked behind the pallet and turned invisible.

"Got to get some distance and get out of here," The teen thought as he hid.

After Robin stopped the ringing in his head he saw Danny had disappeared. "So hide and seek it is eh Danny," the hero thought as he pulled a grappling hook and shot in the rafters to get a better look.

"What was that pop," Danny thought as he hid. He slowly walked around the corner to see a empty warehouse, "did he leave," Danny dared to hope.

"OHHH DANNNNY WHERRRE ARRRE YOU," Robin thought as he slowly looked around the warehouse.

"Ok seriously where the hell did this psycho go," Danny thought as he wandered the warehouse.

"Ok what the hell where did this punk go," Robin thought as he looked around the room every now and again he would hear a scuffling sound and by the time he wiped his head to it whatever made the sound was gone. "Oh duh why don't I check the tracker." Robin thought as he pulled his tracking map out, "Wait he's below me, how, don't tell me it fell off when he fell." the hero thought annoyed.

"Ok screw this I'm gone," Danny thought as he decided to phase throe the well and leave.

"Wait why is it going towards that wall," Robin thought as he watched the screen, "Let's see," He thought as he ran silently across the beams. And dove to the ground ahead of Danny.

"What the hell how's he know where I am, Oh that's how," Danny thought as spotted the small P.D.A in robins left hand.

"Where are you Danny, enough with this game of hide and seek," Robin said, "this says he's 20 feet in front of me, so" the hero thought as he pulled a tablet from his belt and threw it. The pellet exploded in a cloud of powder that stuck to the form of Danny.

"So you have powers that explains a lot," Robin said. "The question now is dose he have control or is he wandering like Tera was when we first met." he thought, "So basically here's what I think happened just tell me if I'm right you got powers recently you showed your family they freaked out so you ran and wandered till you found this town, it's a common story really," the hero said.

"Yeah right," The teen thought bitterly "Oh really name five people this happened to," Danny shouted.

"Hotspot, Wildabeast, Jinx, Raven, Tera," Robin said without missing a beat.

"Oh, Well then," Danny said stumped.

"Yeah it's sad but most heroes and villains have that in common that their families reject them or are dead, it's just how it is," Robin explained.

"What about you," Danny asked.

"Well my parents are dead and I was adopted then I became who I am now," Robin answered.

"Well this is a bit much for me so I'll just be going now," Danny said as a ring of light formed at his waist and split changing him into Phantom.

"HOLD IT," Robin yelled, how about you come to the tower for tonight then we'll talk more and maybe help you figure out what to do now," Robin said.

"I guess," Danny signed.

"Great let's go," Robin exclaimed as he led the teen out of the warehouse.

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