Olympian Challenge (For Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Pairings: Zeus/Percy
Challenge: Just this once, he'll let the boy be in the air. Or –There is a reason why the boy bothers him and he can't bring himself to get along with him. It doesn't have anything to do with his brother breaking their oath or that the boy is probably the prophecy child.
Word Prompts: Fear or Illicit
Song Prompts: Angels by Within Temptation
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Kill Bill(movie)/Spirited Away(movie)

Pairings: Poseidon/Percy
Challenge: He doesn't want his son with anyone. No one is good enough for him. Not even himself. But he'd rather have his son with him than anyone else.
Word Prompts: Strangers or Forsaken
Song Prompts: Numb by Linkin Park or Sink or Swim by Tyrone Wells or Apologize by One Republic
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Poseidon(m)/Titanic(m)/Artemis Fowl(book)

Pairings: Hephaestus/Percy
Challenge: His wife has many lovers, but he does not stay faithful to her either. And they're both fine with the set up.
Word Prompts: Grandiose or Frail
Song Prompts: Outside by Staind
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Beauty and the Beast(any variation)

Pairings: Ares/Percy
Challenge: He is war. The adrenaline surges in him for all time. But he actually slows him down, and for once he lives in the moment.
Word Prompts: Functional or Sanguine
Song Prompts: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Firefly(TV)/Gravitation(anime)/Fushigi Yugi(a)/Weiss Kreuz(a)

Pairings: Apollo/Percy
Challenge: He tries to formulate the words, but nothing comes out. Not even something idiotic. For once, he's speechless –but he's okay with it.
Word Prompts: Critical or Fore-sighted
Song Prompts: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Twilight(b)/Glee(TV)/Phantom of the Opera(any variation)/The Pianist(m)

Pairings: Hermes/Percy
Challenge: He hadn't meant to, but he stole him away from everyone. But he doesn't care. He's selfish like that.
Word Prompts: Anguish or Evasive
Song Prompts: She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: D.N. Angel(a)/The Fast and the Furious(m)/Ocean's Eleven (or 12 or 13)(m)/Cars(m)

Pairings: Dionysus/Percy
Challenge: He refuses to remember his name. He refuses to validate his existence. Because then he'll get arrogant and leave for better stars in the sky.
Word Prompts: Wine or Strawberries
Song Prompts: Waking Up in Vegas by Katy Perry
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: 21(m)/Picture of Dorian Gray(b)

Pairings: Hades/Percy
Challenge: His wife gave him a gift. In exchange for more time above, he now has a bit of the sea in his realm.
Word Prompts: Lonely or Looking-Glass
Song Prompts: Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Labyrinth(m)/Alice 2009(syfy) (TVm)

Pairings: Hera/Percy
Challenge: Her husband breaks his vows to her over and over. She breaks them only once.
Word Prompts: Overzealous or Fragmented
Song Prompts: Lips of Angel by Hinder
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Lord of the Rings(b)/Harry Potter(b)

Pairings: Demeter/Percy
Challenge: When her daughter is with that fiend, he is there listening to her rant about the wrongness of the situation. Even though he likes the fiend, he never turns away when she cries about the loss of her daughter.
Word Prompts: Besotted or Directionless
Song Prompts: Hey Delilah by Plain White T's
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Star Wars(m)

Pairings: Athena/Percy
Challenge: The sins of the father are visited upon him. But there is more to her animosity than grudges. Or –She loves her daughter, but she cannot stand the hold she has over him.
Word Prompts: Potent or Jealousy
Song Prompts: Please Don't Leave Me by Pink
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Troy(m)/Romeo and Juliet(b)

Pairings: Aphrodite/Percy
Challenge: She's not used to being jealous. But he's hers and she doesn't want to share.
Word Prompts: Satiated or Idolized
Song Prompts: Mr. Brightside by The Killers
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Chocolat(m)/ Girl Interrupted(b/m)

Pairings: Artemis/Percy
Challenge: She's the Huntress of Huntresses. The Maiden Goddess never to lose her chastity. But in her mind, she breaks her vow again and again.
Word Prompts: Possessed or Possessive
Song Prompts: Make Me Bad by Korn
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Lolita(m)/Secret Garden(b/m)/Alice in Wonderland(b/m)

Pairings: Hestia/Percy
Challenge: The fire burns. Sometimes she gets tired of making it burn. But he lights her with passion and she forgets about that.
Word Prompts: Glamorized or Eager
Song Prompts: Uprising by the Muse
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Dark Angel(TV)

Pairings: Persephone/Percy
Challenge: Movie-verse: She wants him. Because she's never had a hero quite like him. Or –He is the only one her husband approves of. Her husband has a soft spot for him. And she is more than content with the fact.
Word Prompts: Enchanted or Emancipated
Song Prompts: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: The Bachelor(TV)/Hell Girl(a)

Pairings: BONUS: Any of the above pairings…
Challenge: Being immortal is not as glamorous when he's not. Being divine doesn't make one divine, not in the same way he is. Living in paradise isn't paradise if he's not in it. Because he can make anyone want to be human.
Word Prompts: Choice of: Humbled or Idealistic or Hoodwinked or Idiosyncratic
Song Prompts: One Night Stand by Hinder
TV/Book/Movie Prompts: Battlestar Galatica: 2003(TV)

You can choose any of the prompts, and more than one if you want. Just PM me which pairing and which challenge/prompt you want to do, and then start writing! There's no end date to try any of these, but finished fics are to be posted by April 30th. PM me the links to your finished fics. I'll put them all together in a community. Please have a minimum of 2000 words, so we can all enjoy a full-fledged fic.